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Nursing Theory: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

Fronczek, A. E. (2019). Nursing theory in virtual care. Nursing Science Quarterly, 32(1), 35-38.

In this peer reviewed journal on nursing theory in virtual care, Fronczek explains the benefits of nursing theory in virtual care environments. The main idea of this article is that, in this day and age, nursing actions can be conducted in nontraditional spaces and times in various regions, making achievement of wellness more convenient. This article possesses information about the principles of virtual care which can be applied when communicating with patients. The publication researches virtual care technologies from the point of using them in modern nursing undertakings and getting additional advantages for curing people. Also mentioned in this article, is how virtual care technology is a chance for progressing both theoretical and practical nursing knowledge. In the article, Fronczek discusses how nurses need to depend on present and progressing theory in order to make their clinical practice significant in the shifting healthcare setting. The author’s research further suggests that traditional nurse theorists such as Orem, and her theory of self-care, Roy’s adaptation model, and King’s theory of goal attainment can be useful for nurses in virtual care conditions and practice.

As a PhD author, Fronczek shows highly qualified knowledge about nursing theory in today’s environment. The author mentions the exploration of the frames which exist in extending the borders of nursing theory as the goal of her scientific work. The research shows that interpersonal relationships in nursing can also be studied in the context of virtual care. Mental health concerns, as one of the popular human health problems, can be advocated with the use of these technologies. Providing internet access to the rural areas and creating more providers according to this source is a potentially beneficial way to develop the opportunities for the nursing care practitioners and build the strong system of helping patients with a fast and effective approach to the cure for their diseases. The article gives clear results of the research on how modern nurses can use technologies for making the work more efficient in order to satisfy the needs of the customers while applying nursing theories. This article is current, peer reviewed and reliable as the research was done by a PhD, RN author.

Yancey, N. R. (2015). Why teach nursing theory? Nursing Science Quarterly, 28(4), 274-278.

In this peer reviewed journal article, Yancey answers the question of why it is necessary to learn and teach nursing theory. The author explains the potential weakening of theory in the nursing field and its consequences. This article is credible enough and discovers the challenges which are faced by nurses during their everyday activities. Sharing the values of nurses with students during their education and teaching them to be highly qualified professionals through sharing the theoretic basis, is shown as a significant aim for the professors. Yancey also notes that in order for nursing science to progress, nurses must have a complete understanding of the theoretical foundations of the discipline.

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The main idea of the article consists of the statement that using the new teaching model (humanbecoming model), developed by the CBU School of Nursing, is an effective approach to providing a complete picture of the skills needed to become a professional nurse. The level of comprehensive learning of nursing science should be growing in society because individuals deserve to get the best knowledge during their preparation to the separate medical careers in clinics and hospitals. The theoretical foundation should be used as the solid background for creating a nursing educational program which will satisfy the need for a highly qualified knowledge for all the types of medical workers. Theoretic facts are considered to be the foundation for all the practical skills of nurses in this publication. The challenge is to find the right approach to teaching the nursing theory in the way that is understandable for all the students. The so-named “humanbecoming” theoretic model is shown in the article as the most appropriate for teaching and learning because it works in the advanced paradigm of building a beneficial perspective. This publication is recent enough and shows actual statistics analyzed in a logical way.

Power, L. (2016). Nursing theory and the delivery of compassionate care. Nursing Standard, 30(24), 41-46.

In this peer reviewed journal article, the author, Power, discusses why compassionate care is in this day and age becoming a priority for healthcare policies. The article explains that compassion can be defined as the necessity to learn, recognize and support the reasons for humans’ vulnerabilities. The roles of modern nurses have changed due to the fact that patients live longer, even with dangerous symptoms, and medical workers need to concentrate on giving the most possible comfort to these people. According to Power, the central aim of nursing is to maximize the efforts of providing support to individuals who need it.

Nursing, is discussed in the publication, as the insecure profession which is hard to assert and which needs repeated identification of skills. The medical workers contact real people and deal with their health conditions, so it gives a lot of responsibility to them. It leads to the point that nursing, as a discipline, requires the judgment of experience together with theoretical and practical knowledge. The empirical approach to nursing work is crucial for the development of all the opportunities existing in the medical care industry. The author states that healthcare practice should involve theorizing and constant adapting of the already existing models for implementing compassionate care. In such a way, patients will get the most effective treatments because theory is central for developing nursing knowledge. According to the author’s ideas, the dynamic nature of modern health care can bring the society to the aggregation of valuable observations needed for gathering the nursing evidence which is one of the basic elements of curing patients. The article is current enough and provides well researched results by the author.

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