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Oscar Wilde's Pursuit of Aestheticism

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When I was young, I read Andersen’s fairy tales. When I grew up, I read Wilde. Oscar Wilde — the happy prince, the nightingale and the rose… As the fairy tale with the most death images, it tells you the darkness of human nature and the cruelty, lightness and romance of society. Just as Wilde once said when telling a fairy tale to his son, ‘all the truly beautiful things make people sad.’

Most of the traditional fairy tale to present a happy ending, but Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales, is a heart, tear it to you. ‘We all live in the dark,’ Wilde said, ‘but some of us look up at the stars.’ Wilde’s talent was universally acknowledged. He made his name in poetry, rose to fame in fiction, and became a sensation on the English stage with his plays. Many people think that ‘aestheticism’ is a kind of romance, a kind of feelings, a kind of yearning for beauty, while Wilde’s literature tells us that ‘aestheticism’ is to abandon fantasy, see through reality, recognize darkness and feel pain, because our hearts are born to be broken.

‘When I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in life. I’m older now, it’s true.’

In his tragic fairy tale the nightingale and the rose, the nightingale sings of love in the moonlight and trades her blood for a rose that blooms on a winter night. In the end, the nightingale fell on the grass because of the blood, fulfilling the hope of a pair of lovers’ love, so that their own death. However, rose’s blood did not change love, just because of ‘poverty’.

Wilde said, ‘life imitates art. Life is in fact a mirror, but art is real.’ Writers have the character of an artist, like a painter to describe the image of a person, and like a sculptor to shape the world. Goethe’s Werther, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Stendhal’s Julien, Maupassant’s tallow, Wilde’s Dorian gray… ‘, these characters all flow the author’s blood, have the author’s insight into the society, as well as the actual feeling of life.

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The tragedy of Oscar Wilde fairy tale works behind story is homosexual or heterosexual feelings, he used language rhetoric to love almost a flashy decorate beauty, but this kind of beauty to the secular love the ultimate disillusionment and die to no avail, can achieve perfect only the love of Christ and supremacy of art. As Wilde himself said, ‘the purpose of art is not simple truth, but complex beauty.’ He presents the tragic stories of aestheticism in his unique narrative style, creating a kind of unspeakable beauty.

Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.

Aesthetes are not necessarily perfect; But they are a group of people with perfect pain and happiness. They grow sensitive nerves and constantly compare themselves to other things. When it comes to perfection, they suffer from self-abasement, envy all the better forms of life, and yearn for freedom. When they look to others as a reference, they sometimes feel relieved happiness, feeling that the world is lacking;Aesthetes are innocent children. They love to fantasize, decorate their own rooms, enjoy reading classics and movies, have a good sense of humor, but are more interested in tragedy. Aesthetes want to smoke but don’t want their teeth to turn yellow, they dye their hair but don’t want to damage their hair, they go crazy and negative, but they are people who know how to save themselves, and this kind of mistake without danger does not violate the definition of perfection. Therefore, in fact, everyone has their own definition of beauty.

Wilde served time in prison, where, on April 26, 1895, he was questioned in court, ‘what is love that dare not speak its name?’ Wilde hesitated for a moment and then argued confidently: ‘… This love is beautiful, it is exquisite, it is the noblest form of love, it is not at all unnatural, it is wise, and circularly exists between the old man and the young man, as long as the old man is wise, and the young man sees all the joy, hope, and charm of his life. So much so that it ought to be, and the world cannot understand it, and the world laughs at it, and sometimes makes a mockery of it. Wilde not only endowed individual freedom with a unique connotation, but also designed a variety of ways to realize individual freedom. In the early stage, Wilde pursued pleasure and rejected pain, and the realization of individual freedom he proposed mainly included pleasure, guilt and pain. In the later period, in the extreme pain, Wilde had a new thought on life. During this period, he proposed that the realization of individual freedom was mainly love, pain and sin. In fact, the promotion of love throughout Wilde’s life, but later Wilde made a special emphasis on this factor.

I suddenly feel a boring the rules of this world, I have to live in the rules, but I gradually never to criticize those who want to pursue his real people, they cannot get or very brave in pursuing to pay a huge price, how can I stand of weakness in the moral highland up who blame? How wonderful it was to see Posey and Wilde with such a bang. The real meaning of life is to seek and find beauty. Beauty, as the justification of genius, has nothing to do with morality. Beauty needs no explanation and is not to be questioned. In this sense, Wilde is the forerunner of The Times and the martyr of beauty. Corruption is only for the vulgar design of the guidelines, genius and why should stick to the rules.

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