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Differences between Code of Conduct for Nurses and Florence Nightingale's Pledge: Comparative Essay

In this journal, I will be examining the similarities and differences between the code of conduct for nurses and Florence Nightingale’s pledge. The code of conduct outlines specific standards that nurses are expected to adopt in their practice today. Florence Nightingale’s pledge is what the early Australian nurses were expected to follow in the late 1800s/1900s and onwards. The code of conduct for nurses precisely states all requirements, behaviour and expectations for nurses in Australia. The code of conduct for...
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The Importance of Students Complying with the Academic Honor Code for Their Future Nursing Profession

In relation to the definition of honor, an individual must understand that in order to receive honor, one must act with honor. The word honor originates to the Old French term onur and honuren. Being a noun, onur refers to ‘glory, renown, fame earned’, while the verb honuren is ‘to do honor to, show respect to” (Harper). To cling to what is right is to show honorability. Honor is a representative connection between an individual and a set of morals....
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Patient Violence and Verbal Abuse: Issues of Nursing in Psychiatric Ward

Some jobs represent a greater risk of employment than others. Working in a psychiatric ward is one of them. Nurses assigned to the psychiatric unit are well aware of the threats that can occur on a daily basis, including abuse, violent attacks and emotional outbursts. However, his desire to care for and recover his patients with mental illness is essential. Work-related risks are much more important for psychiatric nurses. According to Marian Villanueva and John Bernardo, experienced psychiatric nurses at...
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Importance of General Practice Nurses in Cervical Cytology Screening and Early Detection of Cervical Cancer

Introduction The role of the General Practice Nurse (GPN) within the cervical screening programme is evaluated with emphasis on abnormal cytology result. Cervical sample taking started in the 1960s however it was not until 1988 that a national screening programme was introduced in Scotland, with the aim of reducing the rates of cervical cancer. Since it’s introduction there has been an incidence drop of around 24% in the rates of cervical cancer (Cancer Research UK, 2018). Cervical screening does not...
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Reflective Essay on Code of Conduct for Nurses: Case Study of Consent of the Patients, Safety Procedures, Practice under the Influence of Drugs

Introduction The legal requirements and professional behaviours are set by the code of conduct for the nurses. The code of conduct for the nurses further describe the principles that are to be maintained in professional practice in order to maintain effective professional practice. This code is abided by the National law made for the nurses in Australia. The code principles apply in all situations to all kinds of nursing practice. This involves any job that a nurse utilizes, whether paid...
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Florence Nightingale's Way of Life and Her Influence on the Role of Nursing

Florence Nightingale was taking care of her loving sister, Parthenope, although formally called ‘Pops’. Parthenope had fallen ill, as Florence being the Nightingale nurse of the family, she did her best to make her older sister increase her health status. Florence was exceptional at taking care of all beings, living or not. Though, especially her close and loving family. Whether, being her mother Francis, or father William. In this case, Parthenope. Parthenope was also named after their mother, as her...
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Essay on Learning Disability Nurse: Case Study of Carlos, Identified Framework of Moulster and Griffiths

Learning disability is defined as a significant lifelong difficulty in learning and understanding, practising the skills needed to cope with everyday life, and that there is evidence that these difficulties started before 18 years of age (Gates et al, 2015). This essay will discuss critically, recent theories and methods applied in order to prioritise and safely meet the health and care needs of Carlos who has fragile X syndrome and atypical autism. Using appropriate models with vast evidence-based practice to...
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Knowledge and Practices of Nurses about Streptokinase Injection Administration and Monitoring among Myocardial Infarction in Emergency Room

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the number one cause of death globally. An estimated 17.9 million people died from cardiovascular diseases in 2016, representing 31% of all global deaths. Pakistan is there in the list of developing countries of the world and the contribution cardiovascular disease (CVD) of developing countries to the global weight of CVD is more than 80 %. Myocardial infarction (MI) is the most prominent cause behind all these mortalities (World Health Organization, 2018). Myocardial infarction is caused...
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Workplace Violence Among Nurses and Midwives

Nurses and midwives made vital contributions to the healthcare industry, providing health services to people of all ages, experiencing various forms of diseases and illness (WHO, 2020). It is the profession that requires lots of compassion and dedication since “being a nurse is not without its challenges”. The shortage of staff, violence and assault in the workplace and environmental hazards are some the significant issues that nurses and midwifery are facing nowadays in Australia and globally. These problems have many...
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My Nursing Career Project

In my career aptitude test my results had some jobs in the medical healthcare field. The jobs were mainly jobs that work with the health of animals. For example, i received jobs like veterinarian assistant, and veterinarian. I don’t believe my skills would be shown to the fullest extend working with animals because I have very good social skills that would help me care for others. I believe I would excel in the career field of nursing. I am interested...
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Career as a Nurse

According to the article Career One Stop ‘Registered Nurses’, “assess patient health problems and needs, develop and implement nurse care plans, and maintain medical records” (2017). This description of service provided by nurses is the jest of what this profession encompasses. I plan to enter the field of nursing, more specifically, an emergency department registered nurse as my career choice. The care and service an emergency department nurse, also known as ED nurse, provides “is a specialty area of the...
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My Story as an Early Year’s Practitioner

When you imagine storytelling, it is most likely that you will reminisce in your story from your childhood, as do I. This essay will explore my role as an early year’s practitioner and reflect on my practice, values and beliefs. It is my story. I am a 19-year-old British Kosovan female student living in London. I have grown up with my parents and one sibling, a younger sister. She has been my motivation as to why I wish to pursue...
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The Definition Of Spirituality And The Role Of A Nurse In Delivering Spiritual Care

This essay will be exploring what spirituality is and why it should be incorporated in holistic care, how it is different from religion, and the role of a nurse in delivering spiritual care. Narayanasamy (2004) suggests that “Spirituality is defined as the essence of being and it gives meaning and purpose to our existence.” Spirituality is a practice of seeking hope, meaning, and purpose of the life (Rogers and Wattis, 2014). Dictionaries (2018) describes religion as ‘belief in … especially...
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Collegiate Lacrosse Leader Transformed Successful Nurse

One of the eight essentials of the Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice considered fundamental for all graduates of DNP programs regardless of specialty or focus area is “organizational and systems leadership for quality improvement and systems thinking” (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2006, p. 10). Reflecting back, and considering events and/or time periods in which both organizational and personal leadership influenced my development, collegiate lacrosse rises to the top of the list. Four years of...
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The Comparison And Contrast Of Nursing Career Vs. Business Career

In our times now, nursing and business careers are very popular. Many people are taking these two degrees in college and after they giving more effort for them to be a professional nurse and business administrator. In many countries, both of these careers are in demand. All over the world, they need these two professions. These two different careers could give the same positive profit in the life of a person. But are there any similarities between these two? And...
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Principles Of Professional Practice Of Nurses And Pharmacists

Principles of the Care Professions Nurses work in a multi- disciplinary team, working in different settings and “care for patients suffering from a variety of health conditions, ranging from minor injuries and ailments to acute and long-term illnesses and diseases.” (AGCAS Editors, 2019) Comparing this to what a pharmacist entails, they also work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, giving individuals guidance and information on anything they are concerned about and receive prescribed drugs by the doctors. The pharmacy technicians...
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Transition Of Graduate Nurse To As Being As Professional Nurse

Introduction Transitioning is a very challenging task for a new graduate nurse from academic practice to a graduate practice. The process of this transition can be characterized as a period of adaptation into the environment and culture of clinical. A new graduate nurse can encounter various issues like a lack of clinical experience during the transition period of being a professional nurse. In the context of graduate practice and being a professional nurse, it can be explained as empathy and...
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Nurses Role in Communication

The primary search strategy for this literature review involved a search of the Scopus electronic journal database. Key words in the search included “roles of nurse’s in communication.” Additionally the phrase “ensure effective” was included. Articles were sorted using the relevance function. Despite a large number of initial results after removing articles not relevant to the topic and those considered too old to be included in contemporary literature review the number reduced to “100” articles. After reviewing abstracts for these...
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Why I Want To Become A Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

The job I picked was a pediatric nurse practitioner and I picked this job because I wanted a job that worked with kids. When you are a pediatric nurse practitioner, you specialize in the care of newborns, infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. In this job you focus on primary care, growth and development, preventive care, and treat acute and chronic illnesses. They are limited on the medication they can prescribe because if they need a medication that they can...
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Life As A Nurse: How Does It Look Like?

Violet Gosset is a young American female who just graduated training school for nurses and writes a diary of her experiences. Not knowing what to do, she signs up to become a nurse for World War I with her best friend Julia Stimson. The day they are leaving for France, Violet’s brother gets sent to the front. As soon as Violet and Julia reach France, they are put straight to work and throughout their time there, they come across many...
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Essay on Why I Want to Be a Nurse (500 Words)

Personal Beliefs I believe a nurse communicates and works with clients, families, and team members to provide the highest quality care. I think each nurse is listening and looking carefully at each client during each encounter. I believe nursing imparts knowledge and guidance simultaneously to retain and maintain health as well as eradicate, manage or minimize poor health. I consider health to be more than just the absence of illness, it is a subjective experience. I believe that it is...
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The Issue Of Nurse Burnout: Reasons And Effects

Burnout is a problem that is very significant in the nursing world. This contributes to many factors such as psychological distress, job dissatisfaction, high employee turn-over rate, care is drastically reduced, and there is an increase in healthcare costs. Not only are the effects on nurses in the professional world, but it also starts out with nursing students. Many of the same stressors that the nursing professionals encounter, so do nursing students. Studies have shown evidence towards providing ways of...
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What Inspired You to Become a Nurse: Essay

Nurses perform a vital role in medicine. Although their role does not carry the status of a doctor or consultant, nurses are at the center of clinics, and surgeries and are an important part of the team that runs wards and hospitals. To be a nurse requires commitment and dedication, qualities that I believe I have and that I am willing to improve during my training and beyond. There was one recent occasion in my life when I spent hours...
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Understanding Of The Registered Nurse And Midwife’s Role

As we have moved through the 21st century, the role of a midwife has significantly changed. The focus of the role has become centred around caring for the mother and child before, during and after birth. Treating women with complications has become more common and there are more resources and knowledge to assist mothers and fathers-to-be, through pregnancies, than ever before. The number of births per woman has decreased and so has the birth mortality rate, which is due to...
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The Practice of Health Promotion in Pediatric Nursing

Hundreds of thousands of babies are brought into this world daily. With our population growing more rapidly than ever, there is an apparent demand for pediatric nurses to provide care to these children. Pediatric nurses have the ability to promote a healthy lifestyle to children through many stages of their lives with the use of ample resources to maintain well-being and to allow patients to retain the healthy habits they have been taught in order to thrive from birth into...
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Nursing Career Goals Essay

Motivated to care: Holistic Nursing Nurses are an important part of nursing care and more intricate than is perceived. Understanding what motivates and drives most nursing careers will open a new world of understanding of the core values that drive the profession. Nurses draw inspiration from mentors such as family members, friends, educators and those great people such as Florence Nightingale whose passion for nursing care has made nursing the revered career it is today. Building off these values as...
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What Is Nursing: Essay

When I think of nursing as a career, I cannot help but think that the laws, practices, and procedures all started with someone’s theories and thoughts. Obviously, people such as Florence Nightingale come to mind, however, there is one more person in particular that really stood out to me, Isabel Hampton Robb, an American nurse theorist, advocate for higher nursing education, and the founder of several nursing associations. Through her standards of teachings and writings, she paved the path for...
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Role And Responsibility Of Registered Nurse

What is a nurse? If someone were asked to describe the role of a nurse there could be many different answers. To a lot of people, a nurse will be viewed as someone who is there to support their patients, to be a friendly face and to give patients and family reassurance when needed. When asked what a nurse’s role entails, a few examples could be: giving medications, checking observations, completing paperwork and giving feedback to other members of a...
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Nursing And Chemistry Through My Own Eyes

I think there is a relationship between nursing and chemistry because nursing it is said to be a act and the science. And chemistry is science which shows how molecules of stuff interact with each other and the whole body of a person operate in molecular level. Which means us as nurses or as healthcare workers we need chemistry in order to understand what is going on within the body. I know it does not only relies on chemistry only...
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Personal goals For Nursing

“Where there is a will, there is a way. If there is a chance in a million that you can do something, anything, to keep what you want from ending, do it. Pry the door open or, if need be, wedge your foot in that door and keep it open,” a quote by Pauline Kael. It has been one of the quotes I live by. Growing up in Ghana (West Africa) have always wanted to be a nurse. I started...
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