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Muslim Influences On Occupational Therapy

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The creator of the Muslim faith is Muhammad. The Muslims believe that the only God and creator of the universe is Allah. Allah is the equivalent to a Christian’s God in the Muslim faith. Muslim belief states Muhammad was Allah’s last prophet. When trying to compare Muslim and Christian faith, there are no relations between Jesus and Allah or the way in which they believe they will encounter heaven or “paradise”. Muslims believe that they get to “paradise” by their good deeds of fasting, praying, and giving. They also believe that Allah does not punish anyone who is a sinner. This would mean the symbol of the cross is irrelevant to them. Those of the Muslim faith belief that you must take part in righteous deeds in order to encounter paradise. If you don’t believe in Allah or collect enough good deeds then you will be sent to hell.

Roles of the Muslim family

Family is very important to Muslim faith. They believe that the family is a structure that provides them with stability, physical, and psychological support. They look to their elders with having the utmost respect in the family because they are seen to have the most wisdom. In times of need if they are given the opportunity to care for their elders it is looked at as a gift from Allah himself. Parents are to raise their children as if they are their friend. This will be judged by Allah upon their death.

Women of the Muslim culture are looked at as the key to family honor. They must have children and raise them according to the way of the Quran. She must complete all house hold duties such as cooking, cleaning, and educating her children. Although the women are allowed to work the men are mostly seen as the provider of the family.

Muslim children must always remember that their duties to their parents comes after their duties too Allah. They must respect and obey their parents because without their obedience or love for family according to Muslim faith they will not enter paradise.

Muslim views on Healthcare, Illness, and Death

When regarding healthcare, Muslim belief attaches significant importance to health. Therefore, taking care of one’s health is a religious duty. On many occasions however Muslims link their spiritual values with their health. “This causes their spiritual needs to preside over their physical needs.”(Auttum et al., 2019) Muslims believe that reading the Quran or even listening to it being read is a component of their healing. However, they do realize that on some occasions of illness they will need a physician’s assistants. Muslims tend to have misconceptions on what is exactly causing their illness so it is better to be completely transparent with them as well as their families. When a person of a family that practices the Muslim faith becomes ill the family will become overly concerned. It is better to be up front and honest with them because they are consulted in all important decisions. When receiving treatment for an illness they cannot have any medication that may contain alcohol or pork.

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When a person of the Muslim faith contracts an illness it is looked at as a test from God. They are to have patience, pray, and meditate. This is looked at as a test of one’s sins being removed. One time a year Muslims are expected to fast. However, if they are ill or pregnant they can be exempt from the fast. Muslims are open to debate when regarding the topic of mental illness. Anti- depressants and anti- anxiety medications are not as commonly used or accepted in the religion. Therefore, they do not seek a professionals help.

Muslims see death as a returning of their soul back to their creator. The concept of death should never be far from their minds as they should be living their lives preparing for their end. “They view death a stage in their existence.” If a loved one is on life support it should be discontinued, allowing the soul to return. If a Muslim should die in a hospital or nursing home facility they are not to be cremated. They must have their bed turned toward the northeast, be undressed by someone in their family of the same gender, be prepared to be washed, then buried as soon as possible. If there is a sudden death of a newborn child the child must be named before they are buried as well. (Attum et al., 2019)

Muslim Religious Beliefs and Their Effect on Healthcare Treatment

It is very important as a practitioner to understand the Muslim religion before treating a patient of the Muslim faith. When treating them you it is best to avoid eye contact, treat a patent of the same gender, respect their privacy, and try not to touch them while talking. This could be very difficult when treating with occupational therapy because it is a very hands on therapy. A repour must be built between the therapist and patient in order for the patient to trust the therapist will not violate their religious views.

Therapist must also be aware of prayer times. These times cannot be interrupted and therapy sessions that are scheduled for those times will be canceled in order for them to pray. Prayer times as well as religious holidays are important instrumental activities of daily living to them and should not be addressed lightly. Patients of the Muslim faith are also think very highly of respecting privacy. A therapist should knock on their door and be granted access by the patient before walking in their room. In any instance you must ask permission before touching them for an examination of the affected body part. There are many ideal occupations of an activity of daily living to work towards. One in particular for women would be being able to carry out house hold chores. Being able to cook would be a large goal for a Muslim women in therapy.

When treating a client of the Muslim faith you may run into more than one limitation of therapy. For instance the recognition of Ramadan, the month of fasting. As a therapist, you would not want to work on very strenuous activities. The patient is not eating and could fatigue quickly and become dehydrated. They then could not receive IV fluids because of Ramadan. We also must stay increasingly aware that Muslim’s associate pork as unclean and will refuse any food associated with a pig. In order to decrease the likelihood of offending them all things pig should not be involved in any form of treatment.

Overall, medical professionals should educate themselves on the Muslim religion since it is becoming such a widespread belief system. As, a therapist you need to be aware of the all religious aspects in order to build repour and have a successful relationship with someone of the Muslim faith.

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