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My Major Philosophies as a Future Teacher

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Being a teacher is not an easy job, so you have to work sincerely and have passion to make student a good learner. I am as a future teacher I will try my best to give my students a comfortable environment with no stress or pressure, so in this report I am going to concentrate in 4 major philosophies: my role as teacher, teaching method, dealing with students and classroom environment.

First, my role as a teacher is to make the school a beautiful place in the eyes of my students, let them come every morning excited and active to learn new things, and I will try to be a good role model that they can follow as a guide in future, also to be more controller and organizer because the more you regulate students you get a good result. Teachers set the tone of their classrooms, build a warm environment, mentor and nurture students, and listen and look for signs of trouble, also encourages students to participate and makes suggestions about how students may proceed in an activity, and I will try to assess each student’s growth and learning of lesson objectives, plus expert planners, both on paper and in their heads, never make the subject boring.

There are different types of learners visual, auditory, intrapersonal and kinesthetic, so each teacher has some teaching strategies to follow. My teaching methods are:

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  1. Cooperation learning. I choose it because its help to develop learning communities simulating student-faculty discussions and also encouraging exchange (Bruffee, 1993).
  2. Active learning. Meyers and Jones (1993) say that active learning is a strategy that allow students to talk and listen, read, write and reflect as they approach course content through problem solving, also it stimulates critical thinking and a greater awareness of other perspective.
  3. Developing confident through delayed grading: giving students time to explore ideas with no immediate grade pressure helps motivate them to be creative and take intellectual risks.
  4. Use play for learning its help engage elementary students in their education and has cognitive, physical, social and emotional benefits.
  5. Use of technology and instructional resources because this is the most way to attract students to pay attention to the lesson and never get bored also keep pace with.

Each student is unique and has different attitude but you have to be patient with their behavior, I am going to deal with all my students in the same way (no distinction) also I will try to spread love between all the students in the class, there will be no bullying all will be respected, I will try to be their secret box whenever someone needs me I will be there ,we will enjoy our time together but on studying and working time every one should be serious and hard worker, so I hope our relationship be more like siblings, not teacher and student, because teaching is not about information. It’s about having an honest intellectual relationship with your students.

There are two type of class room environment: physical environment and psychological environment. First, the physical environment of our class will be so simple there will be no crowded details or objects for safety also it will be so colorful and wide furthermore it will contain section for reading, rest, studying and watching movies, all students work will be hanged on the wall to appreciate their effort and works, also all the materials will be available in the class so it suits all the students. To have a good psychological environment for class room, we are going to try our best, so students can feel safe, protected, able to trust others, because learners who feel safe and relatively free from worry and anxiety feel comfortable and secure, and they are more willing to take risks, enter a new situation with confidence and better focus their energy on the task at hand.

In conclusion, teachers who love teaching will teach children to love learning. So, be more than a person who just inform students be instruct, encourage, praise, influence, share, guide and inspire, in future I will try my best to be a good role model that my students love and respect.

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