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Organization Approaches To Managing Stress

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Stress management is conducive to reducing the excessive psychological pressure of employees. When employees are in a group, they can feel the power of the collective, so they are not lonely, afraid, and have a sense of belonging. Maintaining moderate pressure and interdependence among employees creates a sense of identity. Moderate pressure is the driving force of work, forming unique psychological habits and positioning role, which is the sense of role. The implementation of pressure management in enterprises and the mutual care and care of group members can eliminate the dull psychology and generate a sense of strength so that employees can improve their work efficiency and the performance of the whole organization. When an organization knows the pressure of employees in different timelines and conducts management to dredge it, it will take a correct attitude to examine employees’ inner feelings, pressure sources, and opinions. Attaching importance to the stress management of employees has become the human resource management of the organization. Thus, organizations should set up these preventive solutions to manage stress:

First, employees work pressure preventive solutions. It should establish a formal organizational communication mechanism to achieve seamless communication. Communication is a good way to release stress. It provides a way to express emotions. Effective communication channels help employees understand the company’s status and changes in the external environment in a timely manner, so that they can make adjustments in a timely manner, change from passive to active, and reduce stress. When employees are in a work environment beyond their capacity, set strategies of work stress management of employees they often feel stressed out. Therefore, ensuring that employees’ ability meets the requirements of the work is the basic starting point of human resources management. In the hiring, it is necessary to reduce the blindness of employees’ work awareness through pre-introduction of work topics, thereby reducing stress. On another side, the hire must meet the job requirements, and strive to avoid after taking up the job, there is huge psychological pressure because of incompetence. The organization should provide more welfare like high wages, housing, medical care, and social insurance. These comprehensive benefits could effectively reduce the external pressure of work for employees.

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Second, employees personal pressure preventive solution. A person’s mindset and way of thinking largely determines the person’s attitude and views, so change personal mind and understand stress correctly. Cultivate the ability of employees to control psychological stress and anxiety: To reduce the harm of psychological negative factors, requires efforts at both the organizational and individual levels. Letting employees learn to manage their own stress and anxiety is an important way for both levels to work together. In this regard, both attitude guidance and specific methods should be taught to employees. Employees don’t have to worry too much about their weaknesses, but they must give full play to their strengths and make themselves confident to solve their depression problems. There are some tips to reduce personal pressures:

  1. The principles of time management commonly used in work and complete the most important things in your most productive time period jobs.
  2. A healthy body thereby reducing the effects of stress, the best way is take a good sleep.
  3. Take time to make fun and relaxation, and keep sense of humor because this is a good way to fight stress.
  4. While stress is an automatic response from nervous system, to practice the 4 A’s (Avoid, Alter, Adapt and Accept) of stress management.
  5. There is nothing more calming than spending quality time with another human being who makes safe and understood.
  6. The fastest way to reduce stress is by taking a deep breath and using all senses to relieve stress in the moment.
  7. Maintaining an optimistic attitude can give impetus to personal development.
  8. Individuals must establish good values and formulate a practical career plan (Robinson, Smith, and Segal, 2019). Self-confidence is a kind of confidence that an individual often maintains in self-ability, identity and value. Only by strengthening self-confidence cultivating and exercising strong willpower can adapt to the stress environment.

Third, Organizations could look for some different ways to helping employees cope with stress, it includes promote mental health plan, making clear expectations to employees, and to create fair work treatments. At the same time,

Organization approaches to managing stress:

  1. The organization should popularize the knowledge of stress management to employees, and it also sets up publicity columns to promote employees’ mental health knowledge. Establish corresponding pressure consulting organizations or institutions to help employees relieve stress. The main idea is to help employees manage stress by maintaining physical and mental health. Content is a way to reduce stress for employees. The reason for implementing the plan is that in the final analysis, employees’ own lives must be controlled by employees themselves. Employee self-management and self-adjustment are the most effective way to relieve stress.
  2. As a manager of an organization must be made clear expectations to employees. In a workplace, managers should change unreasonable beliefs and behavior patterns to help employees clear descriptions of their job to less stress. If managers don’t make clear descriptions for their jobs, the employee will feel role ambiguity and conflict in the work environment. On other hand, the human resources department should feedback the performance evaluation results to employees in a timely manner, and let employees participate in some of their decisions, so as to reduce the ambiguity of roles and conflicts, and reduce the uncertainty of tasks and roles. According to the research showed that exactly how role stress and various performances of individuals are related has received considerable attention, in which stress has been found to affect individual creativity (Yan and Chen, 2010).
  3. Organization to create fair work treatment for the employee. Organizations improve the working environment and conditions to provide employees with a pleasant and ensure they have good tools and equipment to do their jobs well. Allowing employees to freely determine the time to go to work within a specific period of time, and to arrange their time reasonably. This way will not only help the organization handle work, life, and family balance but also more effectively complete tasks. To help employees set up goals can enhance employees’ motivation, and to plan some activities such as reading, running or play basketball, and so on.

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