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My Own SWOT Analysis Experience

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The SWOT analysis was developed by a team of researcher from the Harvard university- professors of business and management. It is a comprehensive and detailed study of the factors that affect students’ performance in higher education.

The SWOT analysis is the tool to identify our strengths and weaknesses, also our opportunities and threats. It helps us to determine what we can do better to improve our performance in the future and how we can improve better for a future job. This is important for us because if we are not able to archive our goal and ambitions, we can be disappointed in ourselves. The SWOT analysis an essential tool because if we are unable to perform honest and truthful work, we can lose confidence in ourselves. In my essay I am going to write about my own SWOT analysis experience, and how I overcome my weaknesses, what my strength is, what I see as my threats and about my opportunities. The SWOT analysis is a way of looking on my external factors and internal factors that affects my life and my career and also how I can improve my skills and abilities. I will use this technique to analyze my personal SWOT.

First, I will write about my strengths. I am always trying to be a good student and have the abilities to learn new things. My first strength I can think about how it’s when I work hard on my goals, never forgetting to be one of a team. It takes a lot of efforts, but all you have to be very understanding and to manage all at work effectively. My other strength is an excellent communicator. I am always trying to communicate with others in a clear way that then other people understand me. I know how to talk with people freely, so they feel comfortable with me. I also know how to listen to others. One of my strengths is also that I decided to come back to education and started to work on my skills. I was able to get for the course I wanted. And I think what is essential, I always learn from mistakes. For me, it’s one of the most critical strengths in life. Last advantage is that I am quite right to keep everything on time. To do it help to gain more skills at the workplace, and to become a better team worker.

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Now I will write about my weaknesses. First of all, I have to say it’s not that easy to point our shortcomings. But first of them then I have trouble asking for help from someone else. That’s my weak point. I also know then I get very impatient when something runs beyond a deadline. My weakness is also then I am always willing to help others to do their job, and in the end, I always end up to rush with my list of tasks to be done for myself. I think I need to find a balance if I want to continue to do that in the future. It’s not easy as I always trying to help, even I that not always convincing. I also consider then English language can be also my weaknesses. Even I can speak well, it’s not my first language, and the fact is that I can sometimes have barriers in speaking something up in English. Even when I try my best to overcome it. I know it is my weakness, but I believe I will overcome it one day in my strength.

Now I will write about my opportunities. One of them is then I came to this country. And I start to work here. And when I have opportunities, I change my job. My latest job led to my career I want to progress in a future, after getting my degrees. For me my opportunities also are then I speak more than one language, it can be very useful. Especially if you work in healthcare field. Other thing is then studying here I will have opportunities to gain new skills. Which I will need it for my development in the future. More opportunities lead to brightest future, means also we have better finance situation. According to that we can have more opportunities to live in better accommodation, get better salary and so on. University can give me a lot of opportunities, also using technology does. Learning new topics, exploring new ideas lead me to gain more new knowledge and life, work experience. For me it’s very good opportunity for progressing my career. Which is very important for me, something new every day. In my opinion it is amazing to learn new things. I think that it also makes a person confident and string in her or his abilities.

The last of SWOT analysis is threats. There can be a lot of them in a work place for example. If we can be late to work, missing handovers. It is possible then we cannot always do our job properly, then our job can be affected it by that. By losing our position in the company, we can lose our income. It is very connected to everything. One of the threats is also being a parent. In a case child is not well need to take some time off. I think I will be many similar factors which are connected to that same point of view. Even in this Covid-19 times. If we not well, we cannot work in many cases people lose their job. I think that’s a significant threat than can affect our daily life. I also believe, then me as an individual, I can be a threat to our self. If I do not work hard on my goals, I may not archive them. In a result, maybe I may have to face a failure in the future. I know it can be tough, but we need to recognize all threats and try to overcome them.

Recognizing these four points of SWOT analysis can provide me with a better understanding of the CPD, which mean continual professional development, who I want to be and where after fully archive my degrees. I also know for sure that I want to develop my skills in healthcare settings. Finish bachelor degree in health and social care will open for me a door to continue further education as a mental health nurse. I am honestly looking forward to gain more new knowledge in this field. The more skills I learn, the more study I do, that’s given me more opportunities to become a professional in my environment. Also, I need to make sure I continue to take all the current training available and get the best out of it to archive to further my career. This is very talented actually, because if you do not have the right qualifications or experience, you cannot succeed in your profession without it. For sure, you need to be prepared for all challenges are coming your way. I know there is a lot of things then I need to improve in myself, but now we can have access and information to be prepared for any kind of job in the future. I am so ready to go ahead with it. According to that, I will always need to make myself with all my needs. I must identify my skills according to my knowledge, in the process to develop myself and also get excellent job opportunities. We should learn how to plan and organize ourselves accurately to archive all our potential and make sure we can file our goal and ambitions. I also know there are going to be some barriers, but I will always try to overcome them by setting my timetable correctly.

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