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My Mom Is My Biggest Influence: Personal Narrative Essay for College

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The day was May 1, 2003, at around 4 p.m. when they rushed to the hospital as her contractions started to happen, she knew she was ready to have her first baby girl. Her husband was playing basketball at the school gym when it all happened, and they left right away. Living an hour away from any kind of hospital, they got there as fast as they could. She was there all night to the next day, still waiting for their baby girl to be born. Then their baby girl was born on May 2, 2003, at 4:20 p.m. That little girl was me, and since I was born, my biggest influence would have to be my beautiful mom.

My mom has always been there for me since the day I was born, including the long time I was in the hospital after I was born because I had an infection and had to stay in the hospital for seven days. My mom traveled back and forth from my hometown of Sierra Blanca to El Paso, Texas, which is 90 miles. Still recuperating from her surgery, she didn’t complain about having to travel. She has told me stories about it: “Everyone was telling me to stay home and rest from the surgery I had, but I told them no because I needed to be by your side”. She took the situation like a champ, and even though it cost her to get worse from her surgery, not one peep came out about staying home for a day to not see me.

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Growing up with her as my mother has been the biggest blessing as she has taught me so much about life. Most people hate having strict parents like how my mom was with me. Now being 16, I look back and understand why she was like that, and I thank her every time I can for it. For example, I still remember the time when I was 12 when she told me “No you can’t go to that sleepover with her” after she told me that I argued with her about never letting me do anything or ever hang out with my friend or friends, but now I realize why. She was seeing things that I wasn’t seeing and how that person was treating me. My mom was the strict parent, all she was trying to do was protect me and make me the best person that I could ever be. She saw toxic friendships and everything else that shows me now to want to be a mom when I do like she is to my younger sister and me.

My mom has given up so much for my little sister and me, and will always do so, no matter what it takes. She always gives us, no matter what money struggles we may have; she always finds a way to make us happy, no matter what she has to do to make it happen. She has shown me to be humble and made me start to be thankful for everything that has been given to me. She pushes me through everything I do and always tells me to push myself to do even more. I asked her one time why she was like this and she said: ”I grew up not having the things or the opportunities that you do, I did not have a great childhood growing up, and I wasn’t the best kid and got into trouble. Now that I learned from my mistakes, I want my kids to have a better life, and I want you and your sister to follow your dreams”.

From being such a strong woman to doing the littlest things she does, she will always be the person that will always influence me the most. She is the person that I never want to disappoint because she always wants to see the best of me. My mom has also taught me the respect I need to have as a young woman I am. I am so grateful that she is this kind of parent to me because look where I’m at now. For one, I am taking college classes which is such a big deal, as well as this I am also the top student in my class. If she wasn’t the strict parent she is, I would have nothing like I do now.

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