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My Strengths and Weaknesses as a Learner

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This paper is a reflection of how I go about being a self-empowered learner. It consists of my strengths and weaknesses which I have collected about myself throughout this course so far and provide the insights for which I developed to become a personal learner. This paper will also be consisting of the cultural practices within my home and community which have been seen to be adopted in my home amongst my family members which have consider to be learning strategies.

The 8 characteristics that I have chosen to be the characteristics that I currently portray are: problem solver, self-motivated, critical thinker, risk taker, self-directed learner, collaborative learner, analytical learner and reflective.

Problem Solver

According to Runco (1994), a problem solver is classified into mainly 3 parts which is considered to be someone who evaluate a situation, paying close attention to a problem, apply metacognitive skills and monitoring the effects of a situation to solve an issue. Applying what I have learnt so far within this course to my lifestyle at home, to my studies and career, has helped me to become a better problem solver. Assessing how I used my ability of problem solving before, compared to my current progress, as I would have become a personal learner, I would say that I became better at solving problems, hence I look at problems from a different angle and process everything in detail.

Therefore, I would say that problem solving is one of my current strengths. Researchers, Ward, Finke, & Smith (1995), had stated that challenging problems need to be assess and creative thinking becomes a decisive skill to formulate strategies and searching for answers. Referring to formative activity #1, my group and I discuss the problems which we face on a day-to-day base and create strategies to help us overcome our issues. This in fact helped us as we problem solve for time management, procrastination, and addressing our weak learning skills, such as in the VARK test.

After being aware of a situation which may cause, stress and frustration, I evaluate the issue, find strategies for the issue by cognitive analyzing the situation and concluding a solution. Alongside this process of being a problem solver is also the ability of being creative. Therefore, when I solve a problem, I examine the issue and create a list of every possible solution in case I will need a backup.


According to Deci (1975, p.65), intrinsic is the ability one may contain within him or herself and acquire the confidence to be competent and determined to seek challenges and conquer. In the orientation learning activity #4, I stated that I am a hardworking person and I am self-motivated and will not stop until I reach my goals. The fact that time doesn’t wait on no one. I consider myself to be a self-motivated person hence as a young person in society people would have spoken down to me.

The feedbacks which I would have got after hearing rumors about myself was sort of depressing. I used to believe that I would of indeed be a failure but gradually surrounding myself amongst the right group of persons, the realization of how society thinks came to me. At a very young age, I forth to keep myself happy rather than trying to impress others hence happiness came from within. After developing a strong motivation and enrolling in this course, I became much more confident and believing that I can accomplish anything which I set my mind to. Despite being in an environment that portray more negative than positive, I aspire to change the minds of my antagonists.

I strongly believe that I am an intrinsic person also keeping in mind that I also gain knowledge from my progress so far in this course. I have been self-motivated at a young age with lack of external motivation. After carefully analyzing myself, being self-motivated is deemed to be one of my strengths.

Critical Thinker

According to Kuan Chen Tsai (2013), critical thinking is the mental process used by someone to clarify and evaluation of a problem in order to make the right decision or solve any problem. People of today’s society are faced with various complex issues and we are deemed critical think. Therefore, I will classify being a critical thinker is one of my weaknesses due to the fact that I would be struck with severe nervousness if for instance the situation which I am facing within that moment is extremely serious. The ability to use my critical thinking ability would rarely be used, but rather jumping to conclusion. Being a critical thinker will therefore be one of the characteristics I will have to work on to improve.

Risk Taker

In reference to formative assessment #2 which I attempted, it was seen that I took risk, these risk where to make myself happy and excel in life. I disregard what others was telling me and went about to do what I feel was best. In taking these risks I was aware that it was okay to disappoint people, it was okay to stand on my own for what is right, and it was okay to make mistakes. Due to the fact that I am a self-motivated person, I would sometimes be faced with risk.

Decision making would most likely to be challenging but knowing what I want to accomplish and with a strong mindset, I consider myself to be a risk taker. It may sometime blow up in my face but at the end, opportunity may prevail whether it may be financially or making decisions. The community had played a major part in shaping me as a risk taker since the negative feedbacks I often would hear propelled me to reach my goals. Personally, I am currently happy with my progress so far and I have accomplished so much despite of the negativity.

I push through what I considered to be challenging and withstand to gain all passing grades in cxc subjects and even have shocked those who belittled me and stained my name. Undoubtedly, those who once speak bad of me had asked me for assistance. Considering the fact that I frequently take risks, I considered this to be one of my strengths. Apart from my community is my home. My siblings, on the other hand would pay close attention and contemplate on whatever decision they would make.

Self-Directed Learner

Having the ability to concentrate and focus so far in this online environment may be frustrating hence there is so much an e tutor can do. It is obvious that they provide reading units and guidance but at times students are expected to do additional reading and do personal research on their own to build their knowledge. This sometimes can be a bit stressful for me since, I ensure that I am on top of my unit reading and may not proceed to do additional reading but rather move on to another course to stay on top of the readings.

According to the Centre for Teaching Excellence, a self-directed person is someone who create goals, set their standard and engage in learning and evaluating the progress of knowledge they obtained. Reference to my journal entries, I would of procrastinate and put of work studies or activities but this course has changed my set. Focusing on the bigger picture and self-development.

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I would consider this to be one of my weaknesses, and there is room for improvement. As stated in my journal entries, after a long day of work I would rather sit and relax. Sitting would read to sleeping and sometimes I may procrastinate. The fact that I procrastinate, would then means that on my leisure time, I would then have to push to finish, unfinish work.

Collaborative Learner

Personally, I firmly believe that being collaborative plays a major part in making me a personal learner hence being collaborative in this course has given me the ability to remain calm and seek help when necessary. Learning success was undoubtedly the only course that I came across which seemed quite different and may have puzzled me in the beginning. With supportive peers and e-tutor, this course is indeed very nice.

The fact that FOUN 1501 has encouraged me in asking questions and gaining clarification where needed has boosted my esteem. When doing discussions in this online environment, persons within my group would have been able to view what I posted and critique it. However, at the beginning of the course I was shy to post due to the fact I wasn’t confident enough. Being collaborative since I started this course didn’t only get me brave, but also helped me to understand certain concepts clearer.

Considering that I participate, ask questions and be more confident I would say that this is one of my strengths. Referring to my discussions, whether or not it sounds horrible or simply had done it wrong, I would be able to learn from my mistake also the fact that I often ask a lot of question due to the fact that no question is a stupid question. My progress in being a self-empowered learner still continues to flow without hesitation.

Analytical Learner

According to the National Extension Water Outreach Education, Division of Extension, an analytical learner is someone who acquires knowledge, process what is learnt which help in understanding concepts. Due to the fact that an analytical learner is organized, pay close attention to details, analysis details to gaps information and ensure proper time management, I will consider this to be one of my strengths.

After being exposed to this concept within the course FOUN 1501 it would have provided me with better clarity of how to be more vigilant. For instance, skimming through a paragraph may leads to missing out on relevant information which can then lead to puzzlement, lack of knowledge or confusion in the process of learning hence this course had thought me to reread what is presented for my learning process to be a personal learner because there is information which convey double meaning and would need to be compare with credible source of information.

Being analytical will ease tension and frustration therefore I always practice being analytical. Information from the unit reading has been extra helpful in developing me in becoming a personal learner.


Halpern (1996) stated that being reflective is a part of being a critical thinker. Furthermore, he stated that it uses the process of cognitive skills, therefore reflection will be applied. Specific process of thinking to analysis a situation or context. This is further explained by Dewey (1933), who claims that it is a mental ongoing process to form conclusion while being presented with all evidence. In becoming a self-developed personal learner, this process of after applied to my studies. As a student, it is seen that being reflective is one of my strengths since reflective helps to develop me as a learner. Reflecting, therefore helps me in developing a higher order of thinking, link knowledge to new concepts, and advance the ability that I currently have in being an abstract and conceptual thinking.

Plan of Action

Being a critical thinker is classified as one of my weaknesses and due to the fact that this is not a strength, I can do a number of things to improve my critical thinking and make my ability which I currently have become a bit more advance. I can simply, spend more time on making sure I fully understand logics, compare what I know with credible information and seek clarification from peers. I can contribute further by asking questions on what I am not certain of.

I am a self-directed learner but not to my full capacity and since this is one of the major things in becoming a self-developed learner, this characteristic needs to be given extra attention. A number of things that I am doing to improve this is identifying the main problem and working on it. Identifying what is the gain out of completing a task, monitoring my progress, and making schedule to keep in track. To add to this is I would always use what I have leant.

Collaborating is currently one of my strengths, but I can better this by doing a couple more things in becoming personal learner. Therefore, listening and asking questions, state the objectives to peers, and prevent miscommunication. Furthermore, another point that I am practicing is being understanding when being corrected, since not everyone is right.

Last but not least is problem solving, this characteristic is one of my strengths, but I can enhance this ability by being open and sharing what seems to be giving me problems with others, secondly having an open mind creating a risk analysis. This helps me to develop strategies plan in case it may occur again.

Reflection Commentary

Before starting this course, I used to think that it isn’t necessary and it would have been useless but as the first week had open, I completed the activities and was thinking it would have been like a walk in a park. The orientation activity had made me aware of some of the things I didn’t know, such as which sense that I use that I learn best with. It has opened my eyes to the other senses which I am weak in that needs improvement. As being in the middle of the semester this course so far has made me aware of many things, for instance, the characteristics which I choose go hand in hand with another.

Therefore, in order to become a fully developed personal learner, the other characteristics also need to be improved. Since I am aware of this, I am deemed to develop myself fully and use what I am learning from this course. There is always room for improvements, therefore the characteristics of being a problem solver, self-motivated, critical thinker, risk taker, self-directed learner, collaborative learner, analytical learner, and reflective can be develop where the or not it is a weakness or strength. I will continue to work to develop myself and hope to achieve my goal of being a self-empowered learner.

From the unit reading, I gain some knowledge furthering my understanding hence some things may seem difficult is because I have ignored some fact and despite being sure about something reflecting is important for success. This is why throughout this course I will focus on my learning style preferences to enhance my growth and also enhancing my strengths to improve my quality of processes and outcomes.


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