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Overview Of Chess In The Field Of Artificial Intelligence

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Did you know that chess is a skill game? A skill game is a game in which the outcome is determined by physical or mental skill rather than chance. Because chess uses both mental and physical mindsets, it is harder to learn than most games. In the game chess there are 32 chess pieces. On each side there is one king, one queen, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, and eight pawns. Each piece moves in a different way and the game is played with two sides, black and white. Each side takes turns moving and capturing pieces until the king is captured. This last move is called “Checkmate”. In this essay you will learn all about chess history, chess evolution, and chess and AI.


The very first form of chess was a game called chaturanga. Played in India It means “four branches of the army” in sanskrit. This is because the pieces were named after the real indian armies during that time period. The game soon spread to Persia where it was called chatrang. When the Arabs invaded Persia they learned the game and named it Shatranj. When the Arabs expanded towards Europe it became popular there too. At first only the people who had enough money and time could play, but then the merchants made it available for everyone.

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Evolution of Chess

When chess was first played in Europe the rules were very different. Eventually new rules were made and some rules stayed the same. Some examples are: the rule that allows white to move first was not official until 1889, the queen could only move one space at a time, and there were three ways to win, you could capture all your opponents pieces, capture the king, or your opponent gives up. Today the rules are very different then they were.

Chess and AI

In the 1980s it was believed that humans were the only beings who could play chess. Some animals like chimpanzees could play, but they could never beat people. Chess grandmaster Gary Kasporov even claimed that artificial intelligence could not beat him. In 1989 he played two matches against an AI computer called Deep Thought. He won both games, but in 1996 he played against Deep Thought’s successor Deep Blue six times and eventually Deep Blue beat him. Gary Kasporov was the first chess champion to lose to an AI computer. This proves how AI computers have evolved with chess over time.

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