Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass: The Purpose Of Slavery

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‘What to the slave is the Fourth of July'(Douglass). The fourth of July is a juncture in which citizens can celebrate fireworks, barbecue, and spending time with friends and families. In 1852, Frederick Douglass explained ‘what to the fourth of July’ means to African Americans. Douglass explains the important factors and differences between men and women in 1852, similarities between slaves and servants, and differences animals used in 1852.

First, Douglass discusses the battle between men and women. Women should not snub that the fact they are under a constraint of men in 1852. Intelligent women are loyal; her responsibilities are cooking, cleaning, rinsing and hanging clothes ensuring the youngsters are ready for school and taking care of the husband. ‘Amelia Bloomer, the publisher of the women’s rights newspaper, the lily, introduced Anthony to Elizabeth Cady Staton. Together, they formed the New York State Women’s Temperance Society in 1852′(Donnaway). This event is to say that women find it unmanageable to be admitted into the program, including single women. The women’s rights campaign; is about what women do to support their families; how they work so hard to ensure the house is clean and being there for the family if there is disappointing news. Women will sacrifice themselves to make certain food is provided on the table. Men and women are two different people; women would endure to their children’s school if they are sick and forgot to bring their lunch. Husbands do not want to pick up their wives working under pressure but want to see them happy. Women would contribute a little money, they made for their little business to assist their husbands pay for the house rent.

The character of men in 1850s was totally different from women. Men will say they are strong; their responsibilities are ‘ protecting their families, leaders within their communities, soldiers for war and settlers of Western Frontier’ (Miller). Men will say they are hard; their responsibilities are ‘ protecting their families, leaders within their communities, soldiers for war and settlers of Western Frontier’ (Miller). Human races are willing to go into a battlefield and fight for justice. In bondage, men, is willing to go into war for about eight months and return home to their family. Most men will get jobs as farmers, going from one river to another, selling them at markets, and making sure money comes to take care of the family.

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Backward in the 1850s, Slaves and African slaves are under supervised by their owners. Douglass explains the similarities between slaves and handmaidens. ‘ Slavery was an insidious practice where human beings were kidnapped, mainly from Africa, transported to North America and sold at auction (alpha history)’. What this means is African slaves were forced to leave their country and be purchased by marketers. Slaves were forced to work in owner’s house for a few months lasting for two years. A servant is someone who worked in people’s houses for free.

Slaves and servants are identical because they take in children. Masters forced the kids to work nonstop. Slaves could not conduct a break or get fresh air compared to servants. Servants children could require a break, then go back to doing chores. They are standardized because they travelled. Servants are going by ships, but slaves are driven to stay underneath the ship. Additionally, the direction they are being handled. Servants get a different assortment of foods. Different from slaves who just get small scraps. Hard workers are beaten every day because they dropped something fragile. Also, servants will get a warning not to perform it once more. Hard workers and servants are similar and opposite in many ways. They are comparing and contrast because slaves and servants working nonstop. Including the way, they are being processed.

During world war one, they are dissimilar types of animals used in the war, including dogs, cats, horses, and birds. Each one of these animals has roles to execute. For instance, horses were utilized to carry heavy loads on long trips. Horses could carry sleeping bags, food, water, clothing, and tents for the riders to sleep in. ‘ Lack of shipping, shipping costs and quarantine concerns resulted in 13,000 surplus being sold’. What this means is horses were on sale for buyers to use them for carrying heavy loads, farming, and proceeding into the war. Horses can come in all configurations and sizes. Horses are really strong animals and willing to travel a long length. Some other animal use for world war one is dogs. They are loyal and possess a strong nose for sensing. Many different breeds of dog are trained in world war one such as German Shepherds (WWI 2015)’. What this means is these dogs were prepared to obey their superiors. German Shepherds are willing to chase down any danger that comes their way. These dogs are required to wear masks because of the strong odor. The last one used in world war one is pigeons. Back in 2000s, electricity and electronics were not manufactured. Pigeons role is delivering messages from one position to another. During the war, pigeons have flown for a real long time and making sure they delivered the note. ‘ On several occasions pigeons successfully brought messages from gas affected areas as they were able to fly above the gas (WW1 2015)’. Pigeons are capable to fly through the gas even if they have a broken leg and wing. They are not the strongest animal compared to a dog, but pigeons can fly to avoid being assaulted by other animals. Pigeons will even risk their lives being messengers even if large birds surround them.

To summarize it up, slavery in 1852 was hatred, evil, and being sold to strangers. It demonstrates that African slaves are being abused, compared to servants. Servants are spoiled than slaves because they constantly get their way. Hard workers do not get into received education for their children, and are physical abuse to solve in small spaces.

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