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Music As A Therapeutic Measure

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Music is a part of human life from the beginning the first ever melody created by the human mind is somewhat 5000 years old. Ancient people used to do music to enjoy their on goings –spend time with family while singing happy and cheerful songs, but the with passage of time it changed a lot. Now, we use music from publicity to cure anything –even a single add on television is useless without music. With time people started using it for peace and healthy mind when the study of neuroscience of music became a major field. It is believed that music has a positive effect on brain that it can even heal things and improve the capacity of it by putting the right frequencies and beats into it. Some scientists claim that they use different music for brain storming, and not just scientist but people in all fields do this even the mediocre-person listen to music one-hour average. Ever saw a person dealing with anxiety, or sadness, and suddenly an EDM (electronic dance music) being played, and changed the mood of that person. Music not only changes our mood, but also how we imagine, perceive, and see things because music and mood are deeply connected. Music is one of the few activities that involve using the whole brain. Music is intrinsic to all cultures and can have surprising benefits not only for learning language, improving memory and focusing attention, but also for physical coordination and development.

Ancient instruments used to resemble guitar, but guitar is an advanced form of all those instruments because people wanted to explore more music, and techniques, theories couldn’t be performed on those mediocre instruments. In 16th century they amalgamated all those techniques to build a new instrument to work as a liaison between sense, and techniques. These days music has a great impact on people’s lifestyle because of the exploration guitar did in music. What kind of music they listen to largely depends on their mood? If a person is sad he will listen to some sad genre same will happen with joyous mood, BOOM! EDM IS PLAYED. Lo and behold the control over genre isn’t in the hands of people, but reality is that music controls our life.

  1. How music provides insight into different aspects of your personality?
  2. How binaural beats improve our memory, intelligence, and our perception?

Happy music makes people to see happy faces where as sad music will make them to feel sadness with more depth. We can make a person to fell things with more intensity with music. That’s why Ludwig Van Beethoven greatest musician of all time said “Music is a greater revelation than philosophy”

Literature review

Our brain and mind are two different things. The word mind refers to that part of each of us that embodies our thoughts, hopes, desires memories, beliefs and experiences. The brain on the other hand is an organ of the body (Levitin, 2006). From these two our mind is connected with the music directly with the means of our brain At a deeper level the emotions music makes are caught by the heart of emotional processing in the cortex. Scientists have examined that each neuron in our brain is connected with other neurons. According to (Levitin, 2006)

  • For 2 neurons there are 2 possibilities of how they can be connected
  • For 3 neurons there are 8
  • For 4 neurons there are 64
  • For 5 neurons there are 1024
  • For 6 neurons there are 32765

This unfolds our question of how different music is captured by our brain, for instance if a melody is starting from a particular note and ends at some other note this will make a different pattern of neurons, in this way two different melodies can create a similar pattern.

Music has different effects on our life style; it helps us during exercise by seducing our inner complacency and increasing the motivation in us. Have you ever seen a gym session going on without music? Have you watched motivational videos on some give-a –surge topic without music? The reality is that our lives are dull without music. not two persons like the same kind of music-sitting in a car for a trip there is always a debate on what should be played. This clearly indicates that music creates different personalities in people. A person who listens to EDM genre is happier person-greeting people with a smile on the face, rejection doesn’t affect him much, and sadness can’t be seen in his personality. On the other hand a person who listens to rock genre- rude towards people, selfish, and has no element of being nice to people.

It seems that genres that have a fast paced upbeat and catchy rhythm (pop, rap etc.) are attractive to those who do sports or at least, those who are looking to get pumped up. (Adam Crusoe, 25-09-2015)

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Music also helps as a therapy for people with personality disorder. In patients with personality disorder music therapy can be useful because making music involves collaboration, and focuses on aesthetics. For example, when producing a satisfying piece of music. (miller, 2011)

For personality insight therapists play a piece of music to see how the patients interact with different notes because feelings are easy to be revealed by the music which otherwise would be very difficult to understand.

Case Study

Veronica, a 21 years old woman was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder. She was placed in a music therapy group where she played an orchestral gong and harmonic piano music was played by her therapist in response to her playing. This therapeutic incident took place after the death of her mother, with whom she had start to share a bond of love and compassion, but had experienced some un-loving as her mother did not protect her against a man who was sexually abusive to her. Veronica would vent out her feelings of anger and rage through the music therapy and found the therapy a mean of understanding about the relationships in her life. Veronica would compose depressing theme song, this enabled her to link her thoughts and feelings and helped her take a more strategic path to manage her life.

German experimenter Heinrich Wilhelm dove first discovered how binaural beats work in 1839. It wasn’t until 1970, however, that biophysicist doctor Gerald Oster brought the benefits into mainstream awareness through an academic paper named auditory beats in the brain (Scientific American, 1973)

Hypnotists use these beats for hypnotizing concerns through which they change patients emotions and behavior for positive outcomes.

Binaural beats are kind of beats involve different frequencies with some relaxing music-pads to provide positive effects for brain. In conscious state brain understands frequencies of different group, but in sleepy state it understands different frequencies. One is described as theta state, and other as delta state.


By understanding this thing that music is involved in everything of our lives. It would be so boring to see a moving car without the sound it creates, supercars would be not so much fun without their sound systems so that means music does make an impact on our mind that’s why Beethoven said it is a greater revelation than philosophy. Music gives us more insight stream of our personalities, it provides us with more interest to spend on things. News channels train their news casters to speak at a certain note else it will be so boring to listen to a dull news. Whereas, therapeutic measures are now becoming business with much profit. Maldives, Thailand like countries are famous because of their massage techniques with some relaxing sounds playing in the background to make a more impact of it. Companies with recording labels are now earning billions of dollars worldwide because of the importance it has in our lives. Because of all this nation are spending too much for their people to understand it with more depth


Our lives are totally controlled by music. Our daily activities involve music. From our alarm to music for a healthy sleep. The image of music took centuries to change. People are struggling more to get a deep view of it on human mind. It is anticipated that mankind will explore more about it in the coming era, and our lives will be more dependent on music. People will seek music therapies for relaxing time, parents will ask their children to get musical education at young ages.

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