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‘The Birthmark’ was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne during the Age of Enlightenment, in which the subject of science was ridiculously prevalent, as it was believed that science could take anyone anywhere, they wanted to go just by doing their best. This caused science and the scientific method to begin to be seen by people as something magical and even began to be glorified by many. This story expresses the popularity that science came to have, as well as exposes the...
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In 1630, the Puritans made their initial voyage to America, they possessed high goals and ideals in the hope that their future settlement at Massachusetts Bay would become a “city upon a hill”. The utopia settlement envisioned by the Puritans was supposed to serve as an example for the rest of the world in what proper living was. In Anne Bradstreet’s poem ‘The Prologue’, and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel ‘The Scarlet Letter’ specifically ‘The Custom House Chapter’, the authors suggest that...
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Both Romanticism and Dark Romanticism values emotions as more important than knowledge and logical thinking. However, Dark Romanticism uses different forms of expression. Most popular representatives of this genre, such as Herman Melville or Edgar Alan Poe, believed that there is no stronger emotion than fear. That is why Dark Romanticism is often associated with horror stories. In order to express emotions and beliefs, authors decided to use supernatural creatures, such as demons, ghosts, werewolves etc., but sometimes the worst...
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Nathaniel Hawthorne, originally born as William Hawthorne (changed his name after college) was born on July 4, 1804, in Salem Massachusetts. From a very early age, he was rooted in American Literature and went from Porchester to England and then to Salem. He was the first speaker in the house of delegates. Hawthorne was the eldest grandson of one of the original judges in the Salem Witch Trials. The Hawthorne family was said to be cursed, his father died of...
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Today’s presentation will focus on Nathaniel Hawthorne, specifically as a Dark Romanticist writer. I’ll begin by giving relevant details to his background which I think were pertinent in shaping his style and subject of writing. Usually, we’d gloss over biographical information which you can easily look up in the Anthology, but born in Salem, Massachusetts, 1804, the context of his birthplace is very interesting. He hails from the same place as the Salem witch trials of 1692, which his ancestors...
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From the early beginnings up to 1865 America was being created and shaped into the country it is today. Early civilization started with Native Americans. ‘Iroquois Creation’ by David Cusick was written during the Native American literary period. During this time authors focused on storytelling. The creation story shows speeches, tales and poetry of the Native American oral tradition. In this short story the author describes the foundation of what is now called North America. “When he made the universe,...
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Hawthrone begins The Scarlet Letter with a long introductory essay that generally functions as a prologue, but more specifically, achieves four significant objectives: outlines autobiographical information about the author, describes the conflict between artistic impulse and the commercial environment, define the romance novel and adds an imaginative literary device, the romantic pretense of having discovered the manuscript of The Scarlet Letter in the custom-house. The connection between Hawthrone’s introductory essay and his novel has frequently puzzled readers, and several critics...
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People’s inherent personality traits come from their core values. Within these values exists an innate duality of both light and dark characteristics; this coincides with the ideas of Dark Romanticism, which aim to normalize the darker desires of people’s minds. Hawthorne’s ‘Young Goodman Brown’ embodies Dark Romantic ideals like innate evil and sin, which reveal how human nature is more complex than it seems and has a conflicted, inherent dark side. Characteristics of Dark Romanticism, such as elements of sin...
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Within the American novella, authors such as Hawthorne and Wharton value the presence of the wilderness in their respective narratives, but to differing levels. The representation of wilderness within the authors’ narratives is used to express the inner most feelings of their characters, whilst being simultaneously presented as a physical threat that shapes the lives of others. Wilderness poses as something to be feared and is characterised in a hostile way, emphasising how some characters are in fact inextricable from...
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