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My Favorite President Essay

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Throughout history, the United States has had many great leaders who have helped the country grow into what it is today. Each president is unique and each of them directly or indirectly has a huge impact on the American people, thereby shaping the vision of Americans of different generations about themselves. Every American has a favorite and unloved president, they consider someone the best, someone the worst. Speaking of me, my favorite president is Abraham Lincoln. As president of the country, he did many amazing things.

Before running for president and gaining national and political attention, Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer who paused at his academic learning and went to focus on the democratic view. Lincolns perspective shifted therefor he went to join the government. Then became a leader of the Republican Party. And from there onward he became what he was then which was the president. Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president that led the Civil War. And in 1776 Lincoln adopted the signing of 'The Declaration of Independence' which freed the slaves and gave freedom to all people.

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One of his many accomplishments was nothing less than the implementation of the Emancipation Proclamation. Putting this in order set the slaves free but not in confederate states however unfortunately that was not the issue, it gave them freedom but to some was to join the Civil War, to calculate how many there were was a total of 200,000 African-Americans. Even so slaves were not fully in the 'safe zone' having the Emancipation Proclamation issued besides the states that were part of the Union. Lincoln proposed the Thirteenth Amendment that stuck up the support and effect to end slavery which was one of his main goals he thought that was important to document.

Throughout his presidency, Lincoln served the justice of the nation with the goals and ambitions he achieved. And there was no doubt that he had enough people on his side. Lincoln entered the Civil War to help those and tell them where to go and what to do. Lincoln also freed the slaves from slavery, but not only by giving all people the rights and justice they desired. Some will say that he was a politically bad president, but he knew what the people wanted and tried to give it to them. This is what makes him not just a good person with high moral values, but also my favorite president.

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