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Organization Behavior: Case Study Of Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft

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Organization Behavior:

Introduction: (Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft)

Description of the OB concept. The history and theories behind the use of this concept, as well as any negative opinions or theories against the concept.

Identify three (3) organizational known to successfully apply the chosen organizational behavior concept to their organizational structure. *At least one of these organizations should come from Forbes 100 Best Places to Work list for this year. Provide a describe the organizations chosen, their background and how/why this OB concept was applied. Be sure to included examples of concept applied within each organization (answers may vary based on organization)

Organizations viewed as leaders in their industry because they use of the OB concepts (answers may vary based on organization)

Be prepared to discuss how this organizational concept is applied in your own workplace – or could be applied.

Before diving into the main concept first let’s check, what is an organization? basically, an organization is born when two or more people come together and agree to coordinate their work in order to achieve their common goals. Coming to the behavior, it is an action that exhibits the character of individual or it can be defined as the reaction of something under specified circumstances. Now, coming to the main concept an organizational behavior can be classified as an action and attitudes of individuals and groups toward one another. According to John Nestrom & Keith Davis, “The study and application of knowledge about how people as individuals and groups act within Organizations, it strives to identify ways in which people can act more effectively.”

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Organizational behavior is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structures have on behavior within the organization. In history, we have Kautilaya’s Arthsastra as a concept of organizational behavior where it is a relationship with the subordinates, ministers, servants as well as friends. There are few more concepts regarding the organizational behavior such as Boldness, Customer-centricity, and Peculiarity, Service to customers, Respect for Individual, Strive for excellence.

Amazon is one of the top 100 best places to work list for this year based on Forbes which is successful due to its organizational behavior. It is known for a corporate culture that pushes employees to explore ideas and take risks. This cultural condition is responsible for the company’s capacity to seek new opportunities to utilize data-intensive processes to provide efficient online retail service. Amazon promotes boldness among its workers. This characteristic of the corporate culture is seen in how the company pioneered to sell a wide array of items online, initially starting with books, through data-intensive information technology. This feature of the organizational culture enables Amazon to identify the best possible ideas to solve problems or improve the e-commerce business. It also involves peculiarity. In particular, this cultural characteristic refers to the idea of challenging conventions. For example, Amazon motivates its employees to view themselves and their work as different from conventional ways of doing business.

Coming to the second organization, I chose Walmart, the company which has a leadership position in the industry. Such a retail market position and potential long-term business success are linked to the beneficial and synergistic combination of the company’s organizational structure and organizational culture/behavior. The organizational behavior concepts that Walmart believes are service to customers, respect for individual, strive for excellence, action with integrity. In terms of service to customers, the company prioritizes customers in its operations. Walmart also recognizes the contributions of each employee to the success of the business. In addition, the firm strives for excellence in the performance of individual workers, teams, and the entire organization. In terms of maintaining integrity, Walmart promotes the virtues of honesty, fairness, and impartiality in decision-making processes.

The third organization I chose is Microsoft Corporation which benefits from its organizational culture/behavior, which facilitates human resource competence. This organizational culture is essential to Microsoft’s success in the computer hardware and software market. Microsoft describes its corporate culture as a culture of accountability. This cultural feature ensures that every employee understands that his actions have consequences in the company’s context. As a technology business, Microsoft needs to innovate to maintain its competitiveness against other computer hardware and software firms. Innovation and quality are features integrated in the company’s organizational culture. For example, Microsoft heavily invests in research and development efforts for product improvement and new product development. To ensure customer satisfaction, Microsoft Corporation includes responsiveness as a feature in its organizational culture. Responsiveness is achieved through training, so that employees effectively consider feedback from customers and partners. For example, Microsoft maintains feedback systems to allow employees to know what customers think and experience in using the firm’s computer hardware and software products.

Summary: (Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft)

To be summarized, how three organizations have organization behavior, how this organizational behavior concept is applied in your own workplace.

Conclusion: (Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft)

To Conclude, what you achieve out of this OB concepts.

References: (Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft)

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