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None Of The Animals Deserve Abuse

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We already use animals for food clothing, etc.… so there is no reason to abuse them. Places like factory farms keep animals in small closures. Animals being harmed terribly for clothing is also happening nowadays. Animals should be treated humanely.

According to The Human Society of the United States animal cruelty is common in both rural and urban. Animals are being mistreated in factory farms as well. NAMI (North American Meat Institute) said that 93 billion pounds of meat were produced in 2012. In 2013, American meat companies produced: 25.8 billion pounds of beef, 23.2 billion pounds of pork, 5.8 billion pounds of turkey, 286 million pounds of veal, lamb, and mutton, 38.4 billion pounds of chicken the animals in the factory are used not only for food but their fur or skin for clothing.

Jaya Bhumitra wrote on One Green Planet, “Animals on factory farms live nearly their entire lives without ever feeling the sun on their backs or the grass beneath their feet. Instead, they spend months on end crammed inside barren, often windowless sheds, standing in their own feces and urine and breathing in toxic, choking fumes from accumulated waste”. These animals are our food but, they should be treated humanely because they are still living creatures.

In addition to finding animals are also used for clothing. Some animals are trapped and killed, others are bred for their fur. An article from the American Humane society stated that getting fur/wool from animals is a very painful process for the animal. First, they electrocute the animal, if they don’t die they bash a blunt object on the forehead of the animal. This is very painful and not necessary.

The Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund stated that animals are trapped and killed in order to get clothing out of the animals. When getting some fur out of animals, don’t rip their fur aggressively, instead gently scrape some fur out.

Animals in labs always are beaten, animals get locked up in cages for experiments that aren’t useful to us, just some curious scientists trying to solve something. Think about it has no power to do anything anywhere, these animals have no right, like an article in PETA read, “You can’t choose when and what you eat, how you will spend your time, whether or not you will have a partner and children, or who that partner will be.” That is the life of rats, mice, rabbits, and other animals that are experimented on.

Animals always get scared when someone walks by their cage thinking if they’re next to be experimented on. These animals already know it is a painful process because they watched their friends or family members scream in pain. Most of these experiments happen for no reason, just curious scientists trying to discover probably useless information.

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A rat was experimented on in Japan. An article by Ali Venosa, who is a journalist for neuroscience, stated that Japanese scientists have used stem cells to create an adult size, ear on a rat’s back, yes, a rat. They even tried to get rid of the 5-inch ear.

Lois Sepahban wrote a book on animal testing. A lot of the bad things about animal testing were statistics, in that book, Sepahban said, “More than 72,000 dogs and 24,000 cats were used in research labs in the US in 2012.” (13).

She also said that a 2012 USDA program report showed that 1.1 million animals at the Animal Welfare Act were used in labs, scientists estimated, based on that report, from 13 million to 25 million mice and rats each year are used in the United States for research, he added that they were “experimented on and eventually killed”. Which is a reason why animal testing is terrible even in the name of science.

The author also said that rabbits are a common choice for scientists because they aren’t as aggressive as other animals. More than 100,000 non-human primates were used in research in the United States, they were used mostly to test vaccines and experiment on obesity. They also study the behavior of the primates to learn more about humans. In 2012 more than 61,000 pigs and 14,000 sheep were used in tests for organ transplants.

Animals being tested on isn’t always bad, some of the tests provide us toothpaste and other useful stuff, but some experiments that are tested on animals have no reason into being done.

In 1714, some people working with agricultural operations decided that animal cruelty should end. The first organization to end animal cruelty was in 1824, founded in London, the United States followed in the nineteenth century. Today in California, if a person commits animal abuse, they could face charges up to $20,000 and up to a year in prison.

Rick Missimer wrote an article on Health Guidance; the article was about the reasons people abuse animals. Missimer said that most people abuse animals because they were experiencing abuse themselves whether it is from their past or present, theses people take out all their stress on animals. Missimer concluded with a powerful statement, “Animals are God’s creation. They should be treated equally [like] the way people treat their family and friends.”

To conclude, animal cruelty doesn’t seem to be stopping. Testing on animals, animals in slaughterhouses and factory farms, all these are laid open to animal abuse. In the united states, most people are thought to abuse animals because they were and/or are suffering from abuse themselves. Not all testing on animals is bad, and neither is eating or using animals to make clothes, but when testing on animals for no reason, is happening, that is what needs to stop.

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