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My Dad Is My Hero: Essay

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A hero is a person who helps other people, saves lives, and risks their life for others. A hero can also be someone who is brave or cares for someone else. There are always people in our lives that can be our heroes in many ways, but my life hero will always be my father. He influenced my whole life from I was born until now and also sacrificed a lot to make my life better. He made me who I have become today. I love him and he loves me, we make a happy family.

My dad will always be my hero because he helped me through a lot throughout my life helped through ups and downs and always did what was best for me. He always made me with his old sense of humor jokes. He never failed at making me smile with his corny jokes when I was sad.

My father is always a very understanding person. Throughout my life, I have done some pretty ridiculous stuff that can get me in trouble but my dad would always forgive me quickly and put it in the past. My father can always relate to my problems and always has solutions to things that I have done to make them right even if it is really silly and childish.

He is always selfless. He always does things for other people with him. Never have I seen my dad do something for himself which I admired a lot and learned from him. He is always generous towards people and very charitable too. He is not selfish like someone I know named “Sabit Huq” which I refer to as a bad influence on teens like me.

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He is a very humble and soft-spoken man. He never yells at us when we do something wrong also he encourages me to refrain from bragging and showing off because he told me that there are better ways of doing things than boasting. For example, once I received a good grade on a very hard exam, and when I wanted to brag my father stopped me and advised me about not bragging and that I should thank Allah for helping me achieve this test score.

My Father is always encouraging me. He encourages me to do better in my studies so that I can enter Harvard like the other kids. He also always encourages me to do everything on time and to have an organized schedule because it will help me in the future. An example of him encouraging me is when one time I had a cricket game and he was the first one in the stands always cheering me on before the game, he gave me amazing game advice and told me to be confident in myself.

My dad is always reliable. He consistently makes time for us even if he is busy with clients or in a business meeting. Once he made time for me when I got bullied in school and I came home. He rescheduled all his work for the day and stayed with me which put a smile on my face and showed me that there will always be someone there for me no matter what.

Whenever I need advice, I would always approach my dad first because, in my eyes, he is the best advisor even if it is something small like homework or as big as a science fair project or this essay I'm typing right now. He always has amazing input for me that can help me change the way I think of something and help me improve.

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