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Negative Effects of Video Games Essay

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All around the world, there are teenagers playing video games as a pastime when they get bored and want entertainment many of these kids may be addicted even if they don’t think so. According to NBC News, “Up to 90 percent of American youngsters play video games and as many as 15 percent of them(more than 5 million children) may be addicted?”( Playing video games is impacted teenagers in a negative way causing them to do things that shouldn’t be done. Teens are negatively impacted by playing video games. They don’t care for their education, they forget about their own personal hygiene and health, and they change their social life with family and friends.

Teenagers who are addicted to playing video games and play most of their free time are often anti-social. They aren’t able to have a normal conversation unless it’s about video games. If they were to get into a relationship it often ends quickly and it is usually the addicts’ fault because they don’t care enough about the other. They often spend so much time on all these video games that they tend to forget about everything else that is going on, or what they have to do they don’t even care about their family. Video game addicts are usually antisocial which is not good for when they grow up. When they need to socialize with people in the future, for example, during interviews or business calls. Parents often get frustrated. They say that their kids are spending too much time on video games and no time with the family. There is also another huge factor that video games negatively contribute to a teenager’s life. Teenagers who play video games that are more violent than others tend to teach kids how to do things that they don’t necessarily need to know. For example, a game that requires shooting and being able to aim at other people conveys a terrible message to a child. This may cause the child to grow up thinking that it is perfectly fine to do those things. According to Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman,” The games that permit a child to hold and aim a gun, and fire it at humans, are particularly harmful since these devices teach shooting skills. They are firearms training devices at best, and murder simulators at worst.”( There are other games that cause teenagers to engage in violent acts as they grow up. These video games are putting a horrible influence on children. Games like grand theft auto where you go around shooting people and driving cars extremely carelessly running over red lights and sometimes even people. This game although not real still may cause teenagers to grow up thinking that it is perfectly normal to do these things. According to a recent Gallup Poll, “71 percent of all teenage boys have played Grand Theft Auto games, and Gallup found that they are twice as likely to engage in acts of violence than those who have not played that game.”(

Believe it or not, playing video games causes many health problems for teenagers. Because teenagers are so addicted they start to forget about their own health to the point they don’t take showers or eat food because it’ll take away time from playing video games. Video gamers are so into the game they don’t have the time to freshen up or take care of themself. A passage by Kimberly Young states,” I stopped bathing. I didn’t eat unless it was a quick snack I could eat in front of my computer. I lost weight. My skin was pasty and pale. I didn’t shave or comb my hair. I did nothing. I looked so bad my mother told me I looked more like a heroin addict.”( In August 2005, a 28-year-old South Korean man died, but he didn’t die from natural causes and he didn’t kill himself, but he actually died after playing a video game for 50 hours straight with nothing to eat or drink on the internet cafe. A teenager’s health is very important, especially at such a young age and that’s why they need to care more about it and not be addicted to playing video games. Sometimes when an addict hasn’t played video games they could feel more anxious or depressed because they feel left behind in a game or they just miss playing. Video game addicts go through many health problems for example they get a lot of backaches, their eyes tend to strain very often, carpal tunnel syndrome, and repetitive stress injury. Most of these teenagers become tired and lazy. Instead of getting up from their chairs close to the screens so they can eat, shower, and maybe even exercise they choose not to because they are so into the game and if they get up it’ll ruin their mood in a negative way. These teenagers often play video games all night long without even knowing what time it could be. This causes a lack of sleep meaning they only get a couple of hours of sleep every day which is not healthy for humans. We need on average around 7-9 hours of sleep but an average gamer gets a minimum of 101 minutes delayed. According to the website Science Daily,” gamers delayed going to bed 36 percent of the nights they played video games. Average game playing was 4.6 nights per week. The average delay in bedtime on the nights spent gaming was 101 minutes.”(

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Teenagers all around the world are playing video games and are slowly getting more addicted every day. Teenagers are so addicted they tend to care more about the game than real life. They spend so much money on games that they no longer have money so they start to take out money from their financial expenses. Teenagers that are addicted can spend up to 100 hours out of 168 hours just playing video games alone. This is a huge factor in how video games negatively affect teenagers. Although video games don’t have any addictive features for teenagers. They still get sucked in because of all the joyful sensation that it brings. The kids that play these video games usually don’t even get up from their chairs they don’t even care about how they look or how they might be gaining weight due to no exercise all they care about is the game and what’s going on in it. This increases the chances of obesity because instead of going outside to do outdoor activities or doing exercises, they spend their time in front of the screen playing these video games. Since when they get addicted they spend so much time on all these video games that they tend to forget about everything else that is going on, or what they have to do they don’t even care about their family. According to a survey done on teenagers, “playing video games is related to several important negative outcomes for youth, including poorer school performance, increased physical aggression, and increased risk of obesity.'(

Video games aren’t always affecting anyone in a negative way, it can be just a time pass and something they do when they’re bored. Some games can be quite knowledgeable and require skill and patience to play. As told by Peter Gray,” They are like chess or any other game in which success depends on perseverance, intelligence, practice, and learning, not a chance.”( When it comes time to stop playing and you can that’s when you’re getting addicted. People that say they can stop anytime they want usually are the ones that are addicted. According to Kimberly Young, ‘Video games may look innocent, but they can be as addictive as gambling or drugs and just as hard to kick'( This might be the case in the beginning but they end up playing for hours and hours and do not care about anything else. Just like alcohol. It is not addicting but people enjoy the feeling and sensation of it they end up doing it really often. Or when people gamble they don’t necessarily need to do it but they find it enjoyable and like the rush and risk. ”People who feel compelled to gamble may do it because they see no other possible route out of their debts and/or because of the thrill that comes whenever they win.”( These teenagers are so addicted to video games that they sometimes can’t tell the difference between real life and video games. This causes them to act the way they act in video games which oftentimes can be very violent. According to a passage,” In some strange way, a character’s name seeps into the player over time. They spend hours living like this ‘other person and begin to identify with a character that feels more real and less fictional the longer they play.”(

As you can see video games have had a reputation of many negative effects and are constantly affecting the lives of many people such as addictiveness, social skill when talking to people, very violent and aggressive behavior like hurting people and doing things that are not legal, people even get confused between real life and video games, playing video games causes students to perform poorly due to lack of studying or preparation, using bad language when talking to others. In order to reduce the number of people affected by these video games, we have to be more authoritative when it comes to what game we play and what hours of gameplay.

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