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In developing countries, national parks have become the subject of international conservation policies (Mombeshora and Le Bel, 2009). A national park is a region set aside by a national government to protect the natural resources for recreation and enjoyment purposes or its historical or scientific significance (Britannica, 2019). In these parks, the habitats and their associated plants and animals are maintained in their natural condition; however, it is essential to acknowledge that national parks worldwide will differ significantly in their...
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In our current age there are many troubling problems facing our national parks. From poaching and pollution to smog and climate change, our national parks are in an everlasting battle to stay up to the standards they have upheld for decades. The most damaging problem that is facing national parks today may actually be invasive species. Invasive species are unwelcome animals that damage the ecosystem of the park they inhabit. There are hundreds of different invasive species and they all...
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Climate change has been a controversial topic over the years, but at the same time, there is no denying that it is occurring at this very moment. There are countless contributors to the reason why the stability of our climate is off the charts within the last few decades. Some contributors include the emissions from our transportation options such as cars, trains, airplanes, etc. Other subscribers to our ever-changing climate are power plants, factories, wildfires, deforestation and agriculture. All of...
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Conservation is a discipline devoted to the preservation and restoration of the planet's biodiversity. Rapid action is necessary, and failure might have catastrophic consequences. Conservation techniques have developed from a singular focus on 'nature' to a broader socio-ecological view on 'people and nature', since conservation demands a harmonious link. Nature reserves, game reserves, and national parks all seek to protect wildlife and/or flora, however their strategies and efficacy vary significantly. A nature reserve is a defined area of land for...
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National parks are America's most scenic and historic places for public use. Today, national parks are commonly used as public resources for a variety of usage such as; recreation, education, scholarship, the preservation of endangered landscapes, natural communities, and species. National parks are also known as an area of land or water that is protected for the use of the public and the conservation of the environment and wildlife. National parks play an important role in helping to protect the...
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In the book ‘Mountains without Handrails: Reflection on the National Parks’, author Joseph L. Sax explicitly states that his thesis includes the ‘preservation ideology’. Sax details throughout his book that national parks need to be managed with a goal of preservation in mind. In addition, he explains that there are two different types of human interaction mentalities in nation parks. There are those who insert themselves into nature, and those who exert themselves in nature. Both are vastly different and...
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In December 2017, President Donald Trump signed two proclamations attempting to remove federal protections from roughly 2 million acres of land in Utah’s Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. This is the largest reduction of public land/national park protections in US history, that will expose the land sacred to local tribal communities to vehicle use, habitat destruction, and mining. National parks are scenic areas set aside and protected by the federal government for the enjoyment of the general public...
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Conservation biology is nothing but management of species, their habitat, how to protect the species. Human-species interaction, etc. Yes, it is true that the future of conservation is not more national parks. Basically, this deals with the matters of land sharing and land sparing. Land sparing is setting aside of land for the purpose of conservation (national parks) from agricultural land (high intensity production and high yielding variety). While land sharing is food production combined with biodiversity conservation (low intensity...
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Ecotourism improves human activities. It makes money, works as entertainment, educates people for natural preservation. However, poorly built ecotourism and human behaviors jeopardize wild animals, collapse biodiversity, leads to environmental destruction. In this essay, I will discuss ecotourism aids national parks or damage. Ecotourism has many benefits and those benefits have drawbacks as well. By Sencer (2016), ‘Is Ecotourism Helping or Hurting Our National Parks?’, ecotourism expenditure is as much as $30 billion and creates over 200,000 employment opportunities. Although...
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Zimbabwe is a very blessed nation who have lots of interesting tourist destinations, one of them is Hwange National Park. It is the largest national park in Zimbabwe. Mr. Munyaradzi Pakamisa describe and explained the pickup location, safety guidelines, the environment, and the animals that you will see in the park. Safari is a great adventure for those who loves to see wildlife. It is an opportunity to glimpse the wonders of nature and breathtaking sunset. There are so many...
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In this essay I will start by outlining the social, cultural, and philosophical context of the urban park, how these resulted in the emergence of public parks, and additionally how the evolution of the designer’s and user’s attitudes to the public realm in these places shaped their development throughout. I will investigate the theory behind the form of the nineteenth-century urban park, looking specifically at Olmsted’s Central Park and its relationship to the city. Understanding how the philosophical context of...
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Yellowstone National Park, which we proudly call ‘a unique magical paradise on earth’, has always attracted people all over the world with its spectacular and magical natural resources. Whenever my foreign friend asked me for tour advice, I would not hesitate to recommend that he go to Yellowstone Park because this national park is the pride of Americans. The nature owns the superlative craftsmanship which has left us this extraordinary and magnificent place. It is the first national park in...
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Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. A vast number of travelers are drawn to visiting national parks, with their beautiful and picturesque scenery. The effects of tourism are sometimes detrimental; causing changes to the landscape and effecting people who habitat it. Some destinations are being restricted and even completely closed off to the public entirely. In some cases, too much of a good thing, can turn into too much of a bad thing. In this assignment...
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