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My Summer Vacation Essay

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I am usually patient, realistic, and careful. I enjoy routine and structure as I’m organized and am good at teamwork as I get along with people working with me. I can solve problems instantly and am able to communicate quickly and decisively. I am particularly interested in Cyber Security. As part of that, I have completed courses in Networking and CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking), and Python Core in a private organization named Bascom Bridge. I have obtained free advanced first aid training and health and safety level 2 which is valid for 3 years. I am currently looking forward to achieving higher grades because I have only been at WQE College for a short time. I worked part-time during my summer vacation at Nami Car Parts Ltd, an auto parts store that sells car parts, to learn how to deal with customers.

My main responsibilities included creating eBay, Amazon, and Facebook Marketplace listings, lifting heavy products, labeling, and stocking shelves with merchandise, and assisting customers in finding the goods and products they were looking for. Sorting through invoices to ensure that everything is in stock, and ordering items from suppliers if they are not. In a month, I learned how to use the MAM software, which is used for determining whether a part is compatible with a vehicle, creating invoices and issuing credit to customers, creating price files, and converting them to CSV to make them readable in the software. I gained a lot of experience working there because I interacted with many customers and suppliers and made sure the person felt at ease and satisfied with me. Because the world is more connected than ever before, cyber security has always been a priority for me. As people’s reliance on modern technology grows, so does their vulnerability to cyber-attacks such as data breaches, spear phishing, and social networking fraud. With all of its benefits, increased connectivity increases the risk of theft, misuse, and fraud.

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Every individual is responsible for ensuring cyber security because it is everyone’s responsibility to make it safer, more secure, and more resilient. I’m always looking for new ways to learn new skills and gain experience through a variety of activities. Every day, technological advances occur all around us, from the evolution of bulky antenna phones into smartphones to the introduction of intelligent virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and Windows’ Cortana. I am inspired by the fact that cybersecurity has become a critical component in the creation of a better, smarter future for our world, and my goal is to be a part of that process. When I investigated, I discovered that many people lack deep research, less security knowledge when dealing with sensitive things, random data collection with or without purpose, and fewer details on Advanced Internet Security, making them less secure and vulnerable when dealing with Internet Security, that is why I want to work as a cyber security engineer. I have always loved computing, solving problems related to phones and computers, and that desire to find a solution is always present in me. During my summer vacation, I try to learn new things, the most recent of which is that I have created my first website for my father’s business, and I am constantly trying to learn new things in the field of information technology.

Right now, I am interested in NFT, also known as a non-fungible token, which is the new future of cryptocurrency. I am understanding the mechanism behind it as well as developing and preparing to debut my new design online and earn some money. I would love the challenge of analyzing systems and determining how computer security measures to aid in the prevention and resolution of hostile attacks on company systems. I believe I have the skills necessary to complete this program, which I have gained through life experience, college, and my current position as a Sales Advisor at Nami Car Parts. My research abilities are one of the skills I possess that I believe are critical to successfully completing this course.

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