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Opinion Essay on the Most Disliked Figure: Analysis of Cleopatra

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Cleopatra was born in 69 BCE with Greek lineage and into a ptolemy family. Her family was known as the type to kill and strategize against anyone that might get in their way of power no matter who it was, even if it were family. Her father was Ptolemy XII and her mother hasn’t been identified. At a young age she was already exposed to people being killed right in front of her eyes. Seeing these sights opened up her mind early on in her life to manipulate, seduce, kill, or use people to benefit her, giving her power. While growing up, because she was very quick to utilize these skills and start her journey toward power, she had to make others around her believe she wasn’t a threat to them for the throne. Once they believed what she wanted them to, she attacked with smart moves to get rid of them.

At just the age of 18 she married her younger brother, Ptolemy XIII, who was only 10 years old. Together, they co-ruled Egypt after their father passed away. Ruling together was a struggle because of the hatred they had for each other competing for more power. Eventually, Cleopatra forced her brother out of the throne and soon after married another one of her brothers. To open eyes she killed one of Julius Caesar’s greatest enemies. After this she began an affair with Caesar and had a kid with him that they named Caesarean. As the people of Rome grew more mad and disliked Cleopatra, they decided to kill Caesar. On March 15 44 BC, Caesar was stabbed many times and killed.

Once Cleopatra quickly finished grieving, she had more affairs with men including Marc Antony and she attempted to seduce Octavian. She dressed as the goddess Isis to show people her importance. Her and Marc Antony fell in love and wanted to combine Egypt and Rome to rule both lands as one. They soon got in a war against Octavian but lost. Antony received a letter that said Cleopatra had died, so he killed himself by stabbing himself with a sword. At the same time, she is trying to seduce Octavian as her last hope but it doesn’t work and she finds out that Antony has died and doesn’t see any purpose left in her life. She has truly given up and ends up killing herself by allowing a poisonous snake bite he

When it comes to Cleopatra and Julius Caesar’s relationship, I do not believe that is was completely true love the entire time, but I do think at certain points they really did love each other. I think that they were at least very attracted to each other and knew they both had a lot of power politically. By combining that power could make them an unstoppable duo. Caesar helped her by killing her brother/husband and making sure that she would be protected by his army. Their love for each other could’ve grown as they became more confident and seeing the progress they had made. Together they had a kid and named it Caesarian. The relationship was strong up until the point of Caesar’s death where Cleopatra moved on fast and started her next affair. If there wasn’t a motive for her to seduce Caesar I feel that they would have never actually had a love story at all.

From the start of Cleopatra and Marc Antony’s relationship I feel this love was true. They both had the same interests and desires for each other and their futures. Cleopatra decided to seduce him because of how attracted she was to him, how close he was with Caesar, and the great amount of power and skill he had. Spending many days together helped keep Antony obsessed with her but also caused some tension between them when things started to go wrong. Their fights seemed to never last long and they eventually got married and had children together. Soon later they got into a war against Octavian that they knew they weren’t going to win. Since they knew they would lose, they fled to Alexandria. While here, Antony received a false letter that Cleopatra had died and so he decided to stab himself and suffer a slow death. When his death became known Cleopatra set out in an attempt to seduce Octavian and failed. Being hopeless and without Antony, she killed herself with the poisonous venom from a snake.

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The personalities of these historical figures are all different yet the same in their own unique ways. I interpreted Antony’s personality type to be very fun, adventurous, and living in the moment. He isn’t afraid to show his true feelings and fight for what he wants. When Cleopatra seduced him, he made it very obvious that he was obsessed with her and would protect her. Although he has this protective side, he isn’t afraid to have a good time and go to parties when he isn’t trying to secure his power.

The one with the biggest personality out of these people was Cleopatra. I would say she was the most persuasive, passionate, smart and determined women of this time. She seduced many men, mainly to get what she wanted, but it also helped her find great men to have loving relationships with. She was so smart with her choices and ideas, which proves her intelligence. When she had kids she gave them so much love and protection to prove her passion and heart in her life, and this could reflect in how she would rule.

Julius Caesar was a confident, power-hungry, and intelligent leader. He always knew the right move to make, to show what he could do when it came to gaining more power. When he met Cleopatra, she immediately drew him in. He knew together they would make an incredible team to take on Rome and Egypt and be the strongest duo of the land. Caesar was very confident in his ability to be a strong ruler with a strong military. He proved this by getting along with almost everybody, he wasn’t from a wealthy family, and he had the ability to negotiate well with others.

Lastly, Octavian’s personality was shown the most in his political moves. He was a very sharp, strong, and stable man. He seemed to always be a step ahead of everyone which helped him take advantage of every situation. He watched Caesar ruin his reputation with Rome when he was spending a lot of his with Cleopatra, and this helped him get closer and closer to the throne. As he was in the position with power, Cleopatra tried to seduce him and he was smart enough not to fall for it. He knew what she was known for and made the decision to ignore her antics in order to gain ultimate power. In the end this worked out for him and he soon ruled the land but by the name of Augustus.

The historical figure that I admire the most would be Marc Antony. I chose him because he seems to be the most normal, average guy out of all of them. He liked to just live life, have a good time, and express his feelings truthfully. Even though he searched for power, he found love and never gave up on it. Throughout his fight for power and love, he made many mistakes. To me, mistakes stand out because it shows that we are only human and no one’s perfect. He also shows how he doesn’t give up on what he loves/wants because life is too short.

The historical figure I dislike the most would be Cleopatra. After learning about her beauty, confidence, strength, and her many other qualities I believe that it’s the qualities of the heart that matters the most. She may have been a loving mother and wife but she made choices and decisions that would only benefit her. She did whatever it took to get what she wanted, even if that meant killing whoever got in her way. I think true beauty comes from within and the way you treat people reflects on how you would be as a leader. She left an impressive legacy but I feel the message she sent could’ve been more humane.

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