Mulan: Summary Essay

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This movie is about a Chinese maidens country that is in danger and her frail father is chosen to serve in the army to fight, to save their country. So after she failed the test with the matchmaker and disappointed her family, she asks herself “Why is my reflection someone I don't know”. Knowing that her father won’t survive, she’s determined to disguise herself as her father's son and take his place to show her family that she can do something they can be proud of. Her ancestors know about this, and they ”send” a tiny dragon to prevent this in order to join her and try to force her to give up the plan.

I picked the film “Mulan” because the film is different from other Disney films in many ways. The movie has an independent female lead called Mulan Fa, who is stronger and smarter than most Disney princesses. She lets her man come to her, unlike other Disney princesses. She is different from the women in her village, for example, she doesn’t care about her looks, she doesn’t like the fact that the women in her village are “made” for marriage and therefore she is offended by the song “A Girl Worth Fighting For” which is a stereotypical song about how women are supposed to be, to get a man. Also, she always speaks up for herself. There are other characters that make this movie so much more humorous and better. Like Mushu (the tiny dragon), Cri-Kee (a cricket), Grandmother Fa, etc.

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‘Mulan’ is an animated comedy-drama movie directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook. The movie is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. Hua Mulan was described as a woman warrior from the 6th century in the “Ballad of Mulan”. The film was first released in 1998 (13 November in Sweden). The main characters are ‘Mulan’, played by Ming-Na Wen. ‘Li Shang’ who is Mulan's love interest, played by B.D. Wong. ‘Mushu’ is the tiny dragon, played by Eddie Murphy. Lea Salonga sings as ‘Mulan’ in the movie. Lea Salonga also sang in the movie “Aladdin” as ‘Jasmine’. Donny Osmond sings as ‘Li Shang’.

China is in danger because of the invading Huns and one man from every family is called to serve in the army to fight against the Huns, commanded by the emperor. ‘Shan Yu’ leader of the Huns is going to attempt to kill the Emperor. Mulan's weak father ‘Fa Zhou’ is the only man in the family and has to fight against the invading Huns, with the army. She secretly takes her father's place and fights in the army. Mulan is accompanied by the tiny dragon ‘Mushu’ for protection and the cricket Cri-kee for good luck. Mushu decides to help Mulan instead of trying to make her give up her plan. Mulan and the other men get trained and prepared for the war at a camp, by captain ‘Li Shang’ (the General's son). Mulan falls in love with the captain throughout the journey. Mulan's gender is eventually exposed after the avalanche that killed the Huns, Shang, and the soldiers decide to leave Mulan. She is on her way home and sees Huns that are still alive and decides to follow them. She saves her country in the end and gets her love.

People (especially young girls) should watch this movie because Mulan shows that she can be as capable as any man by doing her best, just for her weak father's sake. She also breaks the law that women cannot fight in the army, but in the end, she does not give up and saves a whole country. She basically breaks the stereotypes in her country in a good way. That makes her a good role model for younger girls (maybe even for older women too). Mushu is a hilarious character, because of his comments, creative ideas, and conflicts with Cri-Kee in the movie. He makes the movie funnier and you will just feel happy whenever he’s in a scene. Li Shang is a tough guy, both on the outside and inside, but shows that he is very kind-hearted towards the ending. The music has different genres, for example, some of the songs have a very deep meaning that many people can relate to, and there are hilarious songs that can make you laugh. Especially the plot will make you feel many feelings throughout the movie like, humor, sadness, happiness, and empathy. Because the movie has good and bad turns. I really like the animation and the special effects. And the movie itself has good quality. But almost all the women in the movie are skinny, which is bad because I think that they should’ve shown the women in different body shapes and forms. But except that, I love everything about the movie.

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