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Musical Theatre Is More Than Art Form: Analysis of Musical 'Hamilton'

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Musicals are a popular form of visual arts with over 11 million people attending a show on broadway last year. They are a performance where people tell a story with the aid of singing, dancing, and acting. Musicals can transport you across the world, you could spend an Arabian night in Agrahba in the musical Aladdin, spend a day under the sea with Ursula the witch in The Little Mermaid or even visit New York in the 1700s when Alexander Hamilton was George Washington’s, right-hand man. But apart from being an artsy way to retell a story, there’s more to musicals than you think.

Hamilton is one of the most award-winning shows on broadway with over 40 nominations before it even hit broadway. The show is about the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton and all the great things he did in his life such as leading the US army to victory against the British, building the US treasury, and becoming the enemy of every other founding father. We learn a lot from this musical but it’s not all about Hamilton. We learn a lot of valuable life lessons such as persistence. Even though every other founding father hated Hamilton and his ideals for the nation, he kept on persisting and pushing forward. Hamilton’s frenemy Aaron Burr is the opposite of Hamilton. Hamilton likes to take action immediately whereas Burr will usually waits for it. One of the big themes in Hamilton is legacy. It is said that because they are the leaders of the new national history have their eyes on them and have a huge legacy. This teaches us that no matter who you are you always have something to uphold. Overall Hamilton teaches people important life skills that help make their quality of life better and

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Musical theatre is very physically and mentally demanding for anyone. Not only do you have to stay in character while singing and dancing but you’re under bright lights and always have to be aware of your surroundings. One of the most physically demanding roles is the Genie from Aladdin. The most popular song Friend Like Me is six minutes long and is considered a “broadway workout”. During the song, the genie takes over 800 steps and performs at over 80% of his max heart rate, and at the same time, he has to be able to sing and act. It’s not every day that you get to play the Genie, but any role in musical theatre, even the ones backstage, are very physically demanding. Friend Like Me burns way more calories than that workout you just did at the gym.

There’s one thing that musical theatre and music can do that playing rugby or netball can’t. Musical theatre helps improve cognitive ability. You have to learn all these dance moves, words and melodies, and sometimes melodies with 6 other parts against you. Musical theatre has to use both sides of the brain, your left side has to focus on the music and creative aspect while you’re right side focuses on the actions you have to do. Sports generally only use the right side. Singing Trains the brain in language and reasoning and enhances creativity. The dance aspect helps boost memory, reduces your risk of depression, and increases self-esteem and confidence. Acting helps you think from other perspectives, trains communication skills, and builds imagination and creative thinking.

Musicals are popular in New Zealand, over 80 different community theatre shows are running as we speak, and just announced the other day, The Tony Award best 2012 musical, The Book Of Mormon, is coming to New Zealand. When you go to see it because I know that you all will, look for the deeper meaning. There always is and it may shock you. Spoiler alert: the musical isn’t all about religion. All the movement onstage is very physically demanding. Can you hold a tune against five other parts while tap dancing? Do you have the mental capabilities to memorize 916 lines and music like Hamilton? Next time you go to see a show, think about all the hard work that’s gone into it. These performances are way more than just art forms.

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