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Optimism in the Twenty-First Century

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Together as a society, we are merging deeper into the twenty-first century, with many difficult challenges and accomplishments along the way. Being hopeful and optimistic about the future will result in a positive rest of the twenty-first century. There is plenty to be hopeful about when it comes to the future, seeing all the work and effort people are putting in to better our world, inspires others to join in and start a movement. As a society, we have to find optimism from the world around us, and look for the good in every situation. Yes, we have to deal with many worldwide problems including climate change, poverty, wars and more, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do our best to help out. Each and every day our world is evolving with new technology being created, and new research being found, all working to save the world and solve the ongoing climate change and climate emergencies we are facing. Having optimism about the future will bring the world new opportunities, improve our life conditions and allow renewable energy to take over the world, and continue to improve our world today.

Day by day, our world is continuing to develop and new opportunities are brought upon us. Not too far down the road, new ways of communication will be available, making it easier for people to communicate around the world. New and upgraded ways to travel will begin to emerge, making it more accessible for people to travel the world, meet new people, and learn new things about different cultures and lifestyles in our society, and hopefully see how serious climate change really is. The new opportunities also allow people to be educated to study new knowledge, making people more eligible to contribute to society, and the issues around us. In terms of countries, the development of people will make them stronger, creating a more balanced atmosphere and living environment for humans. Studies prove that travelling makes people smarter, because we are learning things from all over the world, and viewing all the issues through our own eyes, opening up a new perspective and drive to help out and be optimistic about the future, than those who are not educated on our world and society. Our environment is very valuable, and as a millennial, and those who are around me, will not sit by and watch climate change take over and destroy our atmosphere. Every day, sometimes multiple times a day, I see posts and advertisements on social media such as Instagram and Twitter, posting about climate change, pollution, or other climate emergencies we are facing in the world today. The images, videos and captions are always so eye opening and prompt me to share the post to spread the world. In our society today, teens mostly, but everyone is on social media, which means millions of individuals see the same posts every day, with the same effect it has on me, wanting to help make a change. Having optimism about the rest of the twenty-first century, will bring change and positivity to our society and world around us.

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Modern technology is taking over our world. Medicines and machines are now available, that are saving peoples’ lives. It is wild to see the improvement in health care and treatments that have been created thus far in the twenty-first century. One can only imagine what can be improved from today. As the development of new medicines, and medical skills are being invented, it is certain that our life conditions are going to improve immensely, and life expectancy will rise. With life conditions improving, people will be around on this earth for much longer, which means we should want to have a clean and healthy world to live in. The individuals of this generation still have decades to go living in this atmosphere, so why wouldn’t we do what we can to save the world and help contribute to solving climate change. Climate change is affecting our lives as well as our loved ones’ lives, it is taking away from the quality of our world and it is progressively getting worse and worse as people continue to take poor care of our environment. For millennials, like myself self-actualization, and purpose are coming really early on in our lives, and it seems to be the earliest it’s ever happened for any generation in the world. Young people are becoming educated about the world issues at such a young age these days, and everything is so publicly talked, that people are realizing the seriousness and importance of our environment. Millennials want to grow up in a clean world, and will not give up on making a change. There are already thousands of non-profit organizations, fundraisers, movements that have been put in play to motivate and raise awareness about our future on this earth and the effects of climate change, and what we can do as a society to help. Having optimism towards wanting to make the world a cleaner place, motivates me and millions of people every day to look for the good around us and want to make a change. Everything is always evolving and becoming more advanced, I want to live into the future to see and experience life in a cleaner way.

Renewable energy is key to fighting climate change. It is one of the most efficient tools we have of fighting climate change, and there are many reasons to believe it will succeed. Renewable energy is taking over the world slowly but surely. Costa Rica has been running 100% on renewable energy for over a year now, and Germany and the UK are running 50% on renewable energy. Countries are making the change to fuel our world with renewable energy. The cost of renewable energy, such as solar and wind energy, is dropping faster than expected, which means more countries are in favor of making the switch over. Renewable energy is becoming increasingly competitive with fossil fuels, but in some places renewable energy is already cheaper than continuing to work with other, inefficient forms of energy. These cost trends are expected to continue, with careful planning, renewable energy and clean energy options, such as increased energy efficiency and storing energy for use later will help pave the way. There is continuing advancements being made each day to improve the renewable energy field, and it has made a huge progress towards pollution and climate change in our society. In addition to the climate benefits of renewable energy, renewables already provide a wide range of market and public health benefits that greatly outweigh their costs. Some nuclear plants, and other non-renewable energy companies are beginning to shut down, and re designing and opening as a 100% clean energy company. Seeing companies and plants making a change for the environment and to help the world climate change should motivate others to follow in the same footprint and go clean as well. Seeing people around the world making a change, is what gives me the optimism and hope for a brighter future. “Replacing fossil fuels as an energy source with green power is the most important action, we can take to address the impacts of climate change on health and to reduce pollutants that can lead to disease” (‘Importance of Renewable Energy in the Fight Against Climate Change’, 2015), said Rame Hemstreet, chief energy officer, who works for Kaiser Permanente, which is a healthcare company based out of the United States. This quote stood out to me and felt exceedingly true to me. It represents the importance of transforming to using renewable energy sources, as it is not only beneficial for the fight against climate change, but it is also vastly important for our health. Renewable energy could supply four-fifths of the world’s electricity by 2050, massively cutting carbon emissions and helping to mitigate climate change. this means speeding up innovation in business and technology. Above it all, it means taking action to promote renewable energy today, but we can’t do that without having optimism and a drive to want to make the change. Future predictions for the total CO2 emissions from all sectors clearly show that only 10% of our energy will be produced (‘Climate Policy Drives Shift to Renewable Energy’, 2017) from non-renewable energy sources, which is a huge improvement, and hopefully will be played out in the next couple decades. Seeing all the positive changes being made around the world, making the switch to using renewable energy sources, and other practical changes being made, is what gives me and the world optimism and hope towards the remaining years in the twenty-first century. I hope to see these changes continued to be carried out and making a positive change towards climate change.

Optimism is having hopefulness and confidence about the future, seeing the worthwhile changes that are currently being made in regards to our earth, and fight against climate change. I have optimism about our future, after reading many articles and research about the future projections, and motives being put in action, to better our world and make changes for the better, it gives me even more hope that our society is going to improve, and climate change will be conquered. Making a big impact on the earth takes years, decades even, but every positive contribution is a step in the right direction. As a society, we have to work together to make a change. Once people learn how serious climate change is, and the damage that is being done, it usually opens their eyes to the seriousness of the situation and want to make a difference. As the future is full of new technologies, ideas, challenges, there are always new opportunities that come along with every situation. With new ways of communication and ways to travel, will further educate the population as they will be able to travel and learn about the different issues around the world and what we need to do to help. New modern technologies are producing and finding research for new medicines and medical skills to improve our life conditions and expand our life expectancy. While this is a positive statement, it also means that we will be on this earth longer and we want to live in a clean and healthy atmosphere, with clean air, safe drinking water and a generally healthy living environment. As millennials, we need to make the changes the world needs and do our part to fight climate change. Lastly, one of the biggest factors benefiting the fight against climate change, is renewable energy. Renewable energy is rapidly taking over other forms of energy, and it is proven to be the best cure in the fight against climate change. Our world is so beautiful, with so many discoveries and experiences to be made, so why wouldn’t I be optimistic to see a brighter future and hope the rest of the world does too.

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