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My Clifton Strengths Survey and Group Coaching Session: Reflections

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I recently completed the Clifton Strengths Survey, and I learned that focus is my first strength where I follow my path in a right direction. I always focus on the things I want and be on track. My second strength is relator. I get satisfaction working with team members and enjoy building strong relation with others. Communication is my third strength. I never feel shy to express my feelings and experiences with others. My fourth strength is responsibility. I believe in fulfilling my obligations towards my family, friends or workplace with honesty to meet my commitments and handle the situation strongly. Finally, my fifth strength is maximizer. I have a faith in natural talents. I build my strengths to stimulate my personal and group excellence. From my success coach, I learned to focus on my strengths rather than my weakness to get excellence in goals by turning talents into strengths. Likewise, I learned how to use our different strengths together at correct levels to produce the desired outcomes. Similarly, he guided me to follow the modern talents into strengths avoiding traditional style by realizing real talents.

Actually, I was really surprised to know about my third strength which is communication. My happiness knew no bounds when I got to know that I can easily seek the attention of others by expressing my ideas and emotions on the respective topic. Honestly, I did not realize that my communication is my strength because I had a bad experience at my past. For instance, once, I delivered a speech on ‘My Life, My Choice’ from which I got bad response about my emotions abusing me for being selfish without understanding my true intuition. That situation leads me to stop expressing much. But now, I learn to express myself because I believe, ‘Never allow yourself to be defined by someone else’s opinion of you’.

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I can easily resonate with my fifth strength, maximizer. Since, from my childhood, I believe in my self-intuition rather than my weakness. I am quite skeptical person and follow the path of my own rules to explore talents into success rather than listening the opinions of others to obtained excellence. For example, few months ago, I wanted to establish a children’s club for the well-being of today’s children for better future. But people of my society were against different motivational coaching session that focuses to avoid depression among the children. However, I believe on my idea and encourage the society to support the right things and finally, I succeed in improving the better condition of depressed children.

My top five strengths can help me to achieve the purpose of my life by developing positive psychology and the concept of PERMA, which are positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment (Kem, Waters, Adler and White, 2015). Similarly, for my focus talents, I must be clear about my goals and be on the right track. However, focusing on my career, I have to maintain my personal relationships with my family and friends by giving them time, developing understanding power with my employees to maintain positive emotions. Furthermore, utilizing my communication skills for different advertisement, my business activities, promotion of my articles would help me to engage with my audience which lead me to become more responsible for my society wellbeing. Likewise, I must believe in my talents and intuition and spend time with successful people who discover their strengths to learn optimism and flow in life (Seligman, 2002). Overall, if I use my strengths into proper action, then I can achieve excellence in my life.

I think that the fear of losing hope and underestimating myself in tough situations are the greatest challenges which may create disturbances for reaching my career goals. It is true that sometimes, my confidence slow down when I see the crowd and complexities near me which distract me from reaching my goals. For overcoming these challenges, I must maintain my first strength (focus) and fifth strength (maximizer) talents. For instance, if I stay focused on my direction, it brings me motivation from inside rather than losing hope. In the same way, if I follow my decisions and feeling, then I am never going to underestimate myself in any situation as ‘You change the world by being yourself’.


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