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The benchmarks to be accepted into the National Honor Society are scholarship, representation of these qualities, and furthermore, that I am capable of acceptance into this esteemed organization. Over the past two years at Walled Lake Western, I strongly believe that I have been a strong candidate for all of ...

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What Makes Me a Strong Candidate for the National Honor Society

To begin, I am honored just by being one of few students to be nominated to take part in the National Honor Society. I’d be delighted to join a society like this one because of the countless opportunities it would offer me. Joining this society would help me improve as a person. It would also help my abilities grow as well as encourage me to help out others. I believe that my great character and academic determination, leadership skills, and...
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Application Essay to Be Accepted into the National Honor Society

I’ve been captivated by learning my whole life – always had a book in my hand, always was curious of the world around me. I’ve strived to do the best that I could and never let obstacles overcome me. Learning and being a knowledgeable person is a part of my identity and a part of myself that I love. Growing up, especially in high school, I recognize that anything worth having comes easy. I have learned how to study, how...
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My Candidate Application for the National Honor Society: Reflective Essay

I am thrilled to have received a candidate application for the National Honor Society; it is an esteemed organization that I have dreamed to be a member of. I believe I possess the four characteristics of the National Honor Society, Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service. These same qualities are very similar to the honorable virtues of the Air Force for which I aspire to be an Air Force Officer as a Pilot someday.nAs a well-rounded individual, I know I can...
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Reflective Essay on My Dreams to Become a Part of the National Honor Society

My achievements at the academic level are a result of my hard work and effort. Having the ability to be a member of National Honor Society is another step allowing me to achieve success in my future, and increase my chances of becoming a strong leader, giving me the chance to be a powerful role model for other people. By having my GPA of 4.0 all through my freshmen year, and 4.0 after 2 trimesters my sophomore year, I have...
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My Deserving to Be a Member of the National Honor Society

I recognize that membership in the National Honor Society can be both an honor and an obligation. The students who have a chance to apply for membership, except have good education and behavior, are needed to understand and follow the four qualities, which are scholarship, leadership, service, and character. To begin with, I understand that scholarship is willing to spend the time needed to acquire and focus my mind on seeking knowledge through diligence and effort. Scholarships can be known...
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My Opportunities As a Member of the National Honor Society

Hi, I’m Veronica Brinkworth, and I am a proud student of St. Hubert’s! Growing up, I’ve always had an interest and passion for music so I joined the St. Hubert’s Orchestra my freshman year. This was the best choice I’ve ever made. I absolutely enjoy the people, the music, and I love that when we all come together as a group, we can create something really beautiful. At the moment, I play the string bass in the St. Hubert’s Orchestra...
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Personal Strengths That Allow Me to Become a Member of the National Honor Society

It is an honor that I am eligible to apply for National Honor Society. I have been looking toward to be part of National Honor Society since the beginning of my high school year. Being a member of this organization is not a right but a privilege. This prestigious organization does contribute a lot of services to our society such as helping people in need regardless of race, age, financial status, and religions. Thus, I can grow more as a...
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Ambition to Become a Member of the National Junior Honor Society

Scholarship is a commitment to learning. Scholarship means academic study or achievement or learning at a high level. A good scholar is willing to spend lots of time in important reading and study, as they know the lasting benefits of a learned mind. Learning should be lifelong and continuous. Lifelong learning improves our understanding of the world around us and provides us with more opportunities. Going through the process of learning helps to develop valuable life skills, such as time...
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New Eye-Opening Experiences and Opportunities

When I was a sophomore at Roseville High School, I was specially asked to be in the National Honor Society, however, even if you were chosen you still had to fill out a long application and essay to be accepted in. After 2 weeks of long and hard work to finish the application, I turned it in and hoped I got accepted. The teacher held a meeting for us not long after telling us if we were accepted, I was...
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An Opportunity That Only Comes Once in a Lifetime

Opportunities come across once in a lifetime and could possibly never happen again. Within High School, many opportunities come and go each and every year sometimes people have to give it there all to get the best out of the opportunities they receive and to get. With National Honor Society essays is an opportunity that could only come across once in my whole High School Career that I’m going to give it my best to get this opportunity. Within this...
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Joining the NHS as a Great Opportunity for Personal Growth

The National Honors Society was established to recognize outstanding high school students. It allows you to strengthen your abilities and grow as a person through school and community activities. Having said that, I am extremely honored to be nominated for this organization. The National Honors Society is said to represent four pillars; character, leadership, service, and scholarship. Over the course of the years that I have attended both Glen Este and West Clermont High School, I have displayed several examples...
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Honors College Essay

Honors College is usually observed as the place where all the smart kids are, however, I see far beyond that. When I think of UIC’s Honors College program, I automatically think of community. In high school, my group of friends and I saw education as an opportunity. Since we shared that mindset, it encouraged and helped us to strive harder and to achieve more. Although I could have achieved as much as I did without those friends, I feel that...
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Motivation to Become Part of The National Honors Society

National Honors Society is an organization I would like to be apart of because I would like to gain more leadership and volunteer skills than I already have. National Honors Society can also help me look forward into college and get more insight as to where I want to go in life. Character traits and personal skills I have that will contribute to the success of National Honors Society vary from having willingness to being a strong leader. I will...
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National Junior Honor Society Essay

National Honor Junior Society would be a great opportunity for me, as I have exemplified each of the four characteristics listed as qualities of a NJHS member. Leadership is an important quality and I believe that I’ve contemplated that trait. I’m part of an orchestra, where leadership comes as an important trait. Based on my experience in orchestra, I can say that it’s very important to be able to use your leadership aspect. Although I’m not always leading my entire...
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