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Music Therapy Is Beneficial To Recovery In Hospitals

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Music is a way that expresses how we feel, what we think, or helps represent what is going on in our lives. Songs can change attitudes, emotions, and actions. It is going unknown and becoming less appreciated by all it does. Music has been around for ages being apart of the pharaohs of Egypt, Native American rituals, and as late as 1933 during the movie King Kong where the music scoring technique was used to have music in movies.

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Before music and song were introduced to movies, it wasn’t till around 1789 where music therapy was mentioned in an article of the Columbian Magazine. Music brings life to how we feel or how someone wants us to feel, “watching actors, in black and white, speak with absolutely with no sound would make us feel, on some base level, “unalive” (Helenathegreat, 2019). Music is making an impact on everyone especially to patients in hospitals and here’s how.

Music therapy has multiple definitions but for this purpose, a key element of the music therapy process is an emphasis upon the therapeutic relationship between clinicians and clients (Macdonald, 2013). Music is a therapeutic relaxation to someone in an environment such as a hospital. Music therapy can help reduce the perception of pain, take your mind off of what’s going on around you, and provide an opportunity for the patient to express non-verbal ways of expression and creating rehabilitation.


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