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All of us is a dreamer, we want everything to be perfect. When we were a kid we just wanted a big toy but when we start to attend at school our principle and perception in life has changed. Yes, were still a dreamer, and our first dream is to finished our study so that those elegant dream like car, 3 storey house, cafe business and 6 digit salary a month will become achieved.

They said that youth is the future leader in the next generation, but how those youth become an effective and good leader if they are frustrated and struggling in their study. They are pressured to do their best because of those high expectation of society. How they can enjoy their lives, if there so many task and responsibility given to them. Last time there’s an issue about 'No Homework Policy' and this issue involving teachers and students from primary and secondary level.

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As a college student, I will agree to this issue 'No Homework Policy' even though I’m not a part of primary and secondary level. When I was in my senior level, I experienced having a hard time to accomplished all those paper works and homework. It’s not easy for me to finish my homework after going to school because as a eldest to our family I also have responsibility in house chores. Socially, because of homework, we can’t have a bonding to our family, classmate and friends even at weekends. Instead of enjoying our weekend there we are staying at home doing our homework, because we have no choice but to do it. Our mindset is to pass, even if we don’t even enjoy our social life. While doing homework, were losing society's expectation and because of that I was strongly agree to 'No Homework Policy'

Financially, we are not all rich many of us are not financially stable. The money we spend every day is from the hard work of our parents. We budget our money and only get those thing that we need. But because of some homework we have to print and search we have to less our allowance instead of buying foods. The money that we have for our daily expenses will get less because of those homework. I was strongly agree to 'No Homework Policy'

Emotionally, many of us experienced stress, pressure and we are tired all day. Instead of resting our body and mind at weekends, there we are thinking on how to do our homework to be pass by tomorrow. Because of homework we are all experienced sleepless nights and we can’t even eat at time. We prioritize our study even if were skipping our meals and because of that I was strongly agree to 'No Homework Policy'.


As a student, a struggling student I was very grateful to reach college level. Sometimes I was about to give up but I always remember that I was a dreamer and I want to payback the hard work of my parents. I experienced a lot of struggling moments at my journey. But here am I still fighting and doing my best. And now I stand for my fellow students who struggling to their study as I strongly agree to 'No Homework Policy'.

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