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Our Choice of Clothing Reflect Our Personality

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Table of contents

  1. The Influence of Clothing on First Impressions
  2. Style and Colors that Affect Perceptions of Others
  3. The 7 Codes that Reflect Personality
  4. Conclusion

“You are what you wear and your dress code determines how others perceive you”, said Julie Pace. Clothing can deliver a lot of information about a person, and wearing a suggestive clothing or specific color can make misperception and sexual intent. The salience of facial features is well documented; some factors will play a role in impression formation such as clothing. So, do clothing and color affect our perception of others? What is the influence of clothing on first impressions? What are the dress codes that tell people about personality from clothes? Many people asked if clothes reflect personality, and that’s a fact theory. There’s influence of clothing on first impression, codes that tell people about personality, and colors that affect our perception of others.

The Influence of Clothing on First Impressions

The control of little subtleties in apparel offers ascend various first impressions, even those framed in all respects rapidly. An individual clothing has been appeared to pass on characteristics, for example, character amiability, capability and knowledge, with first impression being framed in a small amount of second. Damhorst (1990) states that dress is an efficient method for transmission of data about a wearier. Individual decisions of dress can intensely impact the impression they transmit and is along these lines an incredible specialized apparatus. McCracken (1988) proposes that garments convey social importance and that this data is passed from ‘social built world’ to dress, through promoting and style. How effective an item is imparting data can rely upon the learning of gathering of people. Appearance, stance and dress have all been found to impart a scope of identity qualities, word related and social jobs. Components of body stands and expressiveness are additionally solid obvious prompts. These incorporates ‘static’ signs (for example, stature, appearance and dress style) and ‘dynamic’ signals (for example, outward appearance, act, body development, all of which have been appeared to convey precise impressions of identity (Howelett, Pine, & Fletcher, 2019).

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Style and Colors that Affect Perceptions of Others

The way that the women dress along with the color affects the perception of others. The style of clothes (suggestive, not suggestive) and the color of the chosen style lead to misperception. According to Kreshner (2018), “Researches has shown that women who wear red clothing are perceived as more attractive having greater sexual intent, and having more negative qualities than women dressed in different colors, and less suggestive clothing”. Also, according to Neil Howelett, Karen Pine, Ben C. Fletsher, “A research shows that, bell tested perceptions of men dressing four different styles (daring, conservative, formal, and casual). The formal style shows (attractiveness, intelligent, popular). The casual style was less in (attractiveness, intelligent, popular) and for the other styles they were detectable and did strong impressions” (Howelett, Pine, & Fletcher, 2019).

The 7 Codes that Reflect Personality

In the article, ‘The Influence of Clothing on First Impressions: Rapid and Positive Responses to Minor Changes in Male Attire’, McCracken and Roth said: “The potency of clothing communication relies on a code. This code represents knowledge about the social and cultural norms that members of communities or social group shares. The more people that understand the code, the more potent the clothing will be at communicating information” (Howelett, Pine, & Fletcher, 2019). There are seven codes that tell individuals in the event that you are receptive, pretender, sure or uncertain. According to Julie Pace, people who wear t-shirts look like very easy-going, approachable and very practical about life. While jeans, it’s just like t-shirts looking like free and practical. Boots show a sense of power, so that for ladies it’s a strong sense of fashion and for men it’s all about alpha male. Wearing hoodies can mean two things: the first one, that you are very shy and you want to be mysterious, on the other hand, hoodies with textures can show how elevated your fashion sense is. People who wear solid colors portrayed as direct and precise, so that individuals who like solid colors look like responsible people. Individuals who dress brand clothes are all about showing their social class or trying to fit into one of them, and the ones who dress suits are perceived as sophisticated, complex and very formal (Pace, 2019).


Finally, ourselves affect our whole, and our fashion determines how we think or feel about ourselves. Even apparently minor modifications to clothing style can have a major impact on the information conveyed to perceivers. Also, the codes are essential to discover a person and either the red color or the suggestive clothing intent misperception.

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