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Obvious Pros and Disproved Cons of Technology in Education: Essay

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Bill Gates once said, “I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other”. What he meant by the quote is that he believes that any tool that can be used to improve communication between humans greatly affects the process of how people can learn and therefore improve because of one another. One of these tools is technology and its progression. Technology has become an important element in people’s lives. It brought great improvement to the different fields of life including education. Some people believe that bringing technology to classrooms is helpful whilst others argue that it does more harm than good. In an article written through TrustRadius by Taha Ahmed Khan, she discusses how technology has a positive effect on the field of education. Another article by Danny Mareco talks about the reasons why students need technology. This essay will show that despite its cons, technology is still great for use in the classroom because it improves engagement, pushes students towards individual learning, and teaches them the life skills they will need through technology.

The first reason technology should be used is because it improves engagement. When technology is used during a lesson students feel more motivated to participate because it might include things like animated videos and virtual learning trips. Liane Wardlow, a former Pearson research scientist stated that “with increased student engagement comes increased learning. Active learning is associated with improved student academic performance”​ (Wardlow)​. Additionally, technology pushes students to learn on their own. That is because students can learn at their own pace and also find different resources to help them understand hard lessons. In fact, an article published in the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota states that “​case studies​ have found that implementing technology in the classroom to create personalized learning plans increases student achievement and improves test scores by an average of 30% ​(‘The Benefits of Personalized Learning Through Technology’). ​Lastly, technology allows students to apply and learn life skills that they’ll need in the future. One of them being the ability to adapt to progress and change since technology is always progressing. Also, it gives the student a bit of self-direction and the ability to explore since they’re free to research and evaluate on their own. Organizers in the international youth foundation stated: “Technology is an effective tool for teaching life skills. Such skills include self-confidence, creative and critical thinking, responsibility, goal setting, and teamwork”​ (‘​Technology and Life Skills Education’​).

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Some people argue that technology shouldn’t be used in the classroom because it’ll act more like a distraction than a learning tool (‘​5 Problems with Technology in Classrooms’)​. This, however, is inaccurate because as long as the school helps monitor the usage of the gadgets by adding restrictions in browsing and blocking certain websites, therefore, students won’t have much of a choice than to listen and study. Additionally, people argue that technology might disconnect students from each other (‘The Pros & Cons of Technology in Classroom. ​Why Technology in the Classroom Is Good and Bad’​). ​This, however, isn’t necessarily true because the teachers can organize an agenda that includes oral presentations and group collaborations that helps the student interact with fellow students. Lastly, some argue that technology will impact the classroom negatively because not everyone might be able to afford to get their own gadgets and that creates inequality or imbalance in the classroom. ​“​Technology may look extremely accessible to all kinds of people, but that’s not always the case” ​(‘The Pros & Cons of Technology in the Classroom. Why Technology in the Classroom Is Good and Bad’). ​This, however, is inaccurate because the school should provide reasonable deals to provide students with gadgets. Also, almost everyone has some sort of electronic gadget because we live in a digital age.

This essay has explored the pros of using technology in the classroom. With the many arguments stating that technology must not be used in the classroom, this essay explored all the benefits that come as a result of using technology in a classroom. Overall, technology must be used in the classroom because, looking at the big picture, it helps in the progression of the educational field. ​Technology has opened up doors of wonders and chances in not only the educational field but every field out there. the time has come for us to seize those chances.

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