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Negative Effects of Marijuanas Essay

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Marijuana Should not be Legalized

“For every deed, you do there is a consequence…” a quote from Sadhguru This is just like marijuana consumption because it has many benefits yet a lot of negative impacts on our bodies. Marijuana is a pulverized mix of dead leaves, twig, and floret of the plant Cannabis Sativa. There is also an alternative form of marijuana, a more powerful version, called hashish and it looks like orbs tinted black or brown. Marijuana is bad for our body despite the healing abilities of this plant, it has so many side effects. That is why Marijuana should not be approved because it creates fertility issues, it creates immune system problems and it creates damage to the brain.

Firstly, marijuana creates fertility issues. Studies suggest that the practice of marijuana is causing a reduction in sperm amount and making the ovulation procedure slower than the standard. He also said that any woman who uses marijuana throughout the pregnancy period can help the child become disabled. (Dowshen, 2018) This just means that the utilization of marijuana can cause people to have problems just like fertility issues and the practice of using marijuana throughout the pregnancy period can be very dangerous for the child. Another author supported this and said that the usage of marijuana once every week reduces the semen concentration by 52 percent. Also, she said that a great quantity of marijuana can decrease the creation of estrogen, a hormone that preserves the reproduction systems and characteristics of women. (Becht, 2019) This suggests that marijuana consumption can lessen the creation of babies because of the lesser concentration of sperm and reduced production of estrogen. These are why marijuana causes fertility issues.

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Secondly, marijuana creates immune system problems. Studies claimed that the practice of marijuana in excessive figures makes it tougher for our bodies to fight foreign materials like viruses. Thus, it makes our immune system weaker than regular. (Dowshen, 2018) This just means that excessive practice of marijuana can help distort the function of our immune system because most immune systems are able to fight viruses on their own but because of marijuana – makes people’s immune systems are weak and therefore they are more vulnerable to viruses. Another author supported Downshen’s statement and said that marijuana makes the natural defenses of our body feeble and therefore makes the individual more helpless to illness, it is based on animal research. (Pietrangelo & Cherney, 2017) Although this research is done on animals, this still proves that consumption of marijuana is dangerous to our body making it weaker thus, making it more vulnerable to other diseases. These are why marijuana consumption causes problems in the immune system of people.

Lastly, marijuana creates damage to the brain. Studies have shown that the extended usage of marijuana can make the person have poor memory and a hard time trying to focus. She also said that marijuana murders some people’s brain cells which is why marijuana intake can give the creature loss of IQ if they practice marijuana for the most part of their teenage years. (Murray, 2019) This just means that marijuana intake can make our brain less productive. Also, the usage of marijuana makes our body harder to control because it kills brain cells, if brain cells are killed most folks will forget how to walk, eat, remember, etc. Another author claimed that marijuana consumption can increase brain soreness, which causes an everlasting change to the brain. Thus, brain swelling can lead to Alzheimer’s disease when the individual who uses heavy loads of marijuana gets older. This just means that marijuana intake makes people more prone to have brain diseases if they consume lots of marijuana. These are why marijuana intake can have a negative impact on our brain.

In conclusion, there are a lot of pros to the usage of marijuana however there are more cons than pros and these cons could be life-threatening. The usage of marijuana creates fertility issues, creates immune system problems, and creates damage to the brain. These three points are just three of the many negative side effects of marijuana consumption. That is why marijuana should not be legalized and used until the doctors who study marijuana creates a solution for all the negative side effects of marijuana intake so that the usage of marijuana is full of benefits and not full of harmful substances that can bring damage to our body.


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