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Similarities between Mexican and American Culture

Mexican culture has its similarities and differences with American culture. Not only are there similarities and differences within the basic aspect of culture but also within the socialization aspect. My subtopic was immigration and how that affects Mexican-American people not only in their daily life but also in their long-term lives. We will dive deeper into how the basic cultures are different, current events that might be affecting Mexican Americans today, and differences that affect identity. Each culture is going...
2 Pages 847 Words

Hip Hop Destroying Black Culture: Argumentative Essay

There is nothing wrong with one community learning the cultural styles originated by another (Forman). However, it is not okay for the dominant community to take over, strip these cultural forms and meanings from their origins, and popularize them (Forman). The commercialization and globalization of hip-hop did just that, leaving the oppressed black community back to their misrepresented social, economic, and political struggles which hip-hop was created to neglect (Flores). Hip-hop originated in the South Bronx of New York City...
4 Pages 1686 Words

Essay on Positive Effects of Rock Music on American Culture

Introduction Music has been known to influence American culture and the many ethnic and age groups that inhabit the country. It reflects popular ideals and the expression of the country’s innovative individuals and controls the masses because of its accessibility. Rock music, in particular, took America by storm with rebellious ideas and outlandish concepts that were perceived in different ways. Ultimately, it left many positive marks on American culture and history because of the transformation it inspired in society. Background...
1 Page 460 Words

Essay on Country Music in the United States

Starting in 1776, the United States of America has been a country surrounded by the intense progression of modern times, with topics including economic growth, financial stability, and political strengths and weaknesses. With the United States being at the forefront of many important movements, its citizens and outside powers have often associated patriotism as being the founding and guiding principle of what makes the U.S. such a strong leader. The immense amount of strength though has created a skewed version...
4 Pages 1834 Words

Environment and History of Indian Ethics

diverseEnvironmental ethics is considered as a branch of ethics that studies established the foundation of environmental values, the relation of people in general with its atmosphere, concrete problems around societal approaches, actions, and policies to safeguard and sustain a wide range of diversity and ecological systems. Environmental ethics believe that nature includes mankind but also thousands of different enormous living creatures such as plants and animals which are also living organisms required for a balanced ecosystem. These elements are a...
3 Pages 1370 Words

Glenn C. Altschuler's View on the Impact of Rock and Roll on American Culture

Music endures being a significant role in history since the beginning of times. The appearance of rock and roll between 1945 and 1965, became one of the most shifting points in American culture. The development of rock and roll shattered a firestorm of argument across America. The impact that this genre of music brought to America remained evident till to date and had a great influence on people lives. During the 1950s, this music genre faced a lot of cultural...
5 Pages 2106 Words

Chinese Wedding Ceremony Vs Christian Wedding Ceremony

The ritual I have chosen to this report is wedding. I chose this ritual because it is very important in everyone’s life and it is very different between the wedding in Chinese culture and the wedding in Australian culture (the Christian wedding). The purpose of this paper is to analyze the nature of the Chinese wedding ceremony and the Christian wedding ceremony. An evaluation of processes, participants, symbols and location of the ritual will be given. An examination of the...
1 Page 447 Words

What Is Culture: Essay

Introduction Our reality today is overly multicultural and diverse. Every day we interact with people from various cultural backgrounds. People we interact with have distinct mindsets and carry unique values, norms, and beliefs in their backpacks. Effective communication among representatives of different cultures is way too complicated if people are not culture-aware and do not display cultural understanding. Speaking the language is never enough as we should be aware of subtle aspects of the culture in order to to avoid...
6 Pages 2896 Words

What is Black Culture: Essay

During the Mid 1970s, the Black artist began embracing their identity and dedication to black culture through literature. Literature that was created during this period, criticized the government for its mistreatment of black people in America. It displays this style of criticism through two famous pieces What America Would Be Without Blacks by Ralph Ellison and If Black English Isn’t a Language Then What is it? by James Baldwin. These two pieces exemplify the impact Black culture has on mainstream...
2 Pages 1082 Words

Essay about Vision of America

At the beginning of every single school day, I, as well as thousands of my peers, stand up and pledge my loyalty to a red, white, and blue piece of cloth. Every time I watch a sports event on television, I see tens of thousands of Americans stand up with their hands on their hearts and face this ubiquitous piece of cloth as a familiar tune is played: The Star Spangled Banner. Every year, I, as well as millions of...
2 Pages 849 Words

Views on America: Essay

What makes America particular from every single other nation is the rights that an American native has in America. American residents most likely have a larger number of rights than the natives from some other nations on the planet. The most significant right an American resident has is an opportunity, an opportunity that a native from no other nation on the globe has. The second and likely most significant idea that goes to my head when I consider America is...
2 Pages 841 Words

Should Columbus Day Be a National Holiday: Essay

Throughout history, there have been numerous debates surrounding historical figures and the justifications for their actions. One figure, in particular, Christopher Columbus has been under scrutiny for decades because of the history he has had with indigenous peoples of the Americas. Some may argue that Columbus was brutal and violent and that the damage that he had caused to these indigenous peoples needs to be recognized. On the flip side, others may say that the natives were just as, if...
3 Pages 1404 Words

Should English Be the Official Language of the United States: Essay

Have you ever wondered where the English language came from? How it was developed and how it became what we know today? It is common to suggest that there are three main categories concerning the evolution and history of the English language. First, we have Old English. It started from 450 to 1066 and it begins with the coming of Germanic tribes settling in England. Then, we have Middle English which started from 1066 to 1500. It begins with the...
3 Pages 1435 Words

Essay on African American Culture and Contemporary Afro-Caribbean Religion

Introduction The influence of religion in art has been abundantly documented throughout history. In the same way, all art is open to the audience’s perspective, the paintings and other projects created here are also. It is hardly unexpected that art and religion have a close relationship, given how influential religion is in so many civilizations. This is especially evident when examining artwork created by or about Caribbean-based artists and artwork created by Caribbean artists themselves. Indigenous populations across the Caribbean...
5 Pages 2228 Words

Collection of Chinese Art in Metropolitan Museum: Essay

Appreciating and having the ability to study a piece of oeuvre is just much of an art as the process of art creation itself. But not all art is created equal or the same. Art is like the folktales of any culture that tell its stories, and in the process of telling the stories of those particular people, it also tells about their beliefs, ethics, moralities, and lifestyles. From the majestic pieces of sculptures in Rome to the beautifully crafted...
3 Pages 1420 Words

Stage Presence in Western Classical Music Performance

Stage presence is the performer’s connection with audience in a way that makes them want to watch and listen to the performance. It is more than the performer’s ability to recite musical lines, sing or play the right notes. Rather, it is the ability to connect with the audience, to immerse them in the story being told and to touch their heart with the sound of music. Everything a performer does: stage attire, confidence on stage and body language; affects...
3 Pages 1190 Words

Heroism in Greek and American Cultures

Heroism ideally is about having great bravery. Culture values and myths are similar because they have the same concept. Ancient Greek is more fighting cyclops, while American culture is more risking your life to save others. The meaning of heroism is someone who is willing to save someone above themselves. Heroism is seen a lot in American culture by helping others and in mythology by saving the day. Heroism is seen in the books ‘The Odyssey’ and ‘Mythology and You’....
1 Page 491 Words

Essay on Cultural Intelligence: Country in Focus Japan

Japan is an island nation which borders China, South Korea, the Philippines, North Korea, Taiwan and Russia by sea. Japan’s bolstering economy makes this country of great interest for conducting business. With proper preparation foreign managers can formulate better strategy and develop better awareness throughout their intercultural interactions. Helpful knowledge includes an overview of the country’s current cultural systems and cultural values that inform decision making, communication, relationship building, and more business elements (Livermore, 2015). Demographics in Japan Japan’s population...
5 Pages 2478 Words

Impact of Ghost Genre in Japanese Literature on Modern Filmography

The origins of Japanese horror can be prominently traced back to the 17th century, which in Japan was the time of the Edo period (1603-1868) where under a more unified rule, arts and culture began to prosper. Known as Kaidan in Japanese, the word directly translates into “talks of the strange”. These are folklore that were often passed down from family and friends as a way to describe their own encounters of the incomprehensible, such as ghost sightings, natural disasters...
2 Pages 1024 Words

Immigration Legislation: Discrimination and Risks Which Asian Americans Faced

If Asian Americans are to assume the role of bridge builders across the Pacific, what are the opportunities, the risks, the promises, the perils? Have you ever heard of the saying, “the nation was built on the backs of immigrants”? Immigrants has sometimes brought out the worst in our nation. Other times it has brought out the best as we have remembered what kind of country we claim and aspire to be. People most of the time think by just...
1 Page 433 Words

Asian Americans: Japanese American as One of the Most Discriminated Minorities in US

In the United States today, Asian Americans are seen as “model minorities” that prove minorities in the US can succeed. While Asian Americans today do tend to be very successful, there was a period in American history where they were one of the most discriminated groups in the United States. Natalie Ong, a Japanese American, has experienced both discrimination and success. Though she now lives a comfortable life and has been a part of the Houston City Council, as a...
4 Pages 1893 Words

Color of Culture: Unacknowledged Marginalization and Discrimination of Latin American and Asian American in US

Two different ethnic groups that experience the color of culture concept that is described by Martinez in Seeing More than Black and White are Latinos or Chicanos and Asians. Both groups do not fit in either category of black or white, and yet the cultures of both groups are forced into the different molds that society holds for them. The attributes of the cultures of both groups are perceived a certain way and this is largely because of the perception...
5 Pages 2223 Words

Human-like Qualities of Vampires in TV Series about Buffy: Analytical Essay

Needless to say, their possession of distinctly human-like qualities makes the vampires in Buffy easier for audiences to relate to, reflecting how vampire characters have become far more sympathetic in postmodern Gothic texts. Additionally, it also reflects a shift in the desires of Gothic writers and directors to make their vampires more relatable for their audiences, which obviously reflects a desire within the audiences themselves to be able to understand vampires on a more profound and emotional level. Another important...
2 Pages 940 Words

Hebrews Contributions to Western Civilization

Western Civilizations and The Miraculous Survival of the Hebrew Nation The Hebrew people, a small monotheistic civilization, risen up from Ur, has survived since 2000 BC to this day. However, their survival was no easy feat. They were enslaved, killed, and relocated by plenty of other stronger, militaristic civilizations in the very beginning. Some of these civilizations have changed and are known as present day countries while the others are only alive on the history pages. Therefore, being so small,...
5 Pages 2203 Words

Greek Contributions to Western Civilization

Plato was very important in history; the Athenian philosopher is one of the most important figures of the Ancient Greek world as well as the entire history of Western thought. Born in 427 and died 347 BC, this man would be most known for his work in the “Republic” where he envisioned that a civilization should not be governed by democracy but by having the pure wisdom of a philosopher king. And with his teachings from his teacher Socrates who...
3 Pages 1404 Words

Greco Roman Influence on Western Civilization

Despite the emphasis on world techniques and interactions, world history has often been based on the dominance of the West. The western world, also acknowledged as the West constitutes a number of regions, nations, and states. Many historians attribute the Rise of the West to the time period of 1450 to 1850. The western world constitutes the majority of Europe, North America, and Australia. The western world is code-named Occident, which used to be coined from the Greek word Occident...
1 Page 479 Words

Christianity Influence on Western Civilization

Christianity begins with a man named Jesus. Jesus was the son of God who came to the earth in human form to live and die for the purpose of giving salvation to people who believed and followed him. The New Testament of the Bible accounts for Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection. It tells of the new covenant God gave to his people. Not all Jews excepted Jesus as the Messiah, however. Christians were adamant about reaching as many people as...
1 Page 550 Words

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Essay

The various representations of vampires that have been imagined throughout the history of Gothic fiction have developed considerably over time, to a point where one could argue that the vampires depicted in Postmodern Gothic texts are a virtually unrecognizable incarnation of their Victorian Gothic counterparts. Though vampires from both eras tend to share the same key, a fundamental characteristic of the need or desire to feed on human blood that has come to define them, their very nature, and consequently...
2 Pages 971 Words

Birthplace of Western Civilization

In my treatise, I am going to write about my preferred choice of residence, having been given a limited choice between Athens and Sparta, in the ancient classical Grecian situation. I will set the precedence by circumnavigating the topic by making an abstract representation of the concept before articulating my choice. A comparative mention will also be made of the city of Sparta as an equally viable alternative, deferred on revolutionary grounds, which then introduces the sparkling alternative advantages of...
2 Pages 935 Words

Attitude of Society to Vampires: Discursive Essay

Vampires have been around for generations that there are a variety of forms of these immortal creatures with each culture having their own version. In the past, vampires have reflected the fear and things perceived as taboo in those cultures. Originally, vampires were first known to be savages and blood-thirsty. They were also representation of the unknown consequences of actions performed by the people. In the old folklores, they were supposedly terrorizing the communities and were always to blame for...
3 Pages 1261 Words
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