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Developmental Implications of Lack of Sanitation in Nigeria

Sanitation refers to public health conditions related to safe drinking water and adequate treatment and disposal of human waste and sewage (Oxford Dictionaries, n.d.). Nigeria is located in West Africa and has the largest population of approximately 200 million in Africa (UNDP, 2019). Nigeria has a Human Development Index of 0.534, which ranks the country as 158th in the world (UNDP, 2019). The Human Development Index (HDI) is a summary measure of average achievement in key dimensions of human development:...
4 Pages 2009 Words

Ban on Twitter in Nigeria: Analytical Essay

The impact of the Twitter ban on the Nigerian economy is examined in this article. The Nigerian government’s move to ban Twitter could have serious economic consequences. The reason for the restriction appears to be the social media companies’ decision to delete a tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari that was labeled as ‘abusive behavior’ by Twitter just a few days ago. Twitter is one of Nigeria’s most widely used social networking platforms. Later, it was discovered that the Twitter ban...
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Analysis of Media Ethics in Nigeria

This paper will appreciate the thesis about the issues involved in media ethics – and examine these issues from a social, professional, and cultural perspective, with an emphasis on media practice in Nigeria; However, before presenting the main arguments in favor of this thesis, I will have to deal with the main consideration that just as there is a positive aspect of the conflict – conflict is like having a serious disagreement with someone or something. when you see a...
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Concept of Media Ethics and Its Application in Nigerian Media Practice

Introduction In this report, I plan to delve into the concept of media ethics, and its application in Nigerian media practice. After that, I would then proceed to place judgment on the level of ethical practices in Nigeria. Let me start by describing what I mean by media, and then I will describe what ethics are and how they are swiftly molding our online interactions and our communities. The word media describes any channel of communication. These are the channels...
4 Pages 1652 Words

Quality Management of Construction in Nigeria in the Last 5 Years

1.0 Introduction To improve quality management, this report examines the effect of quality management on building construction in Nigeria. Construction failures and, in extreme cases, building collapses have been blamed on a variety of factors, including poor quality management. Quality control measures employed in quality management by the Nigerian construction industry include physical checks and statistical reliance, indicating that quality management and effective quality evaluations (a measure of quality assurance in building production) are not generally implemented. Greed, bribery, and...
2 Pages 1069 Words

Essay on Foreign Policy of Nigeria

The understanding of Nigerian foreign policy cannot be achieved through the application of one and only theoretical perspective. As a matter of fact, its formulation depends on multiple factors and it is influenced both by the international and the state level. Consequently, it is appropriate to distinguish selected elements and compare how different IR theories understand them. In this paper, there will be a critical juxtaposition between the liberal and neoclassical realist understandings of the active engagement of Nigeria in...
3 Pages 1170 Words

Suicide Bomber at Winners' Chapel in Nigeria: A Christian Attacked the Church

On Sunday, the 1st of February, news emerged that a suspected suicide bomber who infiltrated the premises of a Winners’ Chapel branch in Sabon Tasha, Kaduna State was apprehended with explosive devices. Social Media users celebrated his arrest and expected to hear some staggering details about his motivation and sponsors. Many sections linked him to the regular culprits, the Boko Haram sect, although this terrorist group has been relegated to some parts of the Northeastern part of Nigeria. As for...
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Comparison of South Africa and Nigeria

South Africa, the southernmost country on the African mainland, prestigious for its changed geography. South Africa has three cities that serve as capitals: Pretoria (executive), Cape Town (legislative), and Bloemfontein (judicial). Nigeria, country located on the western coast of Africa. Nigeria has a diverse geography, with climates ranging from arid to humid equatorial. Nigeria is more developed compared to South Africa. Nigeria’s population is high compared to that of south Africa. Both countries have high level of corruption. Both these...
1 Page 594 Words

Essay on History of Mass Media in Nigeria

The history of Nigeria mass media needs to be discussed under two headings for comprehensive understanding. The print media – newspapers, magazines, periodicals and paperback as well as broadcast media – radio and television. This report will brief point into the media history, which also x-ray the performances, problems and successes of mass media from 1859 to date which has been in the fore front in the country’s independence and subsequent nation building. It will also be of great importance...
5 Pages 2287 Words

Essay on Building More Secure Nigeria Using Technology

The major cankerworm that has eaten deep into the root of Nigeria, is the menace called insecurity. The continuous degradation of security in Nigeria is of concern to each and every one of us, from the youngest to the eldest and every effort must be exerted to conquer this challenge. Adam Oluwadamilola of National Defense Academy Abuja highlighted some of the pertinent questions that should be raised among us is: Can our IT skills and strategy provide 100% of both...
3 Pages 1490 Words

British Imperialism in Nigeria and Its Impact on the Nigerian Legal System

The history of Nigeria is heavily intertwined with British colonization. Ambiguity arises regarding the emergence of this imperialism, in the mid-1900s, and the end of its reign as the dominant authority in Nigeria, in 1960. Lugard’s amalgamation of Lagos and the Northern and Southern Protectorates led to Nigeria as we know it now, a British creation. British imperialism asserted imperial power through law. European law was illustrated as a gift of legal stability and legal coherence which juxtaposed the natives’...
5 Pages 2439 Words

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