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Nuclear Medicine: Technological Advancements In Medicine

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Studies are showing that today’s generation heavily relies on the latest nuclear equipment and medicine heavily. The advancements in medicine and technology are tremendously different than 50 years ago and really show how far this world has really come. There are many benefits of these advancements but some say that the medicine can be very dangerous and hazardous if not used in its proper manner. This essay will further show all information and reasons to believe if this new type of medicine is truly safe to use or could it be extremely threatening to our safety?

In this day and age where catching deadly diseases and sicknesses is much easier than it was 50 years ago, our generation needs these technological advancements in medicine as without them some of us wouldn’t be alive to see the sun. Fortunately for us, these changes happened and we can still be able breathe and live on, according to (Medical uses, 2019) the advancements consist of Radiology and Mammography. Radiology specializes in the areas of bones like the uses of the X-Ray which helps detect whether a bone is broken, hurt or fractured. Without this, we won’t be able to figure out if the injury is serious or not. Mammography is a type of technology that helps out with diseases like breast cancer and can help get rid of it. EB editors suggest that the discovery of these advancements was found in the year 1935 but later polished and further made better further in the future. This advancement in our world shows how far we have come and that these changes are truly life-saving.

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There are many different benefits when it comes down to the advancements in our technological nuclear medicine as they can save people from life-threatening cancers and other sicknesses. Radiation in medicine, 2009 suggests that these advancements can successfully dissect any type of artery without the need of opening and tear the chest fully open. These benefits are so extraordinary that they can heal and save people from deadly things such as cancer or broken bones in such a short time and with ease. Without this medicine, many people could be dying as of right now but with the use of this medicine and technology, these sicknesses are being healed and many people are surviving because of it. As I have stated many times during this essay our population could be a lot lower right now but thanks to this highly mechanized medicine people are surviving.

These benefits demonstrate why nuclear medicine is so important in this day and age it can equally be dangerous to the human body at the same time. Like all positives, there are always negatives to come with it. Not all of this medicine and technology is safe as (Radiation in medicine, 2009) shows that women who have become pregnant cannot expose themselves to certain pieces of nuclear equipment. If something goes wrong with one of the surgeries it can severely damage cell division which then leads it to be uncontrolled which is basically our genes in the cells mutating and making cancer cells and then the patient is diagnosed with cancer. Studies continue to show and discover that some of this technology is leading to DNA damage which can create an abnormal structure in the cells and then it further makes more cells which then ends in people getting cancer because of it. As the risks of nuclear medicine show that nuclear medicine isn’t always safe and can be very dangerous if it isn’t used under certain conditions.

When it comes down to the final straw these advancements can be very threatening and may seem like you should never use them as they can damage people permanently but fortunately, you will most likely have to use one of these items if you get terribly hurt or sick as they are the easiest way to heal and get rid of those deadly diseases. Due to all of the reasons above, in my opinion, the benefits outweigh the risks and in the end, it is worth risking our safety for the medicine as there is a high percentage that it can save your life like it has done with many others in the past.

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