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Negative Influence of Mass Media on Society

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Mass media is today’s greatest indispensable tool of socialization. It plays a crucial role in helping society interact, collaborate and propagate ideas and opinions to the mass audience on a day to day basis. Major platforms of mass media used commonly to distribute information is through newspapers, television, radio and the internet. There is no doubt, that mass media has an immense influence around the world and it impacts people’s thoughts, views, and decisions. However, this has led to the rise of cynicism towards media and for good reasons because the disadvantages of media seems to outweigh the advantages.

People regularly depend on the media to dish out factual news but this is not always the case because mass media overall is subjected to propaganda, lies and biases. While some news outlets are found to be trustworthy but others, not so much. The audience end up with one side of the story than both because it is purposefully skewed by the powerful figures operating behind the scenes. This quote adequately exposes how the news is exploited to the advantage of powerful figures such as the political parties. Thus, it leads to the widespread of deception and misinterpretation of information and reports. The audience are none the wiser to see through the lack of authenticity and how their public opinion is constantly being shaped by influential organizations and advertisers.

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Perhaps one of the most concerning negative impact of the mass media is the decrease in productivity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Social media, a popular platform of mass media, is ever the notorious for succeeding in distracting people from their point of focus. Scientist claim that the constant distraction and the feed of excess information is costing our brains the ability to think in depth and our long term memory is rarely enhanced. Thus, Carr’s statement confirms that although multitasking is typically linked to positive connotation, it does a great deal of harm to our mind, such as undermining its ability to stimulate brain development. It is like alcohol, with an addiction to distraction and consuming too much is fatal to the mind.

Furthermore, along with the decrease in productivity, mass media is also disconnecting us from the real word. We have a better personal connection to our phones than our families and friends. This is especially detrimental for the younger generation who are willing to have a relationship with machines readily than have any seldom of interaction with people face to face. Social media is a double edged sword. on one hand, its our loyal fan that we can depend on to be there anywhere and anytime; on the other edge, its slowly and surely pulling us into isolation.

The influence of Mass Media is extensive around the world but its disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Technology is rapidly changing the way people view the world and there is endless possibilities of obtaining information instantly and effortlessly. However, media is constantly manipulating society and causing people to lose connection with the real world as well as reducing their productivity. To prevent these negative factors from having a permanent effect on our thoughts and behavior, we should train ourselves to be less obsessed with social media and use it for a minimum amount of time daily. We should also dedicate our undivided attention to procuring deeper connection and meaningful conversation in person.

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