Outcome of Violence in Society

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Table of contents

  1. Role of Social Media
  2. Domestic Violence and Its Solutions
  3. Violence Through Video Games
  4. Prevention Strategies
  5. Conclusion

Today's world is supporting the isolation that occurs through the process of importance which is concerned. This phenomenon must be one of the largest problems to bring the violence in today's world. Today, the emerging world while building his own world through their sense the idea of violence against his own for the removal of the other, in this case, violence is used as an important tool and way by both define and defined.

Role of Social Media

Violent images which we get used to see rather normally through the mass media have the same feeling at the prior. Violence has also been moved globally in the globalizing world. In a time when people detached to people, violence is the most likely tool of supremacy. The meaning of violence is very important in this process. The world's dominating powers use the same arguments and disagreements to destroy the threat to the era in question posed with meaning. While the civilized and literate world, threatening and using violence as a means of understanding as other elements as a means of removing the other is used violence again. The other refers to applying similar methods of violence to another.

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Literature and music have also proved that they are sources of violence and war using language. Through all of these ways that society presents these images and messages, their effects have personally been inescapable. The ways that all these outputs come together have combined to make a long-lasting impression on the way that people view violence as per their perspectives and have shaped the evolution of society itself. It is almost impossible to turn on the television, whether it is an adult movie, or a TV show targeted towards kids, and not meant to be displaying some sort of violence Because of the frequency and number of the violent images that are shown on the television whether it’s a TV show or any telecast, the desensitization goes unnoticed to most people. Examples of the television related violence is shown in many of the current televised shows for children now include themes that are based around violence These type of TV shows put negative effect on the child’s brain and makes them aggressive.

Domestic Violence and Its Solutions

Domestic violence is one of the most dangerous kinds of abuse suffered women in our society today. The statistics show that 85% of domestic violence victims are female while only 15% of victims are men. Domestic violence can happen to anyone, it does not matter the race, cast, creed, religion, or value in society of the victim. If the issue of domestic violence is not dealt with a reasonable and appropriate manner, which is enough, then this type of abuse will continue among all classes of society with no ending and the effects will be everlasting. For us as a society and as human beings to eradicate this horrendous type of abuse, we need to stand together and make tougher and applicable laws, which will protect the victims from this abuse.

Domestic violence represents a serious abuse of power and authority within family, trust or dependency relationships. It neglects the basic rights of people who because of the gender, age, disability, cast or their status, are most vulnerable to abuse. They can range from a single assault to: kidnapping, threats, stalking, humiliating verbal use and forcible or unlawful entry. And each and every attempt to commit such acts shall be termed domestic violence.

The problem of domestic violence in any country stems and grows from a cultural bias against women (Greenan, 2004). Women who challenge their husband’s right to control their behavior or who ask for household money or step out of the house without permission of their guardians or husbands may face violence. This process leads men to believe their notion and idea of masculinity and manhood, which is reflected to the degree by which they control their wives.

Women who experience violence suffer a range of health issues and their ability to participate in public life is diminished.

Violence against women also weaken women, their families, communities and nations besides that it has a negative influence on the kids. Violence against women is not confined and restricted to a specific culture, region or country, or to a group of women within a society. The roots of violence against women lie in persistent discrimination against women in society (GELLES, 1979).

Violence against women is the manifestation and demonstration of a historically unequal power relationship between men and women. It is a conditioned response and it is not innate of biological determinism. In the olden days violence against women was a result of the prevalent atmosphere of ignorance and feudalism in the society. Domestic violence is in a dire need to be stopped and controlled (Štiglic, 2010).

Violence Through Video Games

As, nowadays, every kid or adult has its own PlayStation or video game either on their phones, computers or any other kind of gadget. But his should be noticed that another source of violence in our society that has become more widespread in recent history is video games. Video games now can make the scenarios that makes to believe the game seem exceptionally real, most of the time to the point where a real video versus a game become undistinguishable and real. With all this violence, notable in games that centre around killing or committing crimes, kids and even teenagers are being desensitized into thinking that hurting or killing people is normal and a part of life. There are many researches that go into depth about the effects of online and video game violence on people, and the topic can go into much greater depth. The point that I am making is that violent video games such as PUBG and the games like these are about as common in a child’s room as milk is in a refrigerator. Because these games are as ordinary as they have ever been, they further contribute to the calm and unconcerned feelings that our society is gradually beginning to have towards violence.

Prevention Strategies

To prevent violence in the community, necessary steps should be taken such as:

  1. Promoting a healthy family environment;
  2. Providing quality education;
  3. Strengthening each other’s abilities and qualities;
  4. Developing a positive attitude;
  5. Creating protective community environments.


In the end, only thing to understand and to be considered is that our world is basically run by our society and the people around us. Then what kind of society do we hope are we when we use violence against the helpless, and lack any sort of tolerance for those who differ from us? This goes to show us how many problems our society has these days and has had for the past decades and eras. An example of this would be Hitler that how he killed off Jewish people to carry out his intentions of ‘The Perfect world’, which consisted of blonde hair and blue-eyed people relating to the German culture. This kind of terrorism seems sickening and disgusting which must not be the case. However, there are certain types of people who exist in the world that share the same opinion of Hitler and abusive leaders. The usual and old ways of solving problems that deal with violence rather than peaceful means, are not adequate anymore for the world in which we live. People are finally starting to realize who the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ are. An example of this would be when peace marches with Martin Luther King Jr. would turn into a riot of innocent people running for their lives from the authorities, who mercilessly and ruthlessly attack them and abuse them. These pointless acts led the people to finally realize what kind of government they were supporting and helped them to understand and be more open minded about what was really going on within their society and country (Certel, 2016).

Thus, violence surely alone is not a solution to all the problems. As long as people use violence to combat and eradicate violence, we will always have violence. It is more beneficial to society to question whether violence is really the answer? Is it really the perfect way to react to situations that seems disturbing? Only through thoughtful discussion and the realization that the solution lies in peaceful negotiation, will there be any hope for the future.

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