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Need to Expand FDA Food Safety Policy

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Can people truly take the time to answer the following questions? Who produces their food, what ingredients make up their food, and when that food was produced? A few people can say they truly take the time to know how their food is process, the types of chemicals that have been used in their food, what harm will those chemicals cause to the body and the nutritional value of their food. A common point made by food advocates, Bittman, Pollan, Salvador, and Schutter, in “Obama Should Enact a National Food Policy: Recipe for a Healthier America’s Includes Nine Key Ingredients” show how food is produced and consumed has a bigger impact on America well-being than any other human activity. The food industries and the diet it created have caused incalculable damage to the health of consumers and the environment. Such leads consumers to make unhealthy choices. Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should do more to protect the safety of food from being altered with unsafe chemicals. Food should be natural to promote healthier lifestyles.

In the first place, food needs to be healthier. The FDA should put forth more effort to ensure food is safe from unhealthy chemicals which the food industry is using to alter our food, so that people can get healthier food in stores to make better choices. Some people may argue that consumers have the opportunity of choosing what they put into their bodies, organic foods are available but, I will say they are far more expensive. As Bittman, Pollan, Salvador, and Schutter States, “A national food policy would do that, by making sure, food supply is free of toxic bacteria, chemicals, and drugs”. Therefore, by making these changes people will not just be addicted to chemically processed foods that are going to affect all people in the long run. These processed foods have no real substance they just feed the soaring profits of big corporations while they are dangerous for people health. A common point made by Bittman, Pollan, Salvador, and Schutter: “The government now finds itself in the absurd position of financing both sides in the war on type 2 diabetes the effects costs of $245 billion to treat each year, government subsidizes soda with one hand while the other hand writes check for insulin pumps this is insanity”. Furthermore, food manufacturers are using bio-engineering to manipulate the way people ‘s food is produced. Food rich in fiber, leafy green vegetables, fruits, and water, that bodies need to fight against certain diseases such as the nation escalating obesity epidemic, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer, have been eliminated. However, it has been replaced with ultra-sweet, unhealthy carbohydrates, fatty, and salty products that will evoke people ‘s desire to buy foods that look and taste good, but in reality, are unhealthy. This is where president Obama needs play a major role by enacting laws that ensure that every individual have access to healthier affordable food. Such laws will not just regulations the food industries for people today, but will also, save the next generation from the downward spiral of having health issue cause by chemically processed food.

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In addition, food would taste more natural if the FDA placed regulations on the types of chemicals corporations use to process consumers’ food. Corporations must use preservatives, but far too many unknown chemicals are being added to food which people ‘s bodies do not even recognize these chemicals or know how to digest them. An example, of how bio-engineering is taking over people ‘s foods from the natural way as seen in the documentary, ‘Food Inc. Chickens’: now only take about seven weeks to be chemically ready to go to the supermarkets and then to people’s tables. The fact, that chickens can be ready for consumption in seven weeks is highly unnatural. In the past, my grandma used to raise chicken and it would take grandma three months to get chickens to weigh five to six pounds because she was doing it the natural way with no added unsafe chemicals. As the authors says, “to make sure food production doesn’t undermine environmental goal, a food policy would lay the foundation for a food system in which healthful choices are accessible to all, in which it possible to nourish ourselves without exploiting people and nature” (Bittman, Pollan, Salvador, and Schutter). Therefore, the FDA need to implement stricter regulations on manufactures, and slaughterhouses, on the ways they treat and handle the food people eat, failure to regulate food processing factories people will continues to get unsafe food in their supermarkets, and in restaurants.

Another example, of how food threatens health is the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Several years ago, elderly people in their seventies and eighties were the people who had Alzheimer ‘s. Now victims as young as fifty years old are having Alzheimer ‘s. Studies link certain chemically processed foods with induced memory loss. More than five million Americans live with Alzheimer ‘s; every 67 seconds someone in the United States develops the disease and by 2050, the number will reach over thirteen million. It is the fastest growing epidemic in the United States and still does not have a cure (‘Alzheimer’s Disease Fact and Figures’). Yet people are still eating all these unsafe, chemically-processed foods that will cause more harm instead of good to their body in the near future.

Finally, the FDA should do more to protect food from being altered with unsafe chemicals, so that consumers’ foods are more natural and healthier. In a time when genetically engineered products are taking over the food industries, it is clear that food is becoming unsafe day by day. Therefore, the FDA needs to standing up to the food manufacturers to protect the safety of food, reinforce the safety rules on food and the workers who handled consumer foods, so food can be free of contamination. Too many unknown additives are being added to people’s food for color, flavor, and to preservation. In a time like this when all kinds of unknown sicknesses and diseases are coming upon people. Thus, as consumers we to calling on the people whom we have elected to make changes to an industry that is cutting people life short in the name of profits.

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