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My Support of the New Deal: Reflective Essay

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My name is Amanda. I am a mother of five kids. My husband died last year due to an illness. My older son, who is eighteen, has been trying to look for a job so he could provide us with food, water, and a roof over our heads. We do not have a stable house due to the conditions we are living in. My son is barely making any money due to being unemployed for a while. It simply seems impossible for him to get a job anywhere. We are trying so hard to support our family, but it has been challenging. I am writing this letter to let you know that we are a family in desperate need. My family and I would appreciate it very much if you helped us out a little bit by giving us some money. I’m also asking if you could provide me with some clothing for my kids. I have two younger daughters, two younger sons, and my oldest son. We have been struggling for the past three years, and I would very much appreciate it if you could help us out in any way.

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As you, Mr. President, embark on your second term in office, I greatly support the New Deal. The New Deal helped the unemployed to receive jobs. You went straight to work on achieving reforms that helped sustain the economy and provide jobs to American people. In the textbook, it states, ‘Roosevelt introduced the first comprehensive unemployment relief program and helped pioneer efforts to expand public utilities’ (The American Yawp). Unemployment was a major problem during the depression that got solved quickly, providing many people with better jobs and incomes. The New Deal programs changed the lives of citizens suffering from the effects of the Great Depression. It promptly improved the failed banking system. In the textbook, it states, ‘Roosevelt described the new banking safeguards and asked the public to place their trust and their savings in banks. Americans responded and across the country, deposits outpaced withdrawals’ (The American Yawp). This implied a significant achievement. The New Deal also assisted those in need. For example, the FERA was a granting agency to the states. Grants were provided to the states with local funds to help those in desperate need. The textbook states, ‘the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) provided direct cash assistance to state relief agencies struggling to care for the unemployed’ (The American Yawp).

Although there were many changes due to the New Deal, I do have some recommendations on how we could improve the New Deal. African Americans barely benefitted from the New Deal. Black Americans lost their jobs as they were seen as not high enough for society to embrace them. In the textbook, it says, ‘ Franklin Roosevelt did little to directly address the difficulties black communities faced’ (The American Yawp). African Americans suffered unfair pay due to the new codes that immortalized that difference. You refused to target black men in need of any more massive relief and reform packages. I feel like this should be improved because it was very unfair to African Americans. They should have been treated with the same amount of respect and equality as white men were treated. Another problem that should be improved is women failing to receive full benefits from the New Deal. In the textbook, it states, ‘many New Deal programs were built on that men would serve as breadwinners and women as mothers, homemakers, and consumers’ (The American Yawp). Women should have the right to receive full benefits equally as men received. Doing this will make women feel more highly of themselves instead of making them feel like they are not respected the same. The New Deal very much helped my family because it provided my son with a stable job and income for the whole family. We are now able to provide food, water, and shelter for my family. We couldn’t thank you enough Mr. President.

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