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Obstacles To Health Library Development, Research Capabilities And Priorities

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This study mainly studies the obstacles and priorities of the research development of the health library and investigates the relevant issues of relevant research from staff and experts, not only the experience accumulated in practice and suggestions for future development directions. Existing literature rarely considers this aspect, and this is a very important issue.

The existing medical system is supported by Medicare. Through 45 years of revisions and workarounds, superimposed procedures have made health services very complicated (Ruth Dunkin, Connor Rochford, Tyler Nichols, n.d.). Decentralized systems are under increasing pressure. About 70% of health expenditure is in the public sector, where the federal government provides most of the funds, while the state government provides the balance. (Lewis & Leeder, 2009) Considering the future of the health care system, it is necessary to formulate a strategy to lead relevant research in related fields.

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As the literary foundation continues to develop, people recognize that librarians need to participate more in research (Powell, Baker, et al. 2002; Juznic and Urbanija 2003; Koufogiannakis and Slater 2004; Koufogiannakis and Crumley 2006). Within the current strategic scope of the health library, if you want to improve and improve the corresponding decision-making skills, solicit practice, and improve patient care-related issues, you need to fully participate in this work. Given the Hill Report (Hill 2008, page 35), which is particularly relevant, the report specifically recommends that ‘health librarians should work with researchers to continue active and frequent research to measure the best available evidence for use in decision-making Impact’.

Most of the work that health librarians participate in involves the knowledge generated by the organization and management of research, which is fundamentally related to research, especially directly related to evidence-based health practices, and evidence-based medicine and research constitute this Important aspect(Eldredge 2000;Hill 2008)。Although health professionals are required to prove that their practice is reasonable and based on reliable research evidence, there is very little evidence that health librarians are related to their own professional practice. To a large extent, their participation in evidence-based practice is directly linked to health practice rather than library management practice.

The lack of evidence-based practices in library science undermines the reputation of health librarians in participating in evidence-based health practices, and it is widely reported that more and more professionals are becoming more and more important to participate in evidence-based library science work.

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