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Organizational Culture As The Factor For Workplace Environment Formation

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“IF YOU GET THE CULTURE RIGHT, MOST OF THE OTHER STUFF WILL JUST TAKE CARE OF ITSELF” is a much underrated statement. The organization’s culture and the workplace environment are very important factors while attracting brilliant mindsets. There is a reason that some companies are more successful than others. The common reason that why people choose one organization over the other is that the former has a very friendly and good organizational culture. Employees sometimes do not mind a few rupees here or there if they are getting the environment that makes them want to work more.

The organizational culture is basically created by the people working in the organization. From the way they dress to the days they don’t work are all a part of organization’s culture. But let’s still have a look at where actually does the organization’s culture come from.

Foundation of any organization’s culture

Organizational culture is nothing but a shared set of beliefs and values that the employees of the organization have in common. The initial culture of the organization is created by the founders and the directors of the organization. But eventually, the people in the organization finalize the culture. The culture is also dependent on the stakeholders of the organization, the ethics and beliefs of the organization and the organizational structure.

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  1. Characteristics of the people within the organization: The human resource of an organization is the only asset of the organization that can think for itself. The people in the organization are the ones that make the culture of that organization. Every employee that works in the organization put a little bit of himself in the organization. This is one of the reasons that people are only able to work in those organizations that have similar values as they do. The people in the organization are actually the face of their organization at one point or another and the clients will judge the culture of the organization based on their experience with the representative that they interact with.
  2. Organizational Ethics: Organizational ethics are the standards and the principals on which an organization works. Organizational ethics are a reflection of the core values of a business and they are an important part of any business’s activities. Organizational ethics are the moral grounds or moral principles on which an organization works. It is very essential that a business follows proper ethics and guidelines. But this is not always the case. Many companies have been exposed who have been practicing unethical behavior and putting the life of their customers at risk, just in order to gain some benefits. Once a company is exposed of its malpractices, then no matter how much the company improves, people will always have a doubt about it.
  3. Stakeholder’s rights: Stake holder’s rights are the powers and rights that the company’s stake holders have over the resource of the company. Not all the companies have similar organizational practice when it comes to stake holders, but the rights of stake holders distinguish the company’s culture from other companies. The rights of the employees build the attitude of the employees, which will eventually become the culture of the organization.
  4. Organizational structure: The way an organization defines how the tasks and work responsibilities will be distributed among the members is called the organization’s structure. There are two types of organizational structure.
  • a. Centralized Organizational structure: In this kind of organizational structure, the power is given to a few authorities. It is a completely bureaucratic system which provides stability in the work.
  • b. Decentralized Organizational structure: This kind of organizational structure is more flexible one. There is free flow of information and it is very adaptive in nature.

The kind of structure that an organization has will make a part of the organization’s culture.

Ways of learning an organization’s culture

Antara who has recently joined the company can be made to understand the culture of the organization in various ways. They are as follows:

  1. Stories: We all remember our childhood time, when our elders used to narrate some stories to us. There is a possibility that we still remember most of those stories. The reason behind this is that when things are made interesting, people will be attentive to it and will remember it for a long period of time. Similarly, when the people of the organization will narrate various past events that happened in the organization (such events that highlight the culture of the company), then Antara is sure to remember those events.
  2. Rituals: Things that we see are not very easy to forget. Rituals are the activities that an organization conducts, which give a clear picture of the fundamental values of an organization. The rituals can be anything from annual function to corporate parties. When Antara is made a part of these rituals, it is very unlikely that she will forget them.
  3. Material symbols: There are some companies such as Google, whose culture is well known not only to their employees, but also to the outside the world. This is because these companies provide a very healthy working space and environment to their employees. When Antara is provided with a supportive team, good salary package and a beautiful office, she will understand that the company’s culture is to keep their employees happy.
  4. Language: What you speak tells a lot about you. When the employees in the office will follow a particular language code, decency level and behavior, it will give an idea about the culture of the company.


In the end it can be stated that employees are what make the culture of any organization, and hence we should choose employees whose values match the values of the company. It is also not very difficult to make the new employees aware of the company’s culture, but they need a little amount of time to understand it and make it a part of their life.

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