Organizational Structure For Hardware Shack

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The organizational structure is concerned with the mapping of the various organizational departments as well as teams, the hierarchical organization, the goals and objectives in each department. It also highlights the various roles and responsibilities. The architecture of the organization is a framework used to describe an entity hierarchy. Every task, role, and reporting position within the company is defined. Its framework is designed to determine the way a company operates and helps it meet its goals to encourage future growth. This paper will recommend the organizational structure for Hardware Shack.

For the Hardware Shack, the practical hierarchical model would be excellent. Organizations following the operational paradigm of organizational development split their activity into various areas. Across various departments, for instance, advertising, accounting, distribution, compliance, R&D and HR are issued with different boxes. For example. Such divisions will have separate departments, including sub-departments at the board level. These structures are redolent of the military command line that has observed a strict pyramidal hierarchy as well as a chain of action (Morgan, 2014).

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Larry would need to pass the information to the supervisors. The organizational chart below shows that Larry would need an operations manager who will manage the operational activities. The HR manager will ensure that the organization has enough employees. The accounting manager will also be needed for the organization to manage accounting activities. The marketing manager will help Larry in marketing activities and attracting new clients. The financial manager will see the financial activities of the organization (Aquinas, 2009).

The expert groups of people under a single organizational structure executing similar tasks. Both funds are therefore housed in the division of accounting and so on in the areas of advertising, sales, management, and human resources. The benefits of this type of structure include quick decision-making, and group members can interact quickly. You can also benefit from each other because you already have the necessary skills and interests. It will allow Larry to manage all his work without sharing all the information with them (Maguire, 2012).

Each unit has different sizes as well as subdivisions based on business needs. For example, in a law firm, the Legal department, in contrast with the R&D department, will be more diverse and sub-divided. Some companies fuse their sales with the marketing department, so managers can work together as well as bring mutually supportive ideas. It will allow Larry to divide the workers into different departments, which will help in managing work properly (Morgan, 2014).

In self-contained business units, including a small company or an individual task group, operational, organizational structures are ideal. The downside of this arrangement is that due to the strict centralized system, the problems tend to lead in vertical coverage, rather than being settled through mutual agreement between two horizontal units. It has a centralized system that will ensure that Larry is not sharing all information with the managers (Maguire, 2012).

Although many forms of organizational structures were designed to meet the requirements of each company, they all provide a hierarchy that refers to a centralized location and executive team. Any or more top managers referred to as president, managing director, or chief operating officer are the critical representative in an institutional constitution. In this case, Larry is the top authority, and all managers will report to him (Morgan, 2014).

When a framework of an organization, work requirements can be generated to satisfy not only strategic priorities but also to encourage corporate and staff development. The key to successful activities is organizational capital and recruitment of staff. Recruiting is also one of the businesses ' most significant expenditures, ensuring that work incentives are encouraged and job security will further reduce the cost of recruiting (Aquinas, 2009).


The organizational structure will help Larry in managing all works while keeping the centralized power. If workers with similar qualifications and skills are merged, this increases efficiency and quality of output. Roles and responsibilities do not alter significantly, so that there is no time to study, so transparency is apparent. Because the system is transparent, employees know the one director they will address, rather than many. This simplifies interaction and eliminates workplace frustration. Members can be confident about what they do because they are organized. We become more committed to their team and the entire organization. It improves morality, as there is more security at work. Colleagues have a consistent growth path that motivates them and is more likely to work for their departmental colleagues. A functioning organizational structure offers an ideal setting to find out the real application of conceptual knowledge for new employees (especially new college graduates).


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