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Muhammad Ali Extra Credit Film

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In the film “The Trial of Muhammad Ali”, it highlights Muhammad Ali’s life and career in a way that explains Ali’s battles inside and outside of the ring. In doing so, the film talks about the unexpected political, religious and social discord Ali encountered, which seemed to be brought upon by himself. Throughout the film Muhammad Ali is portrayed, during this period in his career, as a man who did what he wanted to do without much cause or through to how people would be affected by his decision. For example, one point that was brought up in the film was Ali’s decision to reject the draft summons for the Vietnam war. When he was drafted it was during the pinnacle of his career and he refused to draft due to the fact that he objected to the idea of war itself and that it was a representation of the white oppression he faced throughout his life, as expressed in the film. The response to this decision was that of great disarray. There were many people who were strongly against his decision and spoke out about it. Ultimately, this decision led to Ali being stripped of his boxing titles and his status as an active fighter was revoked.

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The way that the film portrayed Ali and his life was through providing commentary and noting all of the different “trials” he had to face and stand up to throughout his life. Additionally, noting the way that Muhammad Ali was represented in the film was that of a person who did things and lived life the way he felt was best for him, regardless of consequences. I think the way that the film portrayed Ali’s story and his career was that even though his actions may not have appealed to the greater population, he did things because he believed in a certain idealism and way of life. Those in the film that spoke on behalf of Ali’s character was in a way that helped that audience understand everything that Ali went through during his life and career. The film represented Ali in a light that showed the good and the bad of his decisions but commends him of standing and back his beliefs even when it might not have been the most peaceful thing to do for not having any blowback from various sources. In light of all the trials and tribulations Ali faced, the way that he is represented in the film gives an idea as to his character and that way that he cared to hold life to high standards.

In comparing my thoughts on Muhammad Ali prior watching the film, I feel as though I gain a broader insight as to who he was as a person and was able to understand why he made certain choices in life. Prior to the film my knowledge of Muhammad Ali was that of a prized and respected fighter and athlete throughout the world, where he represented the utmost respect someone could have as an athlete. Additionally, I didn’t know all the details of to why he had controversy surrounding him, just that Ali had a rough past where not a lot of people cared for his choices and ideals. Through learning more about Muhammad Ali and his life through the film it is easy to respect the decisions he made and his choices for how he chose to live his life. The way the film depicted Ali was in the light of providing all the good and the bad that comes with life and that he lived through and dealt with, while being able to allow the films audience to decide upon themselves how they feel about Ali’s choices.

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