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OSHA: Zero Danger In The Work And Product, Zero Health Issue And Zero Environmental Damage

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Zero Danger in the work and product, zero health issue and zero environmental damage always tagged to the IEM regulation on professional conduct. As an engineer, when there is a conflict of interest between the IEM Regulation on professional conduct and commercial consideration, we must side with the advantages of the community and take the full responsibility on the issues that caused the health, safety and environmental impact.

By nature, polluting the environment is a behavior that morally not allowed in our daily lives. Living in harmful and dirty environment will directly harm our health. Indirectly it will also drag down the development of the economic activities. At last, we can be classified as zero benefit, either in the way of safety or commercial. For example, recently the cases of Sungai Kim Kim pollution, due to the disposal of scheduled wastes to this river at Pasir Gudang. It had caused severe water and air pollution to the area of Pasir Gudang, in the early of March 2019. This pollution had cause the nearby residents to suffer a spate of nausea, vomiting, breathlessness and dizziness. The polluted area had been affected to the nearby places and disturbing the normal daily lifestyles. As photo below is the area had been classified and dangerous zone. The school around that area need to be forced shut down to prevent the students get harmed. This can be taken as lesson for all of us that prevention is better than cure. We can see the severity by not handling the jobs which according to the IEM Regulation on Professional Conduct.

Figure 1: The region that was harmed by the Sungai Kim Kim pollution crisis.

Problem Statement

Despite the fact that guidelines in occupational-related safety and health in Malaysia are very complete and strengthened with exacting security inspection and review by DOSH at regular of time, the incidents at plant production site is still alarming. Establishing a safety and health program at the employment site is a standout amongst the best methods for ensuring the most valuable asset which is our workers. Safety and health programs encourage a proactive way to deal with ‘finding and fixing’ work site dangers before they can cause damage or disease. As opposed to responding to an occurrence, the management and workers work together to distinguish and unravel issues before they happen.

Although there are several precautions has been applied to prevent and avoid serious matter in plant production, problems regarding to health, safety and the environment still cannot be avoided and occur out of the control. Example of possible problems can occur during activities such as gas and chemical leaking, machine breakdown and irresponsible workers. Similarly, unanticipated problems can arise due to changes in project timelines, sequence of events, and the fast pace of some production projects. One of the homeowner’s greatest feelings of trepidation is typically the sureness of the undertaking finishing as fast as could reasonably be expected. When the problem occur and has to be delay, it will affected the production of the product and cause loss a lot of money.

So, to improve the quality of health, safety and environment, we have to cease the project activities for a period of time, resulting in inability to meet the require schedule and targets. Because of the cease, the production period take longer time than usual and can cause conflicts between production and clients. So, the consideration between the clients and companies must be solve and proper solution must be taken. Hence, throughout this report, particular actions and effective ways will be discussed to overcome problems and on how to handle situations of the complicated things will be carried out.


The target of this report is to maintain the outputs of the products, so the production line won’t be affected by the problems that have caused by the company itself. The DOSH has been initiate to oversee the workers’ thinking, groundworks and conveyance of company’s services quality towards health, safety and environment. But, this is not the major cases here. The specific aims of why this report is written are:

  1. To revamp the performances conventionally and minimizing the environmental aftermath.
  2. To promote a better yield quality that constantly cast about in safety, effectiveness and employees care for all services.
  3. To ease the employer and employees in finding an acceptable “benchmark” of works whether it follows or not the standard equitable practices.
  4. To banish hazards at source and segregate workers by obey the underlying requirement of DOSH.


Professional Conduct 1: If they is any source of HSE impact detected in machine problem, workplace and work process, a member should try to repair and replace the object to revert the situation back to safe condition.

The first step before starting to repair and replace is to find out the root cause of the problem that causes harm towards people and environment. If it is the machine problem that cause the harm, I would immediately repair the machine to revert it to its normal condition. Eliminating the source of the hazards can be done by repairing the malfunctioning machine that produce harmful gas, liquids or particles. For example, a malfunctioning metal-cutting machine might cause physical injury towards the operator, like causing electric shock and cutting the limbs of the operator. Therefore, to reduce the chance of getting injured by the machines, I would immediately contact the person in charge (PIC) of the machine to repair it as soon as possible. If there is really no way to end the harm by repairing the machine, it is necessary to replace the obsolete machine with a new one. Even if replacing cost more than repairing, we as one of the engineer in charge in this company, still have the obligation to propose to buy a new machine. Although it might cost tens of thousands or even millions Ringgit Malaysia to purchase a new machine, we still have to do it to make sure the operators of the machine are totally free from harm.

If the source of the problem is from the work place, for example the hygiene or work place comfort problem, the place should be clean to provide a safe and satisfying work place for the workers. The hygiene issues might lead to severe health issues if no further action is taken to increase the cleanliness level. Try to imagine if the company workers always caught flu or fever, the efficiency and the productivity would fall from days to days due to the massive medical leaves taken by the employees. The solution proposed is to discuss with the work place management team to increase the frequency of cleaning process in the work place. Furthermore, the uncomfortable workplace environment would also cause ergonomic problems to employee. For example, the inappropriate desk and chair height would cause hunchback problem to the workers, the incorrect ways of office workers using mice might also cause wrist injury. The solution proposed is to rearrange the facilities inside the work place to reduce these types of injuries, of course some investment in purchasing comfortable chair and desks is needed to make sure the HSE impact is reduced. Moreover, workplace stress is one of the common problem that occurs. One of the reason that workplace stress happens is unrealistic expectation from the manager or superior. According to statistics, 5 out of 10 employees in both low and high paying jobs categories claim that they suffered under workplace stress on account of their direct manager. When they want to hand off their task, their manager would be so picky that they have to keep spending time and effort to modify the work until it meet the manager expectations. Most of the managers set such an unreasonable expectations on their subordinates because they have a mindset that the sole purpose of hiring worker is to let them solve problems during the 9 to 5 working hours. Some of the result oriented managers want the investment on the labor to be worth, so they always find a way to squeeze everything out of the worker, not considering the worker’s personal feeling or happiness level. The only things in the result oriented manager’s mind is the goals, key index performance (KPI) and numbers of successfully implemented plans. Since this issue has become progressively serious in this society, we as engineers should try to prevent putting unrealistic expectation towards the workers. Here I would like to propose a few solution for workplace stress. First is to make sure the workers have enough rest or break. If the manager is forcing his subordinates to complete the a-week workloads within few days, it might be a disaster for the worker to finish this work in hurry. So as the manager, he should always set a timer for his worker to have a short break every 30 minutes, to ensure the worker can do the work in relax and healthy mental condition. The next solution is encouraging the workers to attend stress management class or webinars. Cannot denied that there is impossible for workplace to be totally free of stress, but what the manager or superior can do is to build the resilient workers that can handle the workloads agilely. From the stress management class, the worker can learn the tips to be a happy employee. One of the topic that is commonly discussed in stress management class is how to balance between work and leisure. This is not to encourage the employee to keep playing till they forget their mission, but to effectively manage their time to achieve both work goals and personal happiness. For example, during work they should fully focus on the job, try contribute their mind and soul on work by putting the work goals as first priority. However, after come back from work, they should leave the work aside and spend time on the leisure or their hobbies, like accompanying family to dinner or movie in cinema, listening to calming music, reading novels, have coffee and web surfing, as the saying goes “what is shaping a person is the activity after work ”. Third solution in avoiding workplace stress is encouraging employees to exercise daily. Exercising daily not only can make people physically healthier, but also mentally. According to research, after exercising, human body will produce a hormone call endorphins, which will make people feels happy and satisfy, thus lowering stress and anxiety level. Daily exercise like going to gym might make the worker looks physical stronger. Based on research, physically fit people is more likely to be able to take control of their act and emotion, thus enabling a worker to be more discipline. A discipline worker can stick to the plan and focus on work, so they can manage their time effectively and complete the task early. Therefore, the stress level would decrease over the when the percentage of completion of task increases.

If the HSE impact is caused by the work process, then as an engineer we should inform the experts or professional personnel to modify the workflow. If there is no internal employee able solve the issue, the company should hire external experts or consultants to modify the work process to make it environmental friendly and risk free.

Last but not least, if the harm is from the incompetency of the worker, then training should be provided. As an example, if the operator do not fully understand the machine which consists of hidden danger, then a training should be provided for the machine operator to let them understand the danger hidden this machine, the proper way to operate the machine and how to react when an emergency situation happens.

In conclusion, repair and replace technique is one of the professional act that can handle HSE impact effectively. Sometimes, to prevent further damage to environment and people, the company owner must do some financial sacrifice to revert the situation back to its healthy condition. Safety and environment friendliness should always be prioritize before profit.

Professional Conduct 2: Employer should commit to understand and insights into to control problems.

The effective control can protect workers from injuries that caused by health, safety and environmental problems in plant production. The prevention and control is to help avoid injuries, illnesses, and incidents, minimize or eliminate safety and health risks, and help employers provide workers with safe and healthful working conditions [1]. Identify control options which is a wealth of information exists to enable employers to explore choices for controlling recognized risks. Previously choosing any control options, it is essentials to request workers’ contribution on their practicality and adequacy.

In order to accomplish it, the employers involving all the workers who regularly have the best understanding of the conditions that make risks and bits of knowledge into how they can be controlled. In order to accomplish it, we can refer and review sources such as OSHA standards and guidance, industry agreement guidelines, NIOSH publications, manufacturers, and literature to recognize potential control measures [2]. Keep current on significant data from trade or expert affiliations. Prior to entry of the activity site, it is again necessary that all workers particularly those on brief premise, to take part the safety induction course again directed by the plant safety officer. The last one to incorporate crisis reaction plan and course to safe territory to accumulate if there is mishap.

The senior leader of the organization ought to involve and observe the activities completed in the industries and should make changes if necessary. The good health, safety and environment can be maintain if the leaders are playing good roles to overcome the problems such as from top to bottom level approach commitment in all aspects of operations of the productions are carried out well and responsible to improve HSE’s performance in the company [3]. Viable implementation of HSE plans will prompt the sheltered and successful business and give high secure conditions to the employees. The powerful and committed group of leaders, safety administrator should be dynamic each opportunity to guarantee that all HSE policies are pursued without infringement.

Comparatively, in case to identify control actions, the employers should get contribution from workers who might most likely recommend and assess arrangements dependent on their

knowledge into the activity site, equipment, also, work activities. We can also meet with workers and examine safety and security issues because some workers may have particular requirements. Urge them to share their thoughts and thoughts on the best way to improve security in the working environment. They considerably providing giving medical aid preparing to workers so they are set up to arrangement with crisis circumstances [4]. The company can assign responsibility regarding introducing or actualizing the controls to a particular individual or people with the power or capacity to execute the controls while operating the productions.

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Professional Conduct 3: Highlight the importance of Engineers’ Registration, Environmental and OSH Act.

As we know, engineer plays as an important part in mankind especially by doing a progression in our daily basis. Society has been given the authority to the engineers by entrust them with their personal safety and health to products and applications that had been build. So, it is very crucial for engineers to posses their knowledge and skills for applicable professional experiences. Plus, to be sensible, a professional registration proved that the engineers have met the standard for competence and commitment given to the clients, publics and employers in their’s skills.

To elaborate more, the registration also will let the professional engineering institution that handled the registration process to situated and keep in the recognized standards of their’s mastery and dedication[5].

Living in this world today, waste management has become a problem that is very important to be look for. It is very essential for a company to have a well manage procedures in eradicate the chemicals to protect the environment. According to the environmental act code of conduct (DOSH), the waste need to be eliminated by following the rules provided below:

  1. The furnishing, maintenance, and systems of work plant is safe and workable without any oppose hazards to worker’s health.
  2. The process involving handling, transport of plant and substances, including operating the storage of waste must have a good ensuring in arrangement to reduce the presence of risks to health[6] .

OSHA, or Occupational Safety and Health Administration plays a vital role in ensuring the worker’s safety and health protection. The congress has established the law of OSHA to guarantee all the working man and woman in the nation are safe and healthful to work in good conditions to conserve the human resources. Both employer and employees need to be understand that the OSHA are very necessary in preserving the workers to have:

1. Right to have a safe and healthful workplace. 2. Right to learn about hazardous chemicals. 3. Right to notify the employer about their injuries and illnesses at workplace.

4. Right to whine or bidding about the hazard correction and personal protection. equipment from the employer. 5. Right to have a training about hazard exposure. 6. Right to file a complaint with OSHA. 7. Right to participate in an OSHA inspection. 8. Right to be free from retaliation for exercising safety and health rights[7] .

Professional Conduct 4: Spreading Awareness and Improve Alertness to the public.

As an expert in this field, I will immediate carry out a media press for spreading the severity of the cases that can cause to the environment. This is used to make a notification for the surrounding residents to be evacuated or have some attention on this. Prevention of more people being affected is one of the best solutions. For example, the case of Sungai Kim Kim at Pasir Gudang. The instant stopping of the schools and evacuation of the students, stopping the number of the people being affected.

By the help of the media press, can let the surrounding people have some correct ways to face the polluted environment. Instant action subsequently being implemented and give an expected date of completion is also a very important to the public. For the commercial consideration, explaining about what is going on, what had been done, what was happened is very important. By what is going on, is to calm down the public’s anxious feeling. For what had been done, is to show that the efficiency of my team. For the what was happened is to show the responsibility of my company. All of these will be leaving a good impression to the public in the way of solving something that is critical, it will gain back the confident to the company as well as protect the company in the way of commercial consideration. Lose now, doesn’t meant lose forever. Where there is will, there is way, once we protect the branding, we may come back again in the future.

By the way, the distribution of suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as mask, also can be done to the affected residential area. The distribution can be done through every residential area headquarter or simply roadside give away to the public. Some of the PPE need to have special training for the user to be able to use it perfectly. So, by teaching the right way to use the PPE is also a must to ensure the public safety. The teaching can be done through the media to achieve a better outcome.

Some campaign about how to face the emergency cases must be done to the public. The campaign about the severity of not following IEM regulation on Professional Conduct also need to be explained. All people are being educated to be a better man. For the campaign, the invitation of the related professional party can be invited, either from the government or non-government. The professional taught sure will be improve the quality of work being carried out in the view of

employee. In the view of the public, the professional taught will make them to be smarter to react during some emergency cases related to the HSE effect from some industries projects. This knowledge must be given prior the cases came to an uncontrollable situation. Civilization make the society more peaceful and make everyone live more comfortably. This also protect us and preserve a better future for the younger generation.

In the view of commercial consideration, as an expert in project activities/plant production, having a profitable output is a must in a task or a project. In short term, there may be a lost in the project due to the halt of the project. But in the long term, if the project not being halt, HSE impact will cause future lost to the company. For example, HSE impact will cause employees’ health being affected and this will lead to lack of human resources in the future. In a project, human resources are the key to lead everything to success as so on to profit. In the other way, HSE impact will be also affect the surrounding which lead to lost of more natural resources which can cause the raw material of the project to be destroyed. So, in the way of long term lost, deciding to have a short term lost by halting the project is a must to be implement.

However, alertness and awareness are very important for everyone that is possible to get affected. Prevention is rather much better than cure, the responsibility must be taken not only the company, the public also got their responsibility to protect themselves. The preview of the effect of the cases must be always be a reminder to all employer to prevent such things to be happened again. Being constantly notifying of course will reduce the mistake being made by the person in charge.


Hazard is any source of potential damage, harm or adverse health effect on something or someone while risk is the chance or probability that a person will be harmed or experience an adverse health effect if exposed to a hazard. [8] Basically, a hazard is something that can cause harm or adverse effects such as to individuals as health effects, to the environment or to organizations as property or equipment damage. There are six simple step risk assessment process that can be put into place with a minimum of instruction and understanding which is Identification of a hazard, identification of the associated risk, assessment of the risk which includes like hood, severity and assigning a priority for correction. Next is control of the risk which include elimination, engineering a barrier, administration controls and personal protection equipment. Furthermore, documentation of the process and monitoring and review of the process.[9]

The implementation of the recommendations is the need to maintain these relationships and open communication about emerging health and safety issues and potential solutions. First recommendation is a stay focus on key hazards. The Mining Legislative Review Committee’s working gatherings are being realigned to mirror the need hazards distinguished through the Review’s hazard evaluation. The Committee has made a Ground Control Sub-advisory group and, at its next gathering, will talk about growing the Diesel Sub-board of trustees into a Ventilation and Industrial Hygiene Sub-council. The two changes show the mining business’ duty to concentrate on these key hazards. Both Sub-councils will keep on taking a shot at these issues, prescribing administrative changes to decrease dangers.

Second, study whether the positions, roles and responsibilities stipulated under the Occupational Health and Safety Act meet the current needs of Ontario workplaces. In their work, the Advisory Group and Working Groups identified a number of issues that could affect all workers in Ontario, and require input from a broader range of workplaces. The nature of work and the structure of workplaces have changed significantly in the time since the OHSA was created. Jurisdictions around the world have created models of worker and employer rights and responsibilities that are different from the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Third, NIOSH ought to be given adequate assets to build up a database that describes types and dimensions of exposures related with work. Exposures considered ought to incorporate compound, physical, biomechanical, and psychosocial factors. The database ought to be composed in a way that allows the task of a full scope of exposures to definite occupation and industry gatherings and in a structure that grants linkage to populace wellbeing informational collections. The database ought to be amended and refreshed occasionally, no less than consistently. There is no examination on the effect of these and different exposures on the direction of ordinary maturing for the duration of the life expectancy. Thus, there is little research on how later-life work environment exposures influence age-related procedures that are as of now changed by an assortment of prior word related exposures. Methodologies are expected to these issues at the allinclusive community level, just as for associates with explicit work environment exposures. Extra issues requiring examination incorporate how these combined and age-subordinate exposures influence later-life physical, intellectual, and social capacity, and the event and characteristic history of the major impairing maladies of more established people, for example, coronary illness, stroke, malignant growth, and degenerative joint inflammation. An accentuation on the impact of working environment exposures on psychological well-being and capacity is additionally required, especially those identified with working environment social anxieties and changing work requests and association.

These efforts are important because the only way we will eliminate workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities is if we stay on this path of continuous improvement. The publication of this report marks an important milestone along our journey of change and improvement. This is not the endpoint of the process put in place to improve mining health and safety; in fact there is a lot to do. Health and safety is not a static issue, it’s constantly changing as workplaces and technologies evolve and only in partnership can we continue to improve health and safety outcomes.


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