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Online Activism Or Modern Activism

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The unbelievable advancement in technology has made an impact on each and every sector of society. This advent in technology removed the geographical boundation due to which the communication with the people has become more diverse. Breaking the time barrier has transformed activism in numerous manner from the last few decades. The way people are now connected is broader in range.

In the context of social media presence, platforms create a civic culture as it opens the path to the diverse environment of spreading & raising once voice. this digital culture empowers the individual & offers more spaces and new ways for the public to share their opinion. It is through these media that the population, regardless of where they are, can actively participate in civic culture. The influence of online presence has created a wide range of benefits like it helps people to have more information about actions and to have a voice in public and political speeches. Social media is an essential mobilization tool, as it allows for the organization of targeted groups’ political activities but does not require a massive financial investment (Youmans & York, 2012). However, social media can be used to exchange emotional or motivational content and can enhance shared identities within political networks (Jost at el;2018, Mc Garty et al., 2014).

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The fastest-growing connection in a rapidly changing environment which helps in maintaining the transparency of society and its change which made these platforms more enhanced for raising the voice of everyday people by participating in activism, allowing them to know their rights & responsibilities. The availability of resources due to which modern activism made information to be delivered or accessed with the new rapid pathways as it Influences people, their Immediate response to occurrence whether political, economical or any other issues as it directly the matter of the community which makes it more detailed.

In addition, the new media tools have created a wide range of network for the engagement of people, social media has enabled the ease of activism. for example, the case in India where a girl got raped very badly due to which people came on-road and raised their voices against the government to hang them till death because of the online presence and the rapid access to the news people raised their voices through different social media channels which create a very huge impact on national and worldwide.

Online communication has its positive and negative side. it’s a very powerful tool through which we can create a change in society as it allows activists to organize events with high levels of engagement, focus, and network strength which make it a more effective way to engage a large number of people to a cause. it makes people more developed about the different aspects of the different sections of society.



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