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My Candidate Application for the National Honor Society: Reflective Essay

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I am thrilled to have received a candidate application for the National Honor Society; it is an esteemed organization that I have dreamed to be a member of. I believe I possess the four characteristics of the National Honor Society, Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service. These same qualities are very similar to the honorable virtues of the Air Force for which I aspire to be an Air Force Officer as a Pilot someday.nAs a well-rounded individual, I know I can become a valuable member of NHS.

I am a hard-working student that has consistently been on the honor roll since before High School. I am dedicated to my studies ensuring I achieve academic success. Admittedly, I am not one of those students for which the grades come easy, I need to put extra effort in to ensure good grades. I recognize the importance of being a strong scholar and take whatever steps necessary, including getting help from my teachers. I am grateful for their mentoring, guidance, and teachings which continues to form my intellect.

Other than academics much of my time has been dedicated to the sport of auto racing. Racing is an activity and sport that has built much of my character. For example, pursuit of excellence, risk taking, confidence, self-sufficiency and teamwork. I have been driving a race car since rookie driving school at 9 years old and in 7 years, I have learned a tremendous amount of respect for the sport, the impact it has on community and me as an individual. In addition to building my character I have learned other qualities such as being a role model (i.e. autograph sessions, car shows, sponsorship commitments), engineering techniques (i.e. car setup, weight influence, ins and outs of a motor), public relations/marketing (i.e. management of my Facebook page @samanthamullermotorsports, keeping my fans engaged) , sponsorship responsibilities (i.e. meeting with potential sponsors, events with current sponsors), social awareness (i.e. my on and off track behavior), and even auto repair, I could change a tire faster than a NASCAR pit crew! Auto racing season is a long season, typically from April through November with special shows in other months. Most of my racing career I have been traveling the northeast chasing a championship, which takes motivation and dedication. An example of my racing accomplishments and leadership work is highlighted in last year’s sponsorship request booklet. I prepared this booklet to highlight my racing accomplishments to seek new sponsors. I have enclosed it for your reference. All these skills I mention can be useful not only at the track but at school, extracurricular activities and in my community.

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Another focus of mine is obtaining my pilots license. I am currently taking the coursework and private flight lessons so that I can solo private aircraft. This has been an amazing experience and is helping me forge my plan for the future. I’ve been around aviation for the majority of my life, my dad used to let me sit in the co-pilot’s seat when we would go visit my grandparents, I live nextdoor to the local airport, and I even work at that airport now. Having a set goal for my future and constantly working towards it, has improved myself mentally and morally. I have come up with a step by step plan of what I need to accomplish throughout my years in high school and college, inside and outside of school to finally achieve my goal of becoming a pilot in the Air Force and being able to retire as a commercial pilot after I have served.

When I’m not studying, racing or flying I participate in other activities such as cross country, and several different community service activities. I enjoy participating in a school sport though it has been hard given my commitment to racing. Throughout my high school years, I have inconsistently participated in sports but intend on continuing with cross country and track through my senior year. I volunteer for community service when time permits, I’ve always enjoyed helping out within my town or giving back to the school. I do this through volunteering for Millbrook Education Foundation events, with school clubs/fundraisers or serving at church when possible. Volunteering is an area that I would definitely like to dedicate more of my time to and improve upon. In addition to all of my volunteering, I intend on joining the Civil Air Patrol which is community service but it’s supported by the federal government. Therefore, by the beginning of this upcoming summer I will have successfully fulfilled my short term goal of boosting my community service.

In conclusion, I have begun to properly prepare for my exciting future through scholarship, leadership, service, and character at MHS.

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