National Identity: Understanding And Values

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Lets first talk about what is national identity. National identity is a person’s identity or sense of belonging to one state or to one nation. It is the sense of nation as a cohesive whole, as represented by distinctive traditions, culture, language and politics . I think it is more negative aspects than positive, because if we just start in America there are infinity fighting’s about national identity. Ethnic Americans don’t like Afro-Americans they don’t like Muslims because they think all om them are terrorists and that’s wrong. You know what the white-Americans did with the Afro-Americans in the past they did horrible things to them, the hate even exist today. They are not showing it directly some of them, but indirectly. Positive aspect of having strong national identity is when you like your country and are very proud of it, like the Americans. Its positive to love where you come from, but there is when the conflicts begin. The Americans love their country and when the immigrants come in the ¨interrupt¨ them and they start a conflict. Donald Trump want to build a huge wall across the border of USA and Mexico to stop immigrants to come into USA. An example of national identity is when the Norwegians celebrate 17.mai they are showing a form of proudness.

The first text is about strong national identity. Its not enough to have talent but you must be Hungarian, that’s a form of racism. We have had many issues with this in Norway. If you are one of the best in Norway and want to work I a high grade you have 50/50 to achieve your goal. Just because you have another background, here it comes. You have Norwegian passport you are seen like a Norwegian but, just because you have a foreign name and your parents come from foreign country. You can’t get easily work like the people who have ethnic-Norwegians parents.

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My national identity is Norwegian, but my background is Albanian because my parents is from there. When someone asks me where I come from I say Albania because I am also proud of my own home country, the same as the Americans the love their country. I have Norwegian passport, so I am technically Norwegian, and I am born here too regardless I say I am Albanian. How is it for me to have a foreign background and live in Norway? I think I’m neutral, that means that I am on the both sides. My name is not suspicious, and I come from Europe, so the cultures are similar. When I say my name is not suspicious I don’t mean that I am racist now but, when you have neutral name and one surname. Then your name will not be watched so close, and the chances to get work are slightly higher. It’s not just me but all the people who have no-Norwegian parents do not say their Norwegian. We like to share our national identity to other people, and I like that everyone shares their national identity, because then you learn about other cultures and places you’ve never hears of. In life you just learn new things all the time.

What I think about this is, everyone who is good for one thing should have the right to achieve his/her goal. No matter what nation or name, if the world keeps doing this we will not invent new things. I know that the world is unfear, but you must keep going and stand for who you are.

In the start we talked about what national identity is and what’s the positive/negative things about it. We talked about some examples of national identity and my own, how it is to be Albanian in Norway. Also, how they treat not ethnic Norwegians, and everyone has the right to show who they are because it can be good, and they wont regret.


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