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Nation Building: Role Of Architecture

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Architecture is one of the fine arts that integrate itself into every aspect of our lives with great finesse. Architects use their power of imagination which goes on to create unity in diversity. Playing a very significant role in nation building, the architects with their creations and innovations go on to develop positive cultures, for the country’s myriad value systems are also encoded into the fabric of the nation through the various architectural images.

Architecture does not design any object in detachment but looks at it as a whole. This holistic approach helps in having a direct association between the content produced and the identity of man in modern space. Nature is that canvas where man can give vent to his expressions, removed far away from all hurdles of socio-economic-cultural and many more exigencies. Nation Building refers to a process which includes constructing, structuring, shaping and reshaping a society. It is important to note that people of diverse religions, cultures, languages,and histories are catered to. Nation Building, therefore, does not merely mean working with bricks and mortar, but bringing people together as a unified whole to remain politically and socially stable and strong. Nation development also calls for economic growth, social harmony, cultural cordiality and much more in addition to the infrastructural development.

This is made possible through architecture. The architect plays a vital role in the nation building process. He provides services related to designing and other infrastructural facilities including space, environment etc. keeping in mind that he is doing it for the well-being of human kind. While doing all this he bears in mind that his decisions and designs play a significant role in shaping the society being cordial with the environment, influencing human minds and affecting public safety. When we talk about a stable nation following factors life efficiency, safety, welfare and much more go on in contributing towards the same.

In keeping with the above it is obvious that an architect is a multifaceted personality and plays multidimensional roles. The architect is someone who looks into the future and tries to look beyond the horizons. His thoughts and actions always focus upon possibilities and probabilities while keeping in mind the many improbabilities and any untoward incidents that can happen. As a visionary, he stands on the firm foundation of the present while talking into cognizance the mistake of the past. However, his visionary attitude and mental setup makes him look into the futuristic probabilities.

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An architect is a person who moulds and gives shapes. He realises that the built environs composes of diverse group and it is necessary to identify them as a significant part of the social order. Here, he does not cater to the needs anddemands of any particular group, but goes ahead and integrates the diverse as a whole. Incorporating the different segments of the society and making it a cohesive part of the whole is the prime responsibility of an architect.

An architect is also a team leader who regulates the rules he has setup with great discipline. He acts as the focal point for all the other disciplines. There are a number of disciplines involved in the construct of a human habitat. Various factors have to be considered in a systematic and unified manner; and the end product is a fine amalgamation of the diverse into a single whole. An architect is well aware of the hearths and hazards of the environment. While enhancing the environmental efficiency and making use of all the vital resources, he also makes efforts to see that the negative and hazardous effects of the environment is at the minimal. There is a conscious effort made at minimizing environmental impacts without affecting the comfort and safety of the people. The architect always aims at integrating the nation’s heritage and rich culture/tradition in addition to installing his finer virtues/qualities in his professional work.

Paul Goldberger, American architectural critic and educator aptly writes that “great buildings are those that have expanded our sense of human possibility-they shape our very experience of who and where we are in the world.” Any kind of infrastructure should not be looked down as just inanimate object. In fact, they provide a platforms and occasion for human contact. They also help us to comprehend the place and the work put into it, in a better light. Defining architecture as a synthesis of art and science will not suffice in the present day scenario. We live in a globalised democratic world and there is more to the above definition. Architecture goes one step ahead and aims at meeting and fulfilling the social-cultural-economic and psychological needs of the people. Along with ‘sound structures’ the focus is also upon the needs and desires of man.

It is true that the architects cannot work in isolation but need to constantly collaborate with the other people involved in the making of a building.Further, they familiarise themselves with other concerns such as memory, mapping, boundary notions, public or private domains, landscapes etc. Architects also create architectural concepts that strongly bide with nature and strength in their relationship with mankind. While doing so they also respond too context, time, and space. Architects have great obligations to fulfil as their work is not restricted to the interior spaces of buildings only. They also relate to ‘public face and social dimensions. During the decision making process, they also identify and relate to people’s dignity, freedom, sense of respect and public appearance. They also make individuals, families and people at large realise this through their architectural design.

Therefore, the role of an architect in nation building cannot be overlooked. The concept of any physical infrastructure begins with the framework and designs of an architect. Looking at the future of architecture and the impact it has on the society, it is also imperative that we continue to understand human relationships and its impact on the built environment. There are myriad ways that architects continue to pick up challenges, evolve their occupation and positively respond to the changing needs and demands of the people and the society they live in. Architects are a passionate lot and seek to make the world a better place. For this, they rely on their designs with facts and responsibilities to their craft.


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