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My Way to Become a Dentist: Reflection on My College Days

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Being a Doctor’s daughter, I grew up in an environment that encouraged me to develop a special interest in the field of healthcare. I have always been inquisitive as a child, seeking explanation for every observation. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Sciences from Dr NTR University of Health Sciences, I began to search for a program that would allow me to harness my potentialities concerning health care. As the role of informatics is rapidly growing in the healthcare sector, I’m enthralled by how healthcare informatics is helping to provide the effective health care to the patients. My goal is to pursue my studies in a field in which I really want to give my best and with which I can build a career. I finally found that master’s in Health Informatics would quench my thirst for knowledge and suit to the interests of interdisciplinary sciences dealing with the thin horizons of Healthcare sector and Information technology.

I am currently working as a Dentist and observed that with the innovation of technology in the health field, it has become easier for maintaining the health records of the patient, and now it is even possible to view them online. This large set of data being stored is essential to carry out statistical analysis and to arrive at a diagnosis which helps in planning the exact treatment procedure. In the future, it is highly essential to make the individual patient health database available globally. This not only helps the doctors but also saves the patient’s life in emergency situations. It can be accomplished by the usage of Artificial Intelligence algorithms. As I am familiar with the advancement of technology in the health field, I am excited to excel in the rapidly growing field and provide effective health care to the patients. Such technological advancements in the field of healthcare are still a long way to go and the USA is far ahead in its standards. So, I opine that the best way to enhance my skills is by pursuing a master’s in Healthcare Informatics from your esteemed university and it would be an invaluable experience for me.

I am fortunate enough to be born to my loving parents who are ever supportive while being cautious enough to take care of. I was determined to walk in their footsteps from my childhood. I did my primary schooling from Srujana High school, with state syllabus as a curriculum and I always stood among the top 2% of students in the class and was awarded several times because of extraordinary academic achievement. Science and Mathematics have always been my favourite subjects in school, mostly because of all the extra hands-on teaching I got at home. As the school plays a stepping stone in every child’s life, it even encouraged me to do extracurricular activities other than academics and it helped me to become an extrovert child. I have been elected as school representative where I gained a lot of management skills by taking the initiative during the cultural fests and also represented the school by participating in various Inter-School Quiz competitions.

As I grew older, I developed a special interest in life sciences and biology, partly because of the motivation of my teachers at school and because of the support of my family to realize my dreams. I opted out for subjects related to science in my high school with biology as a major subject. The concepts of human anatomy have piqued my interest in studies related to the health sector. At that time, nothing fascinated me more than the practical experiments I performed during the biology laboratory sessions. I carried forward this interest in biology even after high school by enrolling in a Bachelor’s program in Dental Science(BDS). I was one among the top performers of the state-wide test which was highly competitive to secure admission into Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

I consider myself truly blessed to have studied under the team of professors at my college. I was heavily inclined towards understanding the theory behind the working and malfunction of different parts of the oral cavity. Right from my first experience with the scalpel in first-year anatomy dissections, I have made it a point to always have a perfect understanding of the theory and to stay humbled, so as to excel in my practical application. I’ve always believed that all work and no play make anyone dull. So, I try to involve myself in sports and cultural activities as well and never shied away from participation. Also, my team stood first in the event “Art with dental materials” conducted during the Orthodontic day celebrations in my college 2015. I have been involved as a team member in organizing various events during my college cultural fest namely Eklectika 2017. I have also been a student delegate for dental conferences of 3rd A.P State UG Students Conference 2014 held at G.S.L Dental College, Rajahmundry and 35th AP State Dental Conference organized by Indian Dental Association.

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Apart from these, I have also conducted various dental screening camps in different pockets of the city and the villages nearby, where oral hygiene was given the least priority. This exercise helped me gain practical experience and awareness of various endemic and epidemic diseases. This experience gives me an obvious advantage of analyzing the clinical data and providing effective solutions for problem of human health and disease. I was a part of various dental camps conducted by my college where we frequently rendered treatments such as atraumatic restorations and extractions. I also took part in the dental education program emphasizing on fluoride application for preventing dental caries in several government schools in 2017 and played a pivotal role in helping the people to maintain proper oral hygiene. I also took an active part in promoting general health apart from just oral hygiene by taking part in rallies for various occasions like World Health Day, Anti-Obesity 2k Run, Anti-Tobacco Day and Aids Day. I am also a certified AHA (American Heart Association) approved BLS (Basic Life Support) provider.

All through the undergraduate studies, my professors also encouraged me to participate in various research activities and clinical studies conducted in our institution. I have kept myself abreast of the technologies happening in the dental sciences by pursuing advanced courses and also constantly building rapport with the patients as a part of practical studies done during my house surgeon experience. This little period drew my focus towards information science and it really fascinated me that this multi-disciplinary field of Health Informatics includes hardware, software, database, network and people. This interest motivated me to carry out a statistical analysis on the Prevalence of Potentially Malignant Disorders in the out-patient records of ANIDS during my internship in 2018. My study showed that the majority of the affected patients are males and the cases of Smokers Palate and Tobacco Pouch Keratosis are highly reported in the out-patient records during the month of September 2018.

What interests me more in choosing healthcare informatics is the use of technical knowledge and advanced skills for approaching the challenging aspects of the healthcare sector in the future. I have learned about informatics usage in the emerging healthcare technologies. I also have the basic idea of programming software Python. I am confident that I have the necessary skills to kick start my career in the field of Health Informatics and the dedication to acquire those that are necessary. Master’s in Health Informatics would enable me to attain the ideas and techniques for statistical analysis and paves way for finding the solutions to resolve the problems by carrying out an investigation on the health issues that are more prevalent.

Apart from the State of the art research and a well-defined graduate program, factors like student diversity, challenging professional opportunities and consistent positive reviews of the program encouraged me to apply at your esteemed University. All the above instances prompted me towards Master’s studies for which I had given the GRE. Although I am from a non-mathematical background, I have scored good grades which proves my abilities to grasp new things at ease. With careful search over the various programs, I have come to the conclusion that graduate program in Health Informatics in the USA would offer me a truly global experience and several opportunities to develop my skills. After going through the profiles of the faculty in the University of North Texas, I believe that learning with the help of such eminent bodies will help with my future endeavors. If given a chance, I would prove my mettle and would become an asset to the department. The vibrant student body at the university is also another reason for applying to this particular university. I would like to take part in student communities and work for the advancement of the university.

I am sure that my attitude will drive me through the challenges and keep to your expectations. I would like to work for a short stint and return back to India and start my career in the field of health and wellness. I thank the academic committee for their time and patience in going through my application.

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