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Notes on Lord Rama as the Protagonist of the Ramayana

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Table of contents

  1. Rama as Ideal Devoted Son
  2. Rama as Ideal Brother
  3. Rama as Ideal Husband
  4. Rama as an Ideal Father
  5. Rama as a KIng
  6. Rama as an Ideal Enemy

Lord Rama is one of the most respected and reversed gods in Hinduism. He is believed to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Rama was born during Treta Yuga out of four cyclic yugas described in religious books. Lord Rama is considered to be one of the most ideal man acquiring several names like “Maryadapurushotham –respectable and best human being”. Hindus look up to the qualities of Lord Rama in every aspect of their lives as he has been the most divine figure of all times and ages. He conducted himself outstandingly as the perfect man, both in his golden days as well as in the difficult times. In each stage of his life he displayed exemplary attitude proving himself as the perfect human that he was known to be.

Rama as Ideal Devoted Son

When king Dasharatha decided to crown Rama as his successor, every subject of the kingdom was happy with the news. However a day before his crowning, Kaikeyi was brainwashed by her wicked maid Manthara and asks Dasharatha to fulfill her two boons that were given by him. She asked to send Rama to a 14 year exile to forests and also to crown Bharatha as the king of Ayodhya, in place of Rama. Rama promises to follow the orders of his father respecting him so that his father need not go back on his promise. He not only obliged, but also showed no bitterness towards anyone. Rama even after his father’s death decides not to return to Ayodhya till the completion of his exile, as promised to his father. On returning when Ram comes to know that Bharat does not talk to his mother, Kaikeyi, first thing he does is accompanies Bharat to meet Kaikeyi and removes whatever misunderstandings Bharat has for her. Then he visits Sumitra, as her son Laxmana, for no mistake of his, accompanied Rama to the jungle out of pure love for him. Lastly he visits Kaushalya, his own mother. He exhibited his nobility and generosity being devoted to his father and mothers too.

Rama as Ideal Brother

Rama’s love for his brothers knows no bounds. He treated three of his brothers with atmost love and care and there is no space for misunderstandings and misconceptions between them. He never showed domination just as he is elder one, he treated them with equal respect. He is also never envious or even slightly jealous of any of his brothers’ achievement or success. Even when Bharata becomes King, he wasn’t even slightly distressed about it. This is the reason all his brothers respected him and looked up to him as an awe-inspiring figure. And then there is his lament when Lakshmana is unconscious due to Meghnaad’s weapons. He asked Hanuman to make all the efforts to make sure that Lakshmana’s life is saved. The camaraderie he shared with Lakshmana throughout the Ramayana is one that remains the strongest pillar of strong brotherhood in the history of ancient India.

Rama as Ideal Husband

Like a common man, like any other husband, Rama adored his wife, he admired her and fulfilled all her wishes with love, despite of the adversities of living in wild. He respected Sita’s choice to join him in the forests, and gave her equal authority and decision making power, though at the same time he was trying to dissuade Sita to join him, as he did want Sita to lead the life in the forest wrapped with difficulties and uncertainties at each step. When Sita was abducted, ram resigned food and sulked all while uttering Sita’s name. But then he channelized his emotions to bring out his skills of being the perfect man. He showed strength of character and will power. He started gathering all the resources he could, and all that help that was needed to conquer the evil Ravana and rescue Sita from Lanka. Rama orders Sita to perform the Agni pariksha, the test of fire, to prove her purity, and to shut the murmurings in Ayodhya, once and all. Rama orders Sita to perform the test, as he knew that Sita is pure, even after staying with the lustful Ravana for over months. He had absolute and irrevocable faith in Sita’s loyalty, even when she was far away from her, with another man, on another land. His trust was reaffirmed, when Sita successfully passes the test of fire. At the times he was torn between his duty as a King, and his duty as a husband. All of his subjects and advisors in the kingdom believed that Sita should be sent into exile again. Rama as king could not accompany Sita to exile as he was forsworn to execute his duties as a King. So, with a heavy heart, he had to send Sita away to exile. However, in Sita’s absence he did not even look at other women or marry again. He was always eternally devoted to. Even at the time of Ashwamedha Yaaga also when everyone asks him to take another wife, which was natural for Kings those days. Rama strongly objects to it and gets a gold idol of Seetha built, to sit with him in the rituals. They were bounded by eternal love, and were still husband and wife, even after being separated. Till the very end, Rama belonged to Sita, and will always belong to her. And so the name “Eka-Pathnivratha Rama”.

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Rama as an Ideal Father

On seeing his sons Luv and Kush for the first time, his hands are not ready to fight as he develops a kind of relationship with them on seeing them. His fatherly instincts didn’t allow him to fight, but the kids force him (as they are unaware that Rama is their father). But after the fight, when Sita reveals herself to Rama and kids, Rama takes them close and grooms them to become great kings. The “lohana” community still believe themselves to be descendants of Luv and the “kushwahas” to be the descendents of Kush. Rama greatly abode to his fatherly duties.

Rama as a KIng

Rama was known to be a noble king. He was blessed with exceptional qualities and had mastery over the scriptures, the Vedas, warfare. He also possessed excellent administration skills, and was also very clever. When we talk of Rama’s bond with the people of his kingdom, we have to accept that it was not that of a Ruler and citizen but that of a “Prajapalak” (father of his citizens). From the administrative point of view as a king, Lord Ram had to set the example of complete detachment so that he could exemplify dharmic detachment for his citizens and he did that. Lord Ram as a husband was not irresponsible, he arranged for the care of his pregnant wife.

Rama as an Ideal Enemy

In the battle filed after Ravana was out of weapons and when his energy to fight was completely drained that was a very great opportunity for an opponent to win the war but Rama did not choose that path, instead he asked Raavana to come back the next day to fight which depicts his superior warrior qualities too. After Ravana falls down down to injuries and is on his deathbed, Rama tells Lakshmana to sit by his feet and gain knowledge from him. When Vibhishana refuses to light Ravana’s funeral pyre, it is Ram who shows his willingness to do so. And tells Vibhishana that with death, all enmity is gone and now Ravana, a learned and wise Pandit, is nothing but a brother - in - arms. Such a great personality is Rama.

‘The Ramayana’ exemplifies to us how even the protagonist, Lord Rama undergoes suffering as a common human being and without and godly repercussions within him with grace and inspires us to accept whatever situations we undergo in our lives because of our past karma can be accepted gracefully.

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