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How Do You See Yourself as a Nurse in the Future Essay

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My chosen career for this assessment and my future is nursing. My plan is to work as a licensed practical nurse, or LPN for short. Not only does nursing offer a vast array of job opportunities and a decent salary, but it also gives you the ability to make a difference in someone’s life. The education required to become a licensed practical nurse is not as tedious as some other jobs, but becoming a nurse is more than just going to college and taking your boards. The daily routines of licensed practical nurses cover a lot of bases, but usually remain pretty similar across the boards no matter where you work. The job outlook of licensed practical nurses in the future is promising, and I believe a career in nursing in my future is also very promising.

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I can still picture the day I decided I wanted to make nursing my career when I grew up. I was seven years old, and visiting the hospital that I was born in. My dad was having surgery there that day, so my mom decided to take me up to the labor and delivery floor to show me where I was born. The nurses there were so compassionate and were thrilled to show me around. They even tried to find the doctor who helped me into the world so I could meet him! When the trip down memory lane was coming to a close, I remember my mom and I talking to the nurses. I looked up at them and stated, “I want to be a nurse when I grow up too!” The medical field seems to be quite a fitting career for my family, as many of my family members have also taken up a career in the medical field. One of my biggest reasons and motivations for continuing this career is not a what, but a who. My grandfather, Mac, has played a very important part in this, even years after he has left the Earth. He spent so much time encouraging me. He used to buy me medical and anatomy books so when the time came, I would be ready! I made him a promise that I would one day become his nurse, and although I cannot be his nurse anymore, I can be the best nurse I can be and continue my passion in his honor.

I have gone through life constantly being labeled a caregiver and big-hearted. Thanks to a couple of personality assessment tests, they’ve backed up these titles I have been given. I have always loved making people feel better and knowing that I could make a difference in someone’s day, even just a small one, is the best feeling. I have had the opportunity to work in the field as a certified nurse aide working with the geriatric community in a local nursing home, a vast array of patients from under a year old to 103 on the medical surgery floor at the hospital, and working with pediatric clients in home health care. While I loved working with all of these people, my heart has very much favored working with children, and I hope to one day work as a pediatric nurse. I followed the aptitude test results and branched off of it with some more research into nursing. I was able to find a great amount of information on nursing, including the job duties, education and future job outlooks from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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